F is for a sharing species

 We are a funny old species really, in our dealings with the animal kingdom.  We are not always nice to the others who share our world but, when we are, we can go to crazy extremes. There are other species that will harness another species to work for them, ants and aphids spring to mind – but the extent in which we people have done so, is truly staggering.  As a species we are prepared to ask for help from anything and anyone.  We can project our minds beyond the obvious to the frankly ludicrous.

Dogs to hunt with us? Yes, okay makes sense, dogs to warn us of danger? Yup, that’s good also, dogs to lead the blind, sniff out drugs, find hidden avalanche victims, pull sleds, come on! And what brilliant persuasive powers we must have.  Do all this for us and we will feed you, when we choose; we will house you, how we choose; and we will pet you if we choose – that’s a good deal for giving up freedom?

 The same with horses, cattle, camels on and on we harness their abilities to ours and so make ourselves a super species!  It is this ability to seek out, request or harness another’s skills and talents to enhance our own that has helped drive humanity ever forward.

 As well as this demand for their skills we are also unusual among the animal kingdom as to our wish to share our lives with other species.  We invite them to sit down with us, and have lived in close proximity with them for many thousands of years.

 We do this with our own kind as well; knowledge has been shared, passed along and handed down, constantly.  We are not just social beings, but also, sharing beings.

 Where once, thousands of years ago, there were small communities of sharing and harnessing, which evolved into towns and cities of such,  now we sit astride the world and still, we social animals, harness, ask for, receive and share.

for the main post on fur, feathers and a side order of fish in the a-z challenge

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