We are very excited! ROW80

Well have mentioned on the ROW80 page that it looks as if after months of anticipation my sister will be having a new guide dog before Easter.  They will meet tomorrow (Monday) just to check that they click and then four weeks later they will begin training together.

I have posted to kiss a frog about guide dogs in our life but suffice to say here, that I know the training and first few months after will need us to reorganize our nice comfy lives quite a great deal.  Training is very hard work and my sister is my older sister:) then there is the all important bonding and trust issues so I am now having to rethink my goals – but hey the news is so exciting it doesn’t worry me.

I pushed myself ruthlessly last year because we just didn’t know when this dog would come, now we know. I have a month to push ruthlessly and then slooooow way down.

My sister and I live very harmoniously because

1) We like our own company and that of books so we are usually in different rooms.

2) she likes doing things such as :     Washing up/ironing (you really don’t want to watch someone who’s completely blind iron not unless you have nerves of steel!!!!! Scares our fiends rigid) –  Shopping – Washing and hanging up the clothes.  All things I hate doing!! and no you cannot borrow her she’s my secret weapon:)

I like cooking, she doesn’t,  I am happy to keep an eye on our necessaries such as finance, nutrition etc which she isn’t -Drive the car which I enjoy, she can’t:) -And as she can’t see, my lack of zeal in the housework dept goes un-noticed – yay.

During this period I will no longer have the hours at my disposal that I usually have because she will be too busy/worn out to do her normal tasks. Who will do them? Moi.  Gladly.

I still wish to do everything on my original list for the year I just don’t know if the timetable I have mapped out for this end of the year will work – so goals remain overall and the Round 1  goals just what can be done around the more important things in life. So maybe it is time to join that Life Goal thingy that I have read about – new Goals next week?  One goal (my least fav!) that remains intact andwill be enhanced is exercise – from next week I will have to start walking the to be retired dog every day.

We are excited happy and my sister is nervous and stressed as well.  So please fingers crossed everyone for her and the new dog on Monday.

ROW80 this round:   I am ahead on Blue Moon so will make a great push in Feb on that one, ready for the NaEdNoMo in March (might not be a winner this year, but will get some done)

The Ancestor’s Tale may well have to wait ‘till May now to begin in earnest

I think my blogging goals will be ok as they are written in short bursts

and the book trailers can be fiddled with in between times.

This week:  I stopped Blue Moon word count  at 4,000 , when we heard the news, because I had to get garden and house ready for lively 18mth black Lab !!  (That involved turning part of it into a ‘spending’ pen for it – I needed to dig out and move a couple of very heavy pots 3x3x3 ft not far fortunately, I was exhausted after I had done it!! Getting too old for this lark.  Have had to clip back (with apologies to wildlife who were expecting at least another couple of months of unclipped plants!) and sweep up last of leaves blown around by the many storms we have had this winter.  For a sluggard I was extraordinarily active the last few days! So exercise goals have been met as well. – Roll on Tuesday when we can relax for a month!)

I have hosted two guest authors on the Red Carpet spotlighting their books. Rebecca Emin with New Beginnings and Terri Morgen with Playing the Genetic Lottery

I have put up a review of The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and a piece about guide dogs – blogging goals almost met.

Have had a tremendous clear out of my mail box reduced the backlog to a mere 100 (it was 2000!) And have discovered as I mentioned some wrongly filed mail (it’s an automatic organizer!) and on searching my sent  e-mails and these misplaced emails have discovered that some of those who should have had prizes last year didn’t get them (I think) so have sent new vouchers and apologies out to them  – cringe, grovel, cringe. Memo do not let mail swamp me.

I hit a block on Twitter when I tried to follow – apparently there was too much diff. among followed and follower so have been through all those I follow and found those who are vanished (never posting) those who seem to be very self opinionated and never mention anyone except themselves; eliminated them (so hard) and have been allowed to follow again whew!

With the movie making software I treated myself to I am moving Sefuty Chronicles over – it’s the same pics and music as on Movie Maker but the transitions and timing  better and easier– have been in photo editing (which I’m not good at) to try and turn pics for Ellen’s Tale trailer into something more like I imagine.

Next week apart from beginning to walk dog (wean her away from my sister and prepare her for retirement) a couple of days.  I hope to do more of the usual.

1) Head down fingers flying more on Blue Moons – so near the end now.

2)  Blogs Terri Morgan is returning with a guest post last day of the month.  Will put up a couple more blogs.

3) Try and understand Tibbre and  tweet repeat software.

4) Get mail box down to minimal levels

I hope everyone is well and happy /content/ satisfied and all the best for the coming week

9 thoughts on “We are very excited! ROW80

  1. Gene Lempp says:

    Great news for your sister although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to watch her iron (I worked in healthcare for years and I’m sure it would cause my eye to twitch wanting to help her).

    Great job on your goals. By the way, I like the new WP site and especially your banner. Love caves and that is one gorgeous shot. Have a great week, Alberta :)

    • alberta says:

      Thanks Gene – You may have guessed I like bright colours:) the little black lab came today to see if she liked us! she comes to live with us on 27th – so I have to be well ahead by then – head down time

  2. Great news about the new dog. Labs are adorable and very affectionate. I’m sure it will keep you plenty busy. :) Fingers crossed you will still get some quiet time for writing.

    • alberta says:

      I’ll carve some writing time out somewhere:) amazing how us writers can! Labs are as you say adorable they are also born thieves and outrageous flatterers and con artists:) this will the 3rd in this family – lock up anything even remotely edible and then some – this present one has had a taste for socks and handkercheifs all her life:) the one before favoured raw veg from the garden – busy? oh yes you’re right it will:)

  3. Congratulations on the guide dog! I hope he and your sister hit it off right away. Going to be lots of work and fun acclimating the new member to your household! Nice job working on your goals as well. It always amazes me how much you get done in a week!

  4. Congrats on getting the dog! One of the men at our AMVETS post has a black lab assistive dog, and he’s wonderful. Here’s hoping yours is too! And congrats on getting the writing done while all that was going on.

  5. morganmandel says:

    Glad to hear your good news, Alberta! I hope your sister and the guide dog bond well. It’s amazing how smart dogs are. I have a feeling you’ll also bond with the new addition!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      She’s a bit stressed out this evening but she’ll be fine when they meet – we have always had dogs aroound the house and she’s had 2 guide dogs – i think it is complete lack of sight thats bothering her so much this time -it’ll be right

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