Chills,computers and hailstorms:ROW80

It has been an odd sort of nothing week. The day we entered into a ‘haven’t a clue how long this will last but probably all summer’ hosepipe ban’, it began to rain, and it hasn’t stopped since.  Memo to water authorities – didn’t want to use a hose pipe anyway so there:)

 Hailstorm yesterday when in the woods with the dog.  They hurt!  Spent too many hours this week, drying self and dog off for it to be considered fun.

 Lost the computer for 36 hours – so I decided I would not stress and settled down to read another Pratchett.  Was just beginning to suffer internet withdrawal symptoms when the machine was good again.  My mail box overflowed – still trying to catch up!

 Then I lost more time with a vague feeling of un-wellness, nothing specific, achy shaky kind of thing.  I thought it wise to take care of myself. Read another Pratchett:) am fine now, I think.

 So how did I do this week?

 1)       Still up to date on my A-Z blogs which was my main goal this month.  Since Last Sunday’s check in I have written approx. 6000 words on A-Z so have kept up with writing.

 2)          Been doing some more research on bacteria for NaNo in November

 Research for Ancestors Tale I hope is completed, notes drawn up.  Have put myself down for a little nano in June – keep wanting to write this Tale – cannot wait until August boot camp:)

 3)          While I have been researching for the A-Z blogs have wandered down some other paths – as one does in research, and have made a list of subjects for future blogs – so ‘tis a bonus.

 4)          Although I shouldn’t have, I’ve now read seven Terry Pratchett books in a very short period!  Time I did some real work around here: ( so that reading challenge is almost complete).

 5)         Only just hanging on by fingertips to networking targets but have, I think, managed.

 6)           I am pleased to report that I do believe my ankles are improving, have done 5 days of half hour walk and one of an hour and although they still hurt they are not hurting so much.  At least that’s my impression, I have not taken any painkillers for them all week so Yay – maybe this walking will do me good eventually.

 Am taking possession of some gadget, which will turn my bike into a stationary one.  I can’t ride it out on the roads anymore, as when my ankle goes, so do I!  Getting a wee bit dangerous.  Will put it the conservatory, open the window and watch the garden pass me by:)

 So an okay week despite chills, computer and hailstorms.  Hope everyone else has had a good week and all the best for the coming week

27 thoughts on “Chills,computers and hailstorms:ROW80

  1. Kate C. says:

    HOLY COW! You are amazing! I can’t belief how much you’ve gotten done in the past 26 days! You make me feel lazy. But it’s a good motivator, too. :)

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. alberta says:

    jedimarri – so good, shame hes ill.
    well ancestors is part of a series so guess the world building is in place although I am going to introduce fundementalist religion in this one so having to get the hang of the language being a comfy sitter on fences sort of a person myself:)
    might do some more planning when A-Z is over

  3. Sounds like a good week overall. Good luck on getting the bike converted. Hubby and I have been riding here, though with it being spring, we’ve dropped to non-windy days so we can breathe!
    I’m impressed with people who do so much research before NaNo. The last two years, I’ve just sat down in front of the computer and typed what ever came into my brain.
    Good luck with the next week’s goals.

    • alberta says:

      i did that last year because I had a very clear story in my head. this year I am trying -foolishly probably!- something quite experimenal (for me anyway) a creation story combining verse and narration. It needs a bit of research into stuff like bacteria and virus, the ultimate burning up of the planet and how stuff works over millenium as well as trying to find the way to write the verse so that it sounds ancient!

  4. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. However on the plus side you got to spend some time with Pratchett. It’s been years since I’ve read any of his stories. Will have to revisit. Yep, watch those ankles. My issue is knees. If you walking up and down a lot of hills that puts a strain on your ankles. I discovered that when upped the grade on treadmill too high. Planning for Nano will go on my schedule for after june. I want to be a bit more prepared this time, try plotting it all out and see how that works. Good job with all your goals and keeping up with A to Z.

    • alberta says:

      When i planned my retirement I vowed no more hills have hated them since I was tiny – I think my legs are the wrong proportion for ease of hill walking:) I like flat and wide skies – so am on the east coast of UK now – misty fens and skies with the whole days weather writ large – the light is fantastic and the walking easy -well for most folk anyway:)

  5. Glad you’re feeling a bit better, Alberta.
    I cannot get Kissafrog to pull up when I google it, and it’s not showing on your blogger profile. ?? I’m probably being an idiot, but I wanted to check in on your A-Z challenge pieces.
    If you get a free chance, email me with it!

  6. Ryan King says:

    I would ask if Terry Pratchett’s books are a good read but I think you’d implied that. ;) Ouch, sounds like you’ve been killing your ankles too. Hope it feels better soon. Good job on your A to Z challenge. :)

    • alberta says:

      ah a good read? do you like inteligent fantasy – well lunacy really but very much like swift in that its a world recognisable as our own despite being bourne aloft on a giant turtle – great satire and a tumbling colourful cast – but maybe your tastes are more sober:) Give them a go there’s about 38 of them!

  7. Juliana Haygert says:

    Do you like participating on A-Z challenge? Because there is another one like that to come: I’m taking part of that.
    Thumbs up for an okay week!

    • alberta says:

      Checked it out but I think I need a break for a while after 26 one after another – I really must learn the art of short snappy blogs:) all the best with it

  8. Julie Glover says:

    We had a hailstorm in Texas recently too, but I managed to stay inside during the worst of it. When I read about your 36 hours w/o internet, I nearly started gasping. I’ve become so used to being online that 1 1/2 days without seems like forever. LOL! Glad you got some reading in. Your word count was lovely this week. Hope this week is particularly productive!

    • alberta says:

      Never think of Texas as having weather somehow – ignorant limey me:) holywood doesn’t help – cold, wet I can put up with but that hail hurts! not being online meant I could indulge in a reading fest with no guilt – so was good really

  9. Busy and productive week Alberta. Glad to hear the ankles are feeling better! Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week.

  10. Jennette Marie Powell says:

    Wow, you got a lot accomplished this week despite some big setbacks – fantastic! Glad to hear your physical ailments are improving too – baby steps get the job done! Here’s hoping this week’s even better – and no computer outages or hailstorms. :)

    • alberta says:

      it was sunny all day today and tonight looks clear so maybe fingers crossed – computer running sweetly again – have a very nice man keeps elderly machine good for me.

  11. S. J. Maylee says:

    So it takes two Pratchett books in a week to feel better, I love it and glad you did and do!! My ankles aren’t in great shape either. As a kid I strained both at different times and now occasionally they give me random sharp pain- I’m told it’s from scar tissue, lovely. Hope yours continue to get better, seems walking helps most things. My brother loves bringing his bike inside on one of those contraptions, hope you do too. Hope you have a great dry ;) week.

    • alberta says:

      know how you feel with the random pain – somedays mine are constant others its random. I smashed the left one just where the leg and ankle bones meet (all those small ones) quite badly back in 99 and was in plaster for nearly 8 months – that meant the right one had to take a lot of extra strain – made more so as I had smashed my left rist at same time – same again the little bones on the join so couldnt use crutches very well:( that had a bone graft (from my hip) and a plate – I get a lot of trouble from my wrists as well. they wont get better but i hope exercise will help aliviate – looks like it may so fingers crossed:)

      • S. J. Maylee says:

        ouch Alberta, no fun! One of my ankles got strained during a date in HS. He took me jumping on the trampoline in his backyard. I’m sure you can imagine the jokes when I returned to school from our date in a half cast.

  12. Gene Lempp says:

    Great week, Alberta and so glad to hear that your ankles are improving. The exercise does pay off in the long run but you know what they say “no pain, no gain”. Reading your post made me think that I should be starting a plan for NaNo as well, so I’m putting that on my list for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a fantastic week :)

    • alberta says:

      don’t approve of no pain no gain – never have – pain is there for a reason – however I accept that arthritis needs exercise :) – well, discovered last nano that with some planning done and notes, I could just fly along the pages without having to think too much, as this years one is a stragfe story – experimental even -thought I needed lots of preparation for it:)

  13. jedimarri says:

    Which Pratchett books are you reading? And I’m hoping to do CampNaNo this year (for the first time) but we’ll have to see where I’m at in my WIP :)

    • alberta says:

      I have been reading all the nightwatch ones – They have made me laugh – such a bunch of idiot genius’s – Pratchett has a sly humour and razor sharp eye on the percularities of life. – I was thinking of camp nano but am itching to start writing the Ancestors Tale not sure can wait that long:(

      • jedimarri says:

        Nice! I just finished Men at Arms. I love those characters :D

        And hey – if your muse wants you to write NOW then it never hurts to listen! But you could also use the time to focus on world building, character creation, and even (that dreaded word I hate) outlining!

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