new website nearly there:) ROW80

This is a short one this week! Do we believe that I wonder?:)

Horrid cold cold week – many of you hardier folk will think I winge at nothing but here in the UK we do not get temps of minus 15 usually!  We have done and I do not appreciate it: (

1) So my exercise goals well met by shovelling snow and trying to walk over snow and ice to the village and back – do not wish to play this game.

2) Because of snow shovelling I managed to write 5000 words on Blue Moon – bursts of mental energy after the exercise in the cold! I know, I know,  you are all going to point out this is one of the reasons why exercise is good for one!

3) Have spent many hours this week on completing new web site – today am struggling with SQL databases and cPanel hosts! To uplift it in all its glory in cyberspace (it’s not that good don’t book seats or anything:) if I get it up today will report on FB page

4) On the same subject I have linked web site to all my blogs and social sites and also created a special blog just for the website where I am collecting all my posts on self pub. Inspiration, writing of publications – this site is working independently so if you’d like to pop over and check out going it alone  – it is a very pretty colour

5) Managed a blog on sefutychronicles on how we might/not manage without electricity in our lives

6) Networking – joined Rachael Harrie campaign and have been busy saying hi to fellow campaigners – not there yet!

Have been participating in Novel Publicity (see FB) hops on Goodreads and Facebook – meeting new authors and flashing myself around a bit!!! Had to update my Goodread page to an Author page.  Have twittered and followed and managed to read over 30 posts.

7) Have completed 2 more books for my challenges (mostly for my pleasure)  Ruby’s spoon which is a great book and Rachaels Holiday which I have mixed feelings about I will be posting on them both on albertareads hopefully next week – if the website gets there!!!

Failed in

Doing trailer, finding people to read and review books (must get down to that) I also have left an empty Red Carpet so if any wishes a spot just say it’s free for a while.

Next week – more of the same (well I hope not the website:) need to do a lot of Blue Moon to get to editing by March.  Am behind on blogging so must get those sorted as well.

Wasn’t too displeased with this week – I knew the website would gobble all my time – it always does I just take so long to figure everything and this time I was re-doing the entire site onto WordPress every page is new as well as updating content – one day I’ll be able to do stuff like that in my sleep – actually I probably am already- its been keeping me up in the far small hours:)

I hope everyone has had a good week and is content keep smiling everyone:)

19 thoughts on “new website nearly there:) ROW80

  1. Time just goes, doesn’t it? I’m Louise and on Rach’s campaign, and just checking in to say hi.

  2. Samantha says:

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello! I’m in the short story group with you :)

  3. Julie Glover says:

    Wow, you got so much done! Living in Texas, I don’t believe there is any good reason for -15 temps. I like a balmy 60 degrees F here and grab my jacket if we go lower than that! (So much for my British ancestry.) Stay warm.

    Best wishes for another great week! You are doing beautifully with this round!

  4. Audrey Tomorrow says:

    You’ve been so busy… I understand that you ran out of time… the internet just seems to inhale the minutes and hours…

  5. Wow, temps have been in the thirties here and I feel like popsicle. I would so not make it in minus fifteen weather. I think I am a tropical being at heart. Anyway, you’ve done great! I’m sure you’ll get to those other things soon. Have a good week.

    • alberta says:

      I can’t say I’m tropical but I always liked living in a temperate zone and do not consider minus anything as being temperate! far from it. Its warmer now no minus all week – much better:)

  6. Gene Lempp says:

    Wow Alberta, you are just a blur of motion (but I’m sure that is partly all the extra energy from exercising *smile*). Fantastic work on the websites, they look fantastic. Like the robin’s egg blue for the Going It Alone site, very pretty and calming.

    Have a fantastic week and hopefully things warm up for you soon :)

    • alberta says:

      well I am pleased with them now – it should be easier to keep up to date the last one I had was a nightmare to fiddle with and was always out of date – like this wordpress one – so hopefully it will be right – since the check in have walked a futher 5 miles but the creative leap didnt happen this time just the exhaustion!!! That too will get better

  7. Eden says:

    So many things moving on and on… So you’ve “slacked” a little (I wouldn’t say you have, but I do know how it can feel when not everything is getting done as fast as I’d like)…. You’ve accomplished a bunch and you’re moving forward. Sounds like a great ROW80 check-in to me.

  8. Wow, congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished. I’m not surprised anymore that you haven’t made it back to Stringing Words since signing up, but we’ll be happy to cheer you on with each milestone that you make! And I’m pleased to see you in the list for the Fourth Campaign Sci-fi group too!

    • alberta says:

      I will be back – just as soon as I catch breath – have to get the boring but time consuming bits out of way before the new guide dog comes then I will have more time to play with you all.:)

  9. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Yeah, the promotional work like updating web sites really does take a lot of time — you have my sympathies! You also have my sympathies regarding the cold — I’m in Germany, and not coming out of minus is getting rather tiresome …

    Excellent word count, Alberta! No need to kick yourself, you’re getting a lot done.

    Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      you are so much colder than us here – I really shouldn’t complain! – well the website is up and can get back to writing – hope your thaw comes soon

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