The Sparkling Bits of Life: Fellow Writers

The Fellow Writers Blog this month is about predictions for the coming year.

I learnt many years ago not to make predications – life has a nasty habit of mocking all such illusions of free will.  Say you will become healthier this year? you’ll fall, break bones and spend months in plaster becoming as round as any slug!  Say it will be a good year for x,y or z and someone you know will fall through the ice and need a rescue.  Say- oh well you get the message do not tempt the gods on that mountain top they’ll eat you for dinner:)

Still a prediction was the subject so here goes.

2012 in the UK

If we believe the forecasters, it would appear we are going to be brought to our knees.  Gloom and disaster await us in 2012 with financial institutions crumbling, countries declaring bankruptcy (how does a country go bankrupt? Doesn’t anyone have an eye on the housekeeping purse!)  Our newspapers are sleazy.  Politicians greedy and morally suspect.  Our glorious Health Service buckles at the seams, everyone must work until they are buried and so forth and so on. . .

It all may be so, it has all happened before, will all happen again – life would work better if people weren’t in charge:)  History is littered with financial crisis, bankrupt states and do not go near politics! What with South Sea Bubbles, Rotten Boroughs, bribes and sleaze?  It’s been done before – boring!!!

Life is getting hard and will no doubt continue to do so – I certainly feel, along with other pensioners, the pinch when savings are diminished – fuel prices soar and have to decide each day whether to splash out and turn some heating on.  I remind myself of my grannies as I put on the fingerless gloves, wrap another shawl around myself!  About the same number of wrinkles too:)


Why do we never seem to hear in the news about the sparkling pieces of life?  That nice guy down the road, the one that volunteers his time to inner city youths, or the rather fussy pretentious looking woman, a lifetime making other people safe and secure.  The kids helping out, concerned polite creatures of the future.  We never hear of the good policemen, the bad get the front pages. The millions saved by overworked health workers, only those who die.  We are never told of the normal children but we have all read about the so called ‘feral’ ones. Do we read about the honest Joe, no, the fraudster and the thief instead.

On this small island (94,526 sq miles) and over 60 million human beings (don’t even start counting the pets, or livestock!) why do we never hear about the amazing and magical way we cope and thrive, how we laugh and love.  Why only tell us of those who hate, fall, and destroy.

 My prediction for 2012 in UK

 More people will laugh and love than frown and hate, more people will help than hinder.  This year I know there will be fewer who swindle, cheat, steal and murder than do not.  Our children will, for the most part, be intelligent, thoughtful and caring youths.  Parents will love and worry over their offspring in greater numbers than those who neglect them.  Millions of £s  will be raised by penny pinched individuals for those more unfortunate.

Conditions will worsen before they improve.  We may even have more riots and demonstrations. Individually we’ll bitch and moan because that’s what we like to do, but pinch come to shove more communities will hold out a hand out to others, always pull together in a crisis, because that’s what we do.  Collectively society will remain suspicious of the so called great who are in power and will knock them down if they get too uppity!

In 2012 some of us will achieve our ambitions, others won’t. Life will continue its sometimes erratic path, good and bad as it always has, always will but I know I’ll look around and see humanity actually prefers to be humane.

The sun will shine sometimes, in this country as sure as anything rain will fall! People will love, babies be born. Us oldies will grumble life isn’t what it used to be (secret – in some ways it’s better – Ssh I’m an oldie – note to self – must grumble:) we enjoy a good grumble, Kids will roll their eyes and say ‘ah pleeeeease’ when a grown up says anything (another secret – they don’t mean it! Not really:)

2012 will probably be about the same as 2011 give or take. . .

3 thoughts on “The Sparkling Bits of Life: Fellow Writers

  1. morganmandel says:

    I don’t make a lot of predictions, but I do make lists and hope to get everything done on them, which hardly ever happens!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      predictions are foolish attempts at ordering life I feel – when I was a small girl I used to make wishes at a well on holiday and because I’m not really one for chance I used to wish our cat would have had kittens by time we returned – she was always in last stage of pregnancy when we went away so it would come true!! my predictions have the same sense to them:)

  2. fictionrulz says:

    Oh I hope my 2012 is greatly better than 2011. Last year was a rough year for my house. But the world does go on doesn’t it :) So we’ll smile and write our way though to a happy healthy year. Great post lady :) Thank you for all you do with the Fellow Writers Blog Hop

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