Books, blogs and not a bad week at all

One of those peculiar days that we get in UK – it was sunny, then grey, then sunny, then pouring with rain, chilly followed by bitingly cold wind, then hot, again chilly then hailstones and now, as evening approaches, the sun is once again shining through! One could grow befuddled and confused, if one wasn’t used to it all!

 Not much done this week, as I had visitors over Easter and they didn’t leave until Wednesday.  My friend from forever/editor and her husband came to the rescue of two weary ladies – it was so nice.  She took over the, retired, dog walking for me, allowing a couple of extremely painful joints to recover somewhat, and he built a beautiful wooden contraption to hide the cat litter tray. Well actually to keep the new guide dog out it – dogs have such depraved culinary habits:( – all painted and blending in. Between them they bucked us both up and we are now ready for the next round of training.

 He has a love of boot fairs and we always go look see, when they come up, well this one had book bargains galore – I don’t actually need any more books you understand- have thousands upstairs and my TBR pile is tall enough to join Nelson.  But who can resist a book bargain)   Apart from eight fiction I managed to find four superb reference books as well.  Well pleased.

 So goals:

1)  Felt all written out yesterday, so settled down to address my Terry Pratchet challenge.  Enjoyed a reading fest, have just finished three in a row, eyes blurry, just before coming on here.  I was late finding Prachett but so pleased I did a couple of years ago.

 2)  Kept up with A-Z on kissafrog, We are at the halfway mark now, I have 13 done and, at an average of 700 words each blog, I have, since April 1st, managed 9,100 words (think that’s right? Maths not a strong point.) So have kept up my writing every day and, because it’s nothing to do with my WIP, have found it quite refreshing.

 3)   Been keeping up with a couple of savvy authors workshops reasonably well.

 4)   I had the two books on Bacteria, I had ordered, delivered this week and I have been through the first one. (this is research for my NaNoWrMo in November.)  Must say even more interesting than I expected.

 5)   Am still struggling to get through all the network lists on Novel Publicity and Indie Exchange, but a few visited every day will win the day.  Likewise with A-Z list and ROW80 – it takes time to read the blogs and that’s not counting those I have delivered to my mail box.  Ah well! by the end of April all will be serene again.

 6)   Still planning  Blue Moon in my head – excited by the changes I am putting in place mentally.  Making notes only.

 7)   Although the doctor said half an hour walking every day would help my ankles, I haven’t noticed any improvement over the two months I have been doing so, just the reverse.  I will have to go back to him and check.  And, disappointingly, even though I have added this extra exercise into my day and I am now in the garden every day, I have added 4lbs to my weight in that time – don’t know why I bother some days:(.  I will persevere because I’m pig headed but. . .

 Anyway not a bad week and I’m quite happy with it (quite in old UK lady speech actually means very!, not just a little)  I hope everyone else has had a good week – that those on A-Z are coping and the best of luck for coming week.

PS am looking for a tribe for my kissafrog blog and my sefuty blog – anyone else looking for a match?  Also looking for people to review my Chronicles for review on relevant sites- anyone know anyone whos relaiable? Anyone wanting aplace to visit during book tour, or guest blog or just come visit for book plug- Red Carpet is free at the moment


9 thoughts on “Books, blogs and not a bad week at all

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Why does your UK weather remind me of Texas weather? (Well, except for the bitingly cold part, unless you count that we freeze in 40-degree F weather.) Looking out on a rainy day now, which will probably mean 92-degree weather tomorrow. Best wishes with your goals!

  2. Nice week!
    I can’t imagine keeping up with the A-Z challenge lol I wouldn’t know which theme to choose ;)
    Have a great week!

  3. KM Huber says:

    I second the “try different shoes” for the walking; it did take me awhile to find shoes that actually supported my walking. It really made a difference. Also, regarding the weight, it may be inflammation, which is stubborn weight to lose so don’t lose heart about the weight. I know that struggle well. I have a beagle so I know depraved dog habits; he is on Pepcid daily, now.

    As always, I am impressed and inspired by all you do. Hope you have a great week.


  4. Busy, busy Alberta! Sometimes a reading fest is just the ticket :) I wonder if a change in shoes would help with the walking? I had to get some inserts for my runners and I was surprised how much they helped. All the best for the upcoming week!

    • alberta says:

      I have been thinking shoes, am wearing walking shoes been thinking maybe trainers would give a bit more surport – have to think carefully (funds wont run to expensive mistakes but shoes cant really be too cheap.
      I might consult someone whos job it is (feet that is, not selling shoes)

      I enjoyed my orgy of reading – resisting temptation to start another Pratchet – have two book group books to read this week first.

  5. Glynis Smy says:

    Gosh, you are keeping busy, Alberta! Good luck with all your writing projects.

    Yuk to dogs and their habits. (I have four so do understand their depraved ways).

    • alberta says:

      Four – two do my head in (I am a cat person ssh!) only writing at moment is the A-Z but I do enjoy it – decided tonight I miss the essay writing of Uni. – thats why I cant manage a short blog! I was determined this year to write two para. ones – that didn’t work too well:(

  6. Mike Young says:

    I gave away tons of books when I moved, but kept a box full of Terry Pratchett. He’s delightful. BTW – your link for that doesn’t seem to work.
    Bacteria books sound interesting – my TBR pile now includes a couple for NaNoWriMo too. Can’t start too soon.
    Walking – maybe the shoes?

    • alberta says:

      thanks for pointing that out – have fixed – I hope:) I dont why I resisted him for so long – I know he appeared large when I was studying for my middle age degrees so maybe I was too seriously into ‘uni stuff’ then! anyway I had ten unread ones lined up for the challenge and snapped through the first three in an orgy of not being anywhere near this machine:)

      i had been wondering about the shoes, they seem to be okay and I have worn two differnt styles but am looking into it.

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