Hi – I’m missing all those friendly faces

It feels very empty and lonely up here – I am missing all those friendly faces:)

I am hoping to have this up and running by the New Year.  I am relocating blogs on writing, blog hops such as Row80, Fellow writers and Insecure writers here from Sefuty Chronicles as I felt that site was becoming rather cluttered with many different aims.  I am also bringing over a much neglected blog on reading/books from Live Journal and keeping it here with the writing.  did you ever kiss a frog remains the same.

When this WIP is completed all that remains is for me to actually post – and I have been really lax over the past year – I am hoping this freshen up in cyberspace will freshen up my mind and resolve.

‘I have a little list’ and hope this will keep me on tract :- so this site is for words -writing and reading, blog hops, challenges and guest bloggers.

Albertas Sefuty Chronicles is for my publications where I will be blogging on all the many subjects which inspire my books, research and where I will be posting some questions and ethical dilemmas.

Kiss a frog remains a more personal blog where I cover my many interests including travel, memories, crafting, cooking, gardening and connections with some topical bits as the fancy takes me – this is also the blog the A-Z challenge will be.

So was that all as clear as mud?!!





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