Pleased with the 1st week: ROW80

I t has been so long since I made time for me that I confess I am finding it a little difficult.  I am determined though.  I have read, for pleasure yes buuuut it was a book for a reading group I am in and one of my chunky book challenge! Does it count I wonder?

I allowed time to read a couple of my magazines buuuuut they were science and as I’m in the process of creating a fantasy world based on science not sure they don’t count as research! It’s difficult.

I did some crochet buuuuut it was for a border on a waistcoat my sister had knitted (she doesn’t crochet) so was that maybe not for my pleasure but hers – although the waistcoat is for me.  Tricky one that.

I managed between the storms to get into the garden and I guess that was for me although it was tidying up after the storms so maybe its just housekeeping!!

Anyway I did not spend all day and night writing.  I have made use of my action timer on the desktop and timed my excursions into cyberspace and writing, made sure I exercised and have managed to get the step machine from 1 minute to 15 this week – Have programmed in ‘housework’ every day – oh for a world where that wasn’t necessary. I have only written full time on 5 days but exceeded the 9 hours a little! and I have done a little networking and the like on my 2 days off, slapped wrist – I think that may be how it goes because I do enjoy this writing lark so much.

So this week:

1)  I have written 4000 words for Blue Moon ( 6000 short of what I hoped) but I was writing a tricky, essential part – the murder – difficult because I have to make people still like the girl afterward.

2)  I have completed the editing/polishing on 4  short stories

3)  I outlined and also made a basic mind map plan for The Ancestors Tale– and noted many incidents I think will work.

4)  I read two books of sermons and tracked down some information on various religious debates  online as research for The Ancestor’s Tale.

5)  I posted a blog for Insecure Writers here, and on reading challenges on albertareads as well as ROW80

As next week is impossibly busy with groups etc.

6)  I have written 4 blogs ready to be posted on the different blog sites.

7)  I am pleased to report I have organized 3 guests  for my Red Carpet Days not next week but after that January is fixed.  Guest posts/spotlights/book tours  – lovely.

8)  Am partaking in 2 workshops at savvy authors and starting one on advanced wordpress next week, although I am almost there on this site just a few more tweaks!

Pleased with the 1st week – it needs sorting this new time tabling of mine but I think I can make it work – if only we didn’t have to sleep:)

Next week

a)  More of the same  re short stories and

b)  Research for Ancestor’s,  although I need to find out more about communes and other forms of community living as well now.

c)  I would like to get my word count for Moons up to 10000 a week but that won’t happen next week because of outside affairs so maybe I will aim for another 4000.

d)  I need to start the A-Z blogs even if only in outline.

e)  Exercise, me time and having fun to continue as and when.

So how easy is it going to be to keep to my writing goals – it is early days yet.

How did everyone else do this week.  Hope you’re pleased with achievements and all the best for this coming week.

22 thoughts on “Pleased with the 1st week: ROW80

  1. Wow you accomplished quite a bit. Pays to be organized.

  2. Kim Switzer says:

    Wow! You got a lot done this week! And I do think those projects that like the crocheting and reading do count. As long as you enjoyed them and got some satisfaction out of them, I think they work perfectly for time for yourself, too. Some weeks you’ll have crossover, other weeks you’ll be doing things just for you. Nothing wrong with that; it’s just how life works. :)

    Oh, in response to your question on my blog, I am knitting this scarf but in a different, heavier Noro yarn:

    Happy writing! See you at Wednesday’s check-in!

  3. Eden says:

    Well, like you, I sure hope those “combined” projects still count, otherwise I’d never get anything actually accomplished. ;-P

    As for the communal living research, there are some newer groups atarting communes in various areas of the world. Some are more like “gated communities such as the new one (I’ll look for the link soon, posted a few months back on Facebook, but I’m having trouble digging through the Timeline now) in Ithaca, NY. Others seem to be more “au naturel” such as some of the…. oh, how’s this: (lost track of that other England-based link too… too many neat things on the web).

    Anyway, best to you, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      why thanks for that – has UK ones on it – so will spend a happy few hours looking through info. I have found some already and such a variety. Enjoying this bit of research better than the land mines and torture bits:) cheers albertas


  4. I love this post! And I think you are rockin’ it!

    Also, I think everything is connected, and it all counts. Yup, my reading a Star trek novel is research for my novel; sites and blogs give ideas for submissions and maybe essays; time spent talking with an old friend about past difficulties will feed into the revised idea for a post…

    All those things you posted about your reading and waistcoats and the like sound to me like they count. =)

    And I love that you made fun one of your goals! =D

  5. wendy says:

    Holy Guacamole! You are amazing! I am so impressed with all you accomplished in one week. I think I’d better go check out that Insecure Writers blog post…

  6. What a week! My focus for the year is “balance,” and it sounds like you have some of that going on yourself! Good luck with your writing in the new year!

    • alberta says:

      Um – I realized at end of last how little I had had – enjoying the writing too much – def. on my knees by the end so this year going to attempt ‘balance’! not sure how it will work but hey – best of luck on your balance bar

  7. Woo Hoo, Alberta!! You go with your bad self… :)
    By the way.. your blog looks awesome!

    • alberta says:

      why thank you – not quite there – haven’t worked out how to get pics on the side bar yet but by next Sunday hope I will have it finished

  8. Stacy Green says:

    What a great week! I need to up my word counts – I’m amazed that anyone can write so many words AND get so much else done.

  9. Good work this week! My little productivity-ears perked up when you said you were about 6,000 words short of your writing goal this week. I’m sure there’s probably a bit of “getting up to speed” going on. I always take a week or two to get up to form in ROW challenges.

    If this next week falls short of your word count goals again, I highly recommend reading Rachel Aaron’s “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day.” Actually, if you haven’t read it already, I recommend it now! It’s something to keep in mind if you’re consistently falling short of your daily goals, and want to get more out of your writing sessions.

    Good luck for the coming week, Alberta!

    • alberta says:

      Thanks – I know that once I’ve worked out my new routine I’ll get the count up – The scenes this week were quite tricky ones and needed more time – this week will be low and then I have a few clearer weeks where I can get going again – Moons is only short of about 40,000 so sure I can be editing it come NaNoEdMo in March

  10. I’m loving the new blog layout Alberta. Gonna go check out your pages next. I’d have to say you are so organized and writing 10,000 words a week is an amazing goal!!! I can’t even manage 5,000 on a good week so if you have any tips for making those numbers please do share. :)

    • alberta says:

      Um I like it – still a WIP – takes this oldie a while to get brain cells around new cyberspace thingys! -Maybe I shouldn’t put my word count numbers up without the reminder that I am retired so have all day to please myself in! it pleases me to write.

      Apart from that I have the whole scene/book in my head before I start writing – in the case of the novels for months before I begin – so when I sit down to write it’s all there (Heavy editing at the end of writing mind you:)

      I’m nerdy and have long conversations in my head , when I drive or walk the dog they actually come out of my mouth!! so everything is in place. the words just come then just putting down whats up in my head jostling for release.

  11. Kelly. says:

    Wow! Congratulations you on being able to work at it full time and get so much done.

    I’m curious, what are these red carpet days you speak of?

    • alberta says:

      I’m an oldie and retired so have the hours – finding energy is sometimes a prob.:)
      I started the Red Carpet Days at the end of last year – It’s a place for visitors – to guest blog, drop in on book tours, spotlight their work etc – as a way of paying back for the great hosts that hosted me on my book tour – so if you or yours need a spot (the carpet is a wonderful colour:) feel free to get in touch – at the moment because of the move I am putting the red carpet up on the old blog as well as this one – until this blog has more followers – so for a few months 2 for the price of 1 = has to be a bargain:)

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