guide dog seems to like us:) ROW80

Well the prospective new guide dog came and checked us out – we seem to meet with her approval:) she will be arriving to stay with us on the 27th of this month at which point my sister’s currant dog retires.  She will enjoy that. They are ready to be dogs again after 8 years of work.

While they work they have 1 day off a week when they are allowed to just ‘be’,  just ‘do’ what dogs do.  Run, play, sniff and roll in un-believably horrid smells! Do any of you have a dog who’s a ‘roller’? Yes? You know then!  Now she can have a ‘free’ run every day – her reward for years of behaving and being responsible.  Fortunately as I’m prepared to walk her every day (and you know how much I’m looking forward to that! Not.) she can stay with us so my sister doesn’t have to say farewell.

My sister had a trial run with new dog and thought the going was fast but I suspect the real pace will be faster!!  This dog is 20 months old the old dog is 10yrs and has been slowing down for a year or so now.  Advised my sister to get on my step machine- start training!

This week has been all about getting life straight in time for the end of the month and March when training begins.  It will be a difficult time for my sister and the dogs so I have been clearing the decks as fast as I can.  A dump of snow isn’t helping but there you go. It will be so good to have this new dog, the old one was beginning to get unreliable and I worry enough at my sister going out there as it is! Old worry-guts that’s me.  I would never try to stop her but. . .  when she’s not back in the time I expect I begin to imagine – then I find she’s been gossiping in the village! well!:)

My goals now have become more fluid down to ‘’What I can’ for the rest of the round.

This week:

1)     Blue Moon goes well have managed a healthy 4000 – had a complete rethink on the problem of the body disposal and come up with a pretty satisfactory solution – it does mean that at least 3 scenes have to be changed – not doing that till editing time – have just noted where. I think I will still make NaNaEdMo in March.

2)     Managed 3 blogs this week including this one,  part 1 of Childhood Gardens and a book reveiw.  Not perfect but okay

3)     Have stopped The Ancestors Tale until next round because of new dog- that’s fine will start again in May after the A-Z

4)     Almost finished Ellen’s Tale trailer, just fiddling with music now.

5)     Almost finished the new website.

6)     Finished a short story -ready for friend from forever/editor.

7)     Made more progress clearing mail box – but really this automatic organizer Yahoo has is hopeless!

8)     Have organized my Goodreads page merging ordinary page with Author page – still can’t figure how I get a ‘fan’ button on the page – have sent out help messages to all and sundry – anyone here know how?

I also had a return visit from Terri Morgan on the Red Carpet  which was great.

Next Week

Maybe uplift new web site – fingers crossed – this is the difficult bit

Finish trailer – fingers crossed

Find my ‘fan’ button

Start the A-Z blogs (have at last decided what to do!)

More Blue Moon (body disposal!)

Two more book reviews

How did everyone else do – satisfactorily I hope – all the best for the coming week

13 thoughts on “guide dog seems to like us:) ROW80

  1. Debra Kristi says:

    Wow! You sure do have a lot going on. I’m tired just reading it all. I think I need to go take a nap now. LOL I think you made fantastic strides. I’m really impressed. I know you have a lot going on, but it’s alright to stop for a minute and take a breath. :)

  2. alberta says:

    aren’t they gross :( Fox I think is the worst but dead seal is ptretty terrible as well! why will they do it?

  3. KM Huber says:

    I so admire you and your sister for keeping the aging guide dog. Good for everyone but a significant challenge. Don’t know how you do all you do but it’s inspiring! Really enjoy stopping by.

    • alberta says:

      thank you very much – you know when the dog has been such an important part of life for so long I think it must be really difficult to let go – some blind people have to as there is no one esle to help – they all go to the best new homes but it must be so hard – and as everyone keeps pointing out to me – the exercise will do me good:)!!

  4. Eden says:

    My cousin used to train guide dogs. They truly are wonderful companions in their “golden years”. Glad your sister gets to keep her, even if it means that you’ve got dog-walking duties. (Sorry…)

    And so many wonderful things going on with your writing. Wow! Where do you get the energy? And can I borrow some? Have a great week, Alberta.

  5. Laura Parish says:

    I am so pleased that a new dog is arriving for your sister.

    Good luck on the goals and well done on the progress. :) x

    • alberta says:

      thanks for the good luck – am busy checking fences and entrances now – barely a dog yet at 20mths sure there’ll be some hole she can escape through:)

  6. Wendy says:

    Sounds to me like you have lots going on. Congrats on the new helper, and I hope everything goes perfectly smooth for you and your sister. It seems you are doing very well. Keep up the good work. Oh, and I gave up on the fan button. I guess I’m hoping it will magically appear on my blog :)

    • alberta says:

      I’m still harrasing goodreads about my fan button I do so want one:( – the funny thing is it seems I have fans but blessed if I know how it happened without a button!!!! ah well I’m easily befuddled:)

  7. I think you’ve exhausted me Alberta, LOL. Lovely that the old dog can just be and that you have a home for her. All the best for the upcoming week :)

    • alberta says:

      thank you kindly – not sure how the dog views me – I’m not as loving as my sister more a cat person moi – but we rub along okay and my sister will still be looking after her its just the walking I’ll be doing – the worst bit :)

  8. Glynis Smy says:

    Catching up on your blog, Alberta. How lovely the original dog can stay with you. It must be hard to say goodbye after so many years. Oh, we have a roller! My sympathies. LOL

    I hope all goes well with clearing your desk and your future projects.

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