NaNo boot camp question:ROW80

It seems to me someone has put an accelerator into the year – for goodness sake ‘tis half way through March already!

It has been a strange week – we are still in a kind of purdah here – training has started with the new dog and my sister, by the Friday, was fair exhausted.  It is always so, learning to work with and trust a new dog is a difficult time – not just for my sister the dog too has to learn.

As I have taken over my sisters tasks this includes shopping, which I loath, once a week and I need a cuppa at the end.  I dislike my fellow beings when I have to dodge around them in doorways, squeeze past their chatter in the aisles:(

I am almost completely cough free now and energy levels are beginning to rise. Yay.

Question/help please.    Before I give run down on the week – did anyone do the NaNo boot camp last year – I am wondering if it is sim. to NaNo proper? Considering having a go this summer if it is the same (but if it is the same why is it called boot camp?)

So this week:

1) Exercise Result = 5 x 30 minute walks  (I now have to walk the retired dog so no excuses!) listened to some really interesting podcasts on architecture, Gulf of Mexico, population concerns and tin photography amongst others while wending my way:)   Might get to enjoy this walk!

2)  Am really only editing, this last few weeks, as interruptions are many.  Have spell checked and auto-crited 20,000 words so far since March 1st.  This only picks up obvious over used words and glaring spelling errors, but in correcting them some weak sentence constructions have been tightened and vocabulary expanded.

Punctuation and word usage still to come, this week hopefully, followed by running the words through Editor.  Then with relatively clean copy I will read through for plot etc.  I am not at all sure I will manage the 50000 by the end of March but am not allowing that to bother me.  With the new guide dog writing is quite happy on back burner for awhile.

3)  Managing to keep up with blogging.  Insecure Writers on Wednesday and another on dystopian world building on Sefuty Chronicles, beginning to discuss the ethics and morality of population control, a tricky subject!  I put up a piece about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  Have sketched out most of my A-Z’s now – hope I can flesh them out in time:)

Next week – more of the same – plus I now have The Writer’s Journey on Gene’s recommendation so hopefully will start – Gene never warned it was a massive read!

Hope everyone had a good week and all the best for coming one.

14 thoughts on “NaNo boot camp question:ROW80

  1. Glad you are feeling better. I’m in editing mode too. Need to learn the secret of setting a page goal or something so seem like making progress.

  2. Gene Lempp says:

    Glad to see you are feeling better, Alberta. I’m with you on the shopping, not my favorite thing, but I do enjoy doing laundry (weird, I know). I took a look at Camp NaNo as well and I’m sure it’s similar, but don’t think I can fit it in – perhaps you can.

    Have a great week :)

    • alberta says:

      Thinking maybe I’ll leave my next WIP till the summer and just go for it rather than start in May only a few weeks difference – if I concentrate on getting ahead or up to date on every thing else – clear the decks for nano – might work better for me than doing lots of bits – not sure yet

  3. Breezy Vee says:

    Glad I ran into your blog! Sounds like Row80 is going well, and If you decide to do Nano boot Camp, let me know how it goes! I skipped over to your dystopian blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So many interesting view points, and even a couple things I hadn’t thought of for my own story in just the 10 minutes I was reading! Will definitely be following! Thanks, and nice to meet you!

  4. Laura Parish says:

    Hope you’re OK.
    I did Camp NanoWriMo last year which is the same as November but you have the option to get put into a virtual cabin (with about five other writers) and can message each other and stuff.


    • alberta says:

      Um – might try it as an aide to getting fourth of series on its way – concentrated effort seems to work for me – and life, fingers crossed, less distracting then – thanks

  5. Sounds like you have a lot happening. I think editing is a good place to be. May e i will get there next round. Hope you have a great week.

  6. Ruth Nestvold says:

    I’m in editing mode at the moment too, so I feel for you! Good luck on keeping up with your goals, and glad to hear that your health is improving.

    Have a great week. :)

    • alberta says:

      Um – I dont mind editing per see but why oh why do I always get inspired to write when I have decided to edit – such a distraction:) – wouldn’t be so bad if I was inspired to write for the piece I’m editing but no It’s always for a new story!

  7. Shah Wharton says:

    I did the A_Z Challenge last year and it wiped me out. I couldn’t do it this year with everything else I have – plus I dedicate my mani blog to Authors/Book Tours so it would be logistically impossible to get all the authors to match the A-Z :)

    You sound like you’re doing great. And can I say “I’m really only editing” is wrong – There’s nothing ‘only’ about it :P Sigh – I have been doing editing and re-writing for what seems like decades and my oh my, if ‘only!’ :)

    Good luck with the dear dog training. I do so adore dogs :)

  8. Alberta.. I feel the same way about shopping.. whenever my teen daughter says “let’s go shopping” I feel my blood pressure rise.
    Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job keeping up with the goals. I am going to take a shot at the A-Z Challenge in April. I should probably write up a few blog posts to get me started, eh?
    Good luck with the editing.. :D

    • alberta says:

      It’s the tricky letters that can cause anxiety so getting those under the belt is good – and visiting others is time consuming so the more blogs you have ready the more time you can spend discovering new blogs – and there are some amazing blogs out there:)

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