C is a good old gossip sort of day!

Three days in and I’m chatting and the like – it’s a popular past time and freely indulged across the planet. To excess sometimes it seems to this old woman.  Taking a stroll around town or sitting in a cafe, people are chatting away on their mobile(cell) phones.  They are not always solitary beings either!  Anyway on with the words.

Communication: from the Latin communicat to impart, share

 Impart, transmit (information, news)

Share in, partake of

Enjoy in communion

Make and or maintain social contact

Convey and or exchange information

Joining two – such as rooms with one door

 The communication business nowadays is immense straddling the world and beating the colossus hands down!  We all have opinions as to whether this instant, constant, frenzied at times, communication is a force for good or otherwise.  However, it is so.

I wonder, sometimes, just what those early days of news exchange were like.  It needs huge leaps of imagination to visualize a world of just a few thousand.  Wandering through emptiness and then meeting, at a watering hole, another group wandering through emptiness.  What news, information what gossip would they have indulged in?

 If it was a friendly meeting, probably pretty much as now I’m thinking, the women would discuss, their men disparagingly or not!, their babies, how beautiful or naughty they were, where the best root vegetables were to be found and admire or be spiteful about others apparel.  The men would discuss their women,how beautiful or not, the girl next door, her attributes, how strong/brave/clever they, the men, were, they would admire maybe a new design in flint axe.  They would exchange news about nasty neighbours bent on warfare, and warn of man eating animals.  I do not think, despite our ever increasing shiny toys, we have changed very much over 200,000 years when it comes to a good old natter!

 Gossip: Old English godsibb

             A godfather/mother or sponsor

           A familiar acquaintance / friend esp. a female and esp. invited to be present at a birth

         Someone who habitually indulges in idle talk, groundless rumour, tittle tattle (love that phrase!) informal, unrestrained talk/writing

 Networking sites are the same as those watering holes!

 For my blog on history of communication go look see my A-Z contribution on kissafrog


6 thoughts on “C is a good old gossip sort of day!

  1. Glynis Smy says:

    I like a good chin-wag with friends once in a while. It is amazing what you learn! Great C post, Alberta.

  2. Bob Scotney says:

    Hi, Alberta. I’m chuffed that you are chattering away and no one has told us to cut the cackle. Cacophony rules too much today.

    • alberta says:

      can’t see to be able to reply to any of you – getting very frustrated here! anyway trying again to say cackle is a great word as is chuffed – thanks for dropping by

  3. Great post, Alberta.

    I always say when it comes to chatter, women comapre hysterectomies and men compare car engines, but they’re both happy to gossip.

    • alberta says:

      way! got an answer on Bob’s comment maybe I will try you again David third time lucky – forgotten what I wanted to say now!!! ah yes was saying I thought chatter a splendid word – and as gossip so good for us- kept within kindly grounds of course:)

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