Dancing in the Kitchen:Alberta’s ROW80

What a good week this has been – not from amazing word counts although they were good but for so many small things.  The greatest of course, in the middle of winter, is that there is some heat in the house. I have a lovely plumber, he ought to a hero in a book but is probably too nice a man to be considered! He showed me how to override the problem and so we await the spare part – from Germany – in comfort. The weather itself is milder and softer and one can truly believe spring is ‘lurking’ if not yet joining in.

 ROW80 Goals:

1) Me Time:  I have factored in time for me and I am so enjoying that. So far (as there is no heating still in my workroom, affectionately known as the ‘with’ room) I haven’t indulged in any art doll creations or crazy patchwork but I have been reading.

Each morning instead of staggering to the computer before my eyes are even slits, I now sit in bed with younger cat and read Angela Carter, well not her as such.  As I finished her Bloody Chamber last week I am now reading her collection of folk takes from around the world and what a great start to the day that is. My absolute treat this week was Inanna I cannot stop thinking about the book.

2) Exercise:   Was also put into the goal mix –I find exercise for the sake of exercise so tedious – I can’t do much and with my ankle long walks are out so I have a step machine. I also have a book. It is here on the machine I shall read my book group books. I get so caught up reading I forget aching legs and so have increased step to 1x 20mins We are reading Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keys this month – not my normal genre of book but that’s what so good about book groups.

Also started dancing (in the kitchen? Why not? While I’m waiting for marvels to happen I wibble and wobble = 2x 5 minutes.

 Words:   7,643 on Blue Moon and 1,265 on The Ancestor’s Tale – I know, I know I said I wouldn’t start Ancestors until March but. . . .

I completed 1 short story to ‘friend from forever/editor to check stage’ and began to ‘last stage’ another.

Blogging: A good week I have had Morgan Mandel talking about her book Forever Young on Red Carpet.

The Value of Reading here as readers and writer comments on the piece would be welcome if you have the time.

Too young for Black on kiss a frog,

A short review on Inanna, my fav. read for a long time.

Researching: goes on apace, for Blue Moons I have made contact with a sea fisherman and he has given me some useful pointers in the best way to dispose of my body off a particular stretch of coast!  Thank you everyone for your advice/comment on my problem. I have also been checking boats suitable for the dire deed!

For Ancestors I have been reading this week about sermons, solitary confinement, sieges and city bombardment.

 Nano in Nov. I also started looking at bacteria and other tiny life forms

Others:  Trailer, I have finally decided on a structure for Ellen’s Tale. Spent 3 hours looking at images and roughly the same composing music

Housekeeping stuff; I have begun to wade through the jungle that was my e-mail – I have reduced mail waiting to be dealt with by half.  Started to respond to all the twitter and google+ invites and follows (guilt encases me whenever I see the dates)

I have also discovered the organizing system that Yahoo put in place last year has been hiving of some  emails into obscure folders – I am busy sorting that out but fear some important ones have been languishing – if anyone is waiting for an answer to something or just written me off as a flake I apologise and will sort ASAP.

Creating a new official website, still WIP and am tidying and revamping Alberta’s Sefuty Chronicles, also still a WIP so bear with please.

Next week quite excited.

Two Red Carpet guests.  First, on Monday, is Rebecca Emin spotlighting her book New Beginnings, for older children 11 + its central theme is bullying but covers the big events of that age from starting a new school, friendships and confidence.  Should be excellent.  Rebecca has agreed to be interviewed as well.

Then at the end of the week I have Terri Morgan in the first of two Red Carpet posts, with her book Playing the Genetic Lottery, a novel about the daughter of two schizophrenics.  Terri has generously offered excerpts as well as an interview so I am running this over two days, the second post will be the following week. This book also sounds good.

I want to continue all of the above.  I am more relaxed about word counts this year.  Blue Moon now stands at about 80,000 and there is not so far to go.  I think my ‘end of Feb to begin editing’ is still safe.  Ancestors is becoming very clear in my head and most of the sections have a running plan now.  I am enjoying getting back to reading again and have a couple more lined up for next few days. I will hopefully advance further on the trailer front and website/blogsite tidy ups.

I hope everyone else has had a good week and the sun is shining there as it is trying to here – feeble attempt I have to say:)

12 thoughts on “Dancing in the Kitchen:Alberta’s ROW80

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I love the joy that comes out in your writing, Alberta – it brightens up my day, every time!

    Not much sun here, the last few days. Some snow, some misty rain, fog. Not terribly cold, though, and maybe some sun tomorrow.

    May you keep writing, dancing, creating, and delighting in your life!

  2. Fantastic week Alberta! Love that you’re taking “me” time.

    Would wrapping the ankle help with walks?

    All the best for the upcoming week :)

  3. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Oooh, Angela Carter, great choice! One of my favorite books is *Nights at the Circus*.

    Congrats on all the progress on your goals! I’ve considered trying to read while on the exercise bike, but the logistics defeat me …

    Have a great week!

  4. You are doing awesome! I love reading my while doing the treadmill. Makes the time pass quickly and without pain. Dancing in the kitchen – wonderful thing. Have a great week. Will be checking in on your guests. Happy sunday.

  5. Great progress! And I love the kitchen dancing. :-)

    • alberta says:

      Thanks Barbara – I think I’m being a little flexable with the truth when I call it ‘dancing’:) more like a sealion coming ashore – still makes this old lady happy!

  6. Rebecca Emin says:

    Hi Alberta

    Thank you for the mention, and I am very excited to be a part of your good week. I’m so looking forward to my spotlight slot!


  7. morganmandel says:

    Thanks for counting me as part of your good week! I’m glad you’re forging ahead with your writing, and yes exercise is important, however way you can get it. I’m lucky to have a dog to walk every day, plus Fitness Classes at the Park District not far away which I try to get to twice a week. Every bit helps in writing and exercising.

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      One day I shall inherit my sisters retired guide dog and will have to walk her everyday so need to get fit enough for that in next month or so!! not keen but must be so – trouble is my ankle tends to go with no warning leaving me a little stranded! ah well exercise helps that problem also – def. you were part of a good week I really enjoy having guests – I’m wondering about that pill:)

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