I’m late, I’m late for …Alberta’s check in

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! missed the beginning of round two of ROW80 – so sorry, up to ears with A-Z and houseful of visitors:)

Well –that was a short holiday! No sooner signed off and here we are back again.  There is madness in the cyber-air with the A-Z blog challenge.  There is a short burst of spring in the real air as daffs shout welcome as I pass, there is cold air threatened I tell them – they care not, so I will not either.

 I had to slow down half way through the last round for what I thought would be for a month, however, those of you who have followed my sister’s progress with her new guide dog will know it is not going smoothly.  She has qualified for one route and I don’t know who was more nervous when she set of for the first solo run her or me, and who was the proudest when she arrived back with a smile that would dazzle.  However, the three routes originally planned for the last month are obviously going to take far longer than any of us realized.  Hopefully now the first is cracked her stress levels will not be so high, but, it is into the shopping areas next so who knows!

 Anyway that was to explain that immediate week by week plans and goals are on hold, for the immediate future.  I still have my year’s goals to aim for, but for this next round I’m not at all sure.  So my intention this round is to do whatever I can do each week from those overall goals.

 * I had already decided to take Blue Moon over to next year as during NaEdNoMo it seemed to me it could do with much richer layering , to hopefully become more along the lines of Lit.Fic genre – if I can pull it off , has the ingredients, so will give it time and see how it develops.  So that’s one off the list for this year.

 * I am hoping to do the Nano boot camp, in the summer, and get The Ancestors Tale up and running.  It could be, if the training is nearly over, a chance to catch up on my yearly goals and still bring it in this year – have to be flexible on this book. Research is almost finished.  I would like to play with the vocabulary a bit more, can do that in odd moments. Hopefully life will be freer here by then; I can’t really concentrate on the length of a novel at the moment.

 So the Goals this round will be, when, and if, I have time full of bits which can be on the whole picked up and put down again if need arises.

 1)  A-Z blogs – through April – then more normally:)  I am blogging the A-Z on kiss a frog each day

2)  Carry on reading for challenges, report on some and muse about books.

3)  Get housekeeping on all network sites up to date

4)  Network on regular basis

5)  Start looking around for sites for a possible tour in autumn

6)  Continue working on short stories

7)  Continue working on book trailers

 *  I am looking for another Tribe to join; where I can flash did you ever kiss a frog and/ or the Sefuty Chronicle site. Triberr won’t let us have two blogs in one tribe – mean things:(   Kiss a frog is of a more personal nature, don’t really blog about writing on that one – just general life stuff.  And Sefuty is all about writing/self  publishing /editing  my books as opposed to general writing; this blog has excerpts, inspirations, research and the dilemmas behind the stories. So if anyone of you is running a tribe like those, please could you look see if my blogs would fit?

  *  I am also looking for people willing to read and pass reviews/comment on my books – info on what they are about and excerpts here.  A Smashwords voucher for free e-book (smashword can be read on kindle as well). If you’re in UK I could send a print copy.

 Did everyone else have a good break, and have  you all come back inspired and refreshed?


8 thoughts on “I’m late, I’m late for …Alberta’s check in

  1. Just reading your post made me tired! LOL. And that’s exactly why I didn’t do the A-Z challenge, plus I already had three posts already scheduled for April and I didn’t want to indundate the few readers I have :)

    Good luck with the goals. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to do Camp NaNo. Looks like you’ve got your hands full!

  2. Alberta, you might be late, but you are making great progress nonetheless. I like the fact that you have made more reasonable goals for your fiction. Longer term goals instead of trying to rush through things. Perhaps I need to do the same, cause I know I’m not having the success I would like to have. It is always a blessing to see someone with such a good head on their shoulders. Keep it up, Alberta.

  3. Juliana Haygert says:

    My break is super busy with me moving lol
    And you seem very busy too!
    I could use some vacation … no, no, what I need is more writing time =P Speaking of it, I’m off to write ;)
    Have a great week!

  4. I’m happy for your sister’s success – will pray for more! I can see where you may have to reasses while helping her along. You’ll never be sorry to have invested there!
    It’s good to see you, I’ve been busy as of late, and it seems, so have you! The A-Z challenge has been loads of fun to read – I’ve checked out a number of bloggers who joined up.
    Even though I joined up for ROW again, I’m taking a two week break after just publishing my newest. I’ll be doing a blog tour – you planted the seeds for that, Miss Alberta! – thanks – in late April, early May. So…it’s an exciting time. I’ll begin serious work on my next novel/novella in a few weeks. For now…I’m gearing up.

    Take care!

  5. Jennette Marie Powell says:

    The best thing about ROW80 is that you’re not behind, you can jump in any time! The break was indeed short, but that’s OK – I got my copyedits taken care of; and yes, I’m inspired because I’m getting ready to release the book I wanted to release by the end of the last round! Hope things get better for your sister, and take care!

  6. Gene Lempp says:

    Setting goals on a weekly basis is a good idea given the situations you are facing. Life should always be the priority and ROW is the challenge that recognizes that. I really hope that things work out with your sisters transition – I bet her smile after returning from that first walk lit the universe.

    Best in all things, Alberta :)

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