safe from drowning:)

When I was small, oh so many years ago! as a family we would wander forth to the seaside for our holidays. Complete with ‘lie flat’ surfboards (back in the 50s in UK!) Lilos and swimsuits, with the expectations of hiring small boats. I am not and never was what you could call nimble, and a few aspects of dabbling in the water caused problems.  One was getting from deep water on board any water craft be it lilo or row boat.  I could maybe hoist one leg up and over the side and clinging on for grim death attempt to haul myself up.  It hardly ever worked. Depending on my siblings mood as to whether I was given a helping hand.

Later in my teens I went for a week’s holiday in the Lake District to learn how to sail.  It was a fun, exciting week. I had my first romantic kiss, canoe trips onto moonlit waters that kind of stuff.  We also had to learn how to clamber back on board if a mishap occurred and we were swept into icy waters. Yes! Well! Not good. I have to admit not good. One leg up the side and not a hope in. . . .  well anything – of pulling myself up.  Just drag me along hanging onto the side – I’ll be fine!!!

Later in life I took myself off to learn kayaking – I really enjoyed the ambience of silent paddling, the wildlife unseen except from water, I enjoyed the freedom of calm waters and even, for some obscure reason, enjoyed the rough adrenalin rush of UK seas.  I did not enjoy learning how to get back into kayak if by chance I had failed to ‘roll’ properly – to haul myself up and in. No. It seems I am not handy in getting on board.

I never gave up of course – who wishes to drown:) However it was often a matter of holding up a hand for a pull up, or hanging onto the ropes at the side (Titanic style) maybe propelling self and craft to land by dog paddle power.

I am fortunately a good swimmer and my dog paddle is not to be dismissed lightly either.  My hand grip is not strong so it would have to be an arm around the ropes.

Why, you yawn, are we being inflicted with this sorry tale of dyspraxic ineptitude? Well it occurred to me this week that my experience of social networking is a little like all those water craft.

I do so wish to learn how to.  I do so enjoy the doing. However I do so often feel I am drowning as I struggle to get on board.

From putting together my first website – those long frustrating hours struggling with this new language to the ever expanding social networks, always, it seems, I flounder about in the water next to the boat, grasping this hand, then another, clinging to ropes of words as I try and figure out which piece of unintelligible code goes where. As with the boating there are always willing hands to reach down to try and help, voices to encourage and urge.  Ultimately though it always comes down to – can I haul myself aboard?

This last week I have endeavoured to pull myself onboard the ROW80 triberr craft.  I found myself in the water, in darkness.  I could hear the friendly voices calling, encouraging but where was that ****ed boat.  I was near.  I was joined to the greater being that was triberr but as I splashed around I did wonder if this would be the first craft I failed to board.

Accidently in the dark I bumped into it.  On the wrong side!  Somehow I groped my way around and then- there they all were- smiling, cheering and holding friendly hands to pull a very bedraggled old lady on board.  Once more safe from drowning.  Thank you everyone.


This week pretty well nothing was achieved except for a couple of blogs. The new guide dog arrived and life is proving a little more difficult than my sister expected – but  all will be well. Due to another chest infection and running a temperature I failed to keep up to speed on social networking so many apologises for that.

This coming week I will continue to write blogs including getting well ahead with A-Z blog fest.  On Wednesday I start the NaNoEdMo and so will begin knocking Blue Moon into shape.  Next word count 50,000 words in a month!  It will be nice to get back to my friends in Blue Moon again and I have lots of ideas how it will need to evolve and change.

I have downloaded 60 podcasts to my i-pod and am figuring out how to use those step counters so will be ready for my new life of daily dog walking:(

I hope everyone has had a good week – keep smiling.

4 thoughts on “safe from drowning:)

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Great analogy! I have enjoyed Triberr (well, except for a few days ago when posts got stuck in a tweet jam). Great progress on the goals too. Best wishes for a productive week. Enjoy those podcasts. I’d never get any housework done without podcasts on my MP3 player.

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Oh, Alberta, I so sympathise. Between my natural ineptness at technological details, and Jim’s accident, even the most basic of Facebook socialness, has proven very challenging.

    I hope to get better at it once he’s back home again, and more or less able to move around again…..

    Hope all smooths out soon!

  3. I have to agree with Gene, 50k is amazing! Sorry to hear you’re sick, hope you’re feeling better now. Have a great week.

  4. Gene Lempp says:

    Ugh, I feel your pain – I’ve never been graceful at pulling myself out of the water which is probably why I avoid watercraft in general. Land, solid sweet earth, yeah, now that I’m all good with *smile*

    Sounds like you had a good week overall. Fifty K a month is a big challenge – kudo’s to you for pressing into it and my sincerest best wishes for your success. Have a great week, Alberta :)

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