Alberta’s first goals:ROW80

Happy New Year to one and all – I hope your festivities were all you wished for.  Personally mine were great – pulled up the drawbridge on the Friday and relaxed.  I caught up on my reading five books in six days – played with new software – dreamed dreams and wove wonderful worlds in my mind.  I did not touch my publications or WIP at all – soooo hard that last one!

I indulged in some housework mainly on this old machine – deleted unwanted filed wanted into folders – named them all so that in theory I can find instantly whatever I want – in theory:)  I also did some around the house not so much fun.

I did begin to tidy the ‘book room’  grand title for our attic which is full of bookshelves and thousands of books – hasn’t really had a good sort out since we arrived here 10 years ago.  Trouble with sorting out books is that because one HAS to stop and check out the old favourites, put aside TBR ones and generally say hi to each and every treasure – very little gets done in a long time.  But that was fun..

I took stock of what I had achieved last year – a great deal it seems and also what I hadn’t – a lot.  So have drawn up plans (I never plan) This year I must be more careful of self – I neglected me last year in my haste to achieve.  So taking what others did last year I am including health in my goals.  It will be slow getting health back – but small amounts of exercise each day will I hope lead to enough fitness to dance my way to dropping 2 stone (my goal for 2012) – that would still leave me seriously overweight but hey 2 stone is 2 stone right?

I want more time to get on with my crafts and family history research and also reading (see my reading challenges on alberta reads ) and gardening and so have planned only to write full time five days a week – it matters not which five days- leaving me two to do what I like in.  I have also capped my days to nine hours writing only.  Allowing me evenings as well.

Whether it is possible on this timetable to reach my writing goals only time will tell and I might well have to reconsider all of them before the year is out.

So Round One (see page for the whole year)

1) I have decided to e-book small collections of short stories, so as each mini book is ready I’ll put it out there and then when there are three I will print the whole collection.  With that in mind I have the first ones ready they just need final editing and licking into shape – hope to have them e-booked by end of round;.

2) I have 64ooo of Blue Moon written so this round would like to have finished, or near enough of, 1st drafted by end of Febuary so that I can edit during NaNoEdMo in March – if not the whole, most of it.

3)  I need to research around the next Sefuty Chronicle Ancestor’s Tale – as it is written from 6 different viewpoints there is war/chaos – religion/secularism and survival/despair so I have a deal of reading to do. Hope to begin the writing in the next round.

4) Have sorted out interests into 4 blogs and drawn up a list of topics for each.  So need to get act together and post more often.  I have another guest coming onto Red Carpet Day on the 17th  – I do like this section so if anyone is planning a tour/spotlight  or would like to guest post or spotlight their writing in any way do let me know.

5)  Need to make a trailer for Ellen’s Tale – have been offered an author of the month spot in Feb and am hoping to partake in Adopt an Indie so think having 2 trailers would be useful (if not I do have 1)

6) Need to network more often and to visit blogs and comment more often.

7) Read every day

8) Exercise a little every day – longer sessions 3 times a week

I have a fantasy of my own – to write a fantasy, well I’m  thinking more in the line of a myth/legend/creation type of story, for NaNo this year.  Outside my comfort zone but I do indulge in my short stories so thought I might have a go – so must let ideas percolate – any advice/suggestions would be more than welcome.  Am taking a couple of workshops on world building and last year I took a couple on myths/legends -and one of my reading challenges is all about these stories so hoping to get new perspectives on the subject.

So plenty to keep me busy – away from the street corners:)  How is everyone else feeling- flexing mental muscles with anticipation I hope – all the best for this round and for this week.

see what the others are doing

23 thoughts on “Alberta’s first goals:ROW80

  1. Kim Switzer says:

    Sounds like a great start. Good luck with it all! And now I want to get in to my book room and sort through things, but that will have to wait until the shelves are built and the plastic is off the doorway, darn it!

  2. Now I know why I have my bookshelves and piles scattered throughout the house….with four bookies here, if I tried to organize them all in a day, the project might last for months, with everyone pulling out favorite after favorite,.new discovery after new discovery….

    I love other people’s bookcases, perhaps more than is decent. It may even be a little creepy…….. =)

    Your goals are very inspiring. YOU are very inspiring….May your typing fingers fly!

    • alberta says:

      bookcases – wonderful places – that seems to have struck a chord with many people:) the reason I have so many is there were many bookies in our family and I have inherited them – as well as my own – custodian if you like but what to do with them all is a puzzle sometimes

  3. Great goals and love the new look. You are inspiring me. What fun tidying the book room. I’m wishing for one but may just get a wall of built in shelves instead.

    • alberta says:

      I see we are reading challenges together as well – was nice to see names I knew there – like walking into a ‘do’ not expecting to know anyone and there’s a friendly face

  4. Marji Laine says:

    Organized! What a great way to start a Round AND a new year! Wish I could do that this time. Oh well. Two stones is nothing to sneeze at. It will feel like putting down about 20 six-packs that you’ve been carrying around! That’s gonna feel so great!

    (Yes, I had to google to figure out what a stone was! Texas-gal!)

  5. Long, exciting list!
    Hope you meet them all. Good luck!

  6. As always, your goals succeed in inspiring me! I hope your first week of ROW80 goes well. It sounds wonderful to spend some time sorting through some of your old book “friends”– I always enjoy reliving the memories each book on my shelf conjures up.

    • alberta says:

      It was /is nice – still a way to go – and I do have to try and part with some – trouble is they have to go to a good home and many of them are just not wanted – will have to use them as furniture I guess:)!!!

  7. Fantastic goals! Nothing like a bright shiny new year :) Best of luck with your goals Alberta!

  8. Eden says:

    Your words about going through the bookshelves… ah, bliss! And great goals too, though more ambitious than I’m brave enough to do, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

    As for the fantasy/myth/urban legend story idea… why not take a natural occurrence (such as rainbows or hailstorms) and pretend you don’t know any scientific information about it, then try to explain it in terms of magical beings? Even death of a loved one could become “they were captured by fairies”…which could start a quest for a character to “find the fairies and get the loved one back”. Just a thought….

  9. Looks like you’re ready to go, Alberta. I’ll be here cheering you on. Happy New Year!

    • alberta says:

      Have begun percolating ideas – your idea of finding wiered inspiration has energized a couple of short stories I was planning so thanks for that – for nano I’m thinking I’m going for a creation myth type thing

  10. L.S. Engler says:

    One of my favorite things about a new year is that bright, new feeling and that first week where you really feel free to get everything organized! Granted, with me, it doesn’t usually last that long, but it’s nice when it’s here!

    Your goals look awesome! I’m putting together short stories for an ebook, too, so I’ll be interested in following you on that one in particular. Best of luck! I have such a great feeling about this year for everyone!

    • alberta says:

      I brought out a print edition of short stories but later in year when was putting all the prints onto smashwords and kindle I got to thinking that my page of ‘Sefuty Chronicles’ were all marked at what I thought was reasonable seeing as they are quite long and what I needed was a couple of lower price books so I split the stories into 3 small books 20,000 words
      and e-booked them – so now they can be sold for next to nothing alongside the longer novels – shall be doing the same this year.

  11. You have lots of goals, Alberta! Good luck with all of them. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

  12. Fantastic goals, Alberta! The new blog looks great. It seems you’ve been quite busy during the holiday break/season. I’ll have to email you later about your red-carpet day – I’ve got lots of questions. First, I’ve got to get my ‘sea-legs’ back under me…ha….after all that relaxation and such.
    Happy New Year ~ Nadja

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