Thank you Prudence: alberta’s update

The A-Z madness has slid triumphantly to an end – well tomorrow actually,but  it is all done and dusted here on my machine. Relaxation beckons. Wonderful.  I have enjoyed my annual April of madness.  It is a chance to flex my writing muscles a little, an opportunity to wander (research) down paths I do not normally have time for.  Fascinating times are had.  I really enjoy visiting the other blog sites and discovering so many new and interesting people.  So many. Only managed a handful, there’s over a thousand on the list!

 I have clocked up approx. 23,800 words over the 26 days we had to post, which is a good total to keep my writing hand in trim. I have discovered so many new interests, as I did the research, which I shall now pursue further.  Also have a long list of ideas for possible blog posts as well.  Well pleased.

 I had a lovely surprise this week finding that Prudence MacLeod, ( a fellow ROW’er), had read, enjoyed and reviewed the first vol of my short stories A Patchwork of Perspectives.  Such a nice review, unexpected but making my day. Her comment on the dogs especially pleased me , as some of you know I am more a cat person, but the fact that I had caught the dogs well enough for a dog person, seemed to me a quiet validation and boosted my confidence.  So thank you  Prudence.

I am taking the day off tomorrow to have birthday lunch out and hit the charity shops to treat myself to some new books, (like I really need more:) The excitement of random buy books, and charity shops are one of the places for random buys, is the excitement of never knowing what you will find.  A treasure, a good enough read, a disaster – the unknown.  Other people’s rejects are so often one’s own pleasures.  So fingers crossed.

 I may not have been writing novels/short stories this last month but my mind has been fermenting ideas and possibilities, so I am still walking alongside all my WIPs.

 Goals for next month are really housekeeping goals, clearing the decks before the JuNoWrMo  cahallenge I have signed up for.  Then, it will be head down, fingers flying again, with a 50,000 word challenge. The good thing about this one is there is no rule about coming with completely clean page.  It is a word count challenge.

 1)     Split Ancestors into two books The City’s Tale and The Outsider’s Tale – ‘tis an idea I have – might not work – may have to join them again – will see.

2)     Polish short stories, design a cover and get edits done for 1st Vol of Purple Turtle collection

3)     Catch up on my other blogs, book reviews, book challenge updates, world building and words.

4)     Catch up on networking, sadly neglected this last few weeks

5)     Finish Ellen trailer, and post it and Sefuty Chronicle one up on you-tube

6)     Update all the sites my publications are featured on

7)     Start writing to reviewers re – reviewing Chronicles and Patchwork

8)     Continue with walks – hit bad, painful needing pills, patch this week:(- include step, bike and rebounder into routine.

All small fiddly bits, but needing doing, will continue editing Blue Moons and making notes of where I need to enlarge and deepen in line with my new goal for it

So a good week and looking forward to this coming one.  I hope everyone has a reasonable week.  I should have more time to visit this week – all the best and keep smiling.

27 thoughts on “Thank you Prudence: alberta’s update

  1. I’ve got to hand it to anyone who does the A-Z challenge. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! Trying to finish my current WIP and that would have taken too much time.

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday. I’m gearing up for mine in a few weeks. Good luck on your fantastic goals.

    • alberta says:

      I took the month of from my WIP to do the challenge – last year I tried to do both and it was so hard! – I had a very good time on my day thank you:)

  2. Happy birthday doll! Go buy yourself some wonderful books and have fun. Good job with the a to z blog posts. Hard work. Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      enjoyed myself in the sunshine – ah the sun -had forgotten how beautiuful it looked – ’tis a shy creature came for my day but has vanished again!

  3. authormarieandrews says:

    WOW! Your list of accomplishments is HUGE – and you accomplish so much – I bow down to you :) Congrats on the wonderful review – always does a writer’s soul good. Enjoy your day off! It’s healthy to give ourselves a personal day. Mine was Saturday – oh so nice.
    Have a great rest of your week Alberta!

    • alberta says:

      Well the sun shone on my day – first time in weeks of rain:) I bought far too many books – wait is that possible? good time had:)

  4. Julie Glover says:

    Congrats on getting through the A to Z Challenge! Best wishes gearing up for JuNoWriMo! You’ve got a great list of goals.

  5. Juliana Haygert says:

    Tomorrow is your birthday? HAPPY B’DAY!
    You got lots done! And congrats on going through the A-Z challenge. I can’t imagine doing that lol

    • alberta says:

      Thanks – and look the sun is shining:) – please let it last the day – not had sun first thing in the morning for couple of weeks now – happy birthday sunshine

  6. Julia Indigo says:

    Congrats on the review, and being so productive! You are my inspiration!

  7. Isn’t it wonderful when you find out someone has reviewed something you wrote? I’ve had a few nice surprises like that, some that have made me cry because they were so nice. :)

    You deserve the day off. You’ve been doing so much, it’s time to take a little break, right? Good luck with all yours goals!

  8. Ryan King says:

    Great job on the A-Z Challenge. That’s a lot of blog words! Have a great week :)

  9. Gene Lempp says:

    Great update, Alberta – truly wonderful. Congrats on the good review from Prudence, she is a treasure is she not. Enjoy your day off and book hunting, I love doing the same thing and always slip into the bi-annual library clearance and other used books events in my area. Still have a stack of about 30 books in my TBR pile, but there is always room for more.

    Have a fantastic week :)

    • alberta says:

      Was so chuffed at Prudence’s review – def. happy feet moment:) just reading a random buy from Library clearance at moment – I suspect i enjoy my random buys more than reg. ones:) the mystery and anticipation – also of course bargains as well!! there is indeed always room for more – dont envy my executers one little bit when I get carted off – so many to be re-located:)

  10. What fabulous update Alberta! Way to go. Your plans for tomorrow sound lovely and well deserved. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week :)

    • alberta says:

      thank you kindly Raelyn – looking foward to a day off – and now that A-Z is over my imagination is spilling over – ideas pouring out in excitment so think next week will be pretty good – shouldn’t tempt providence like that should I:)

  11. Eden says:

    Your plans for tomorrow sound absolutely grand. YES! Definitely bring your “old lady trolley”… it would be terrible if you found you had to cut the trip short for lack of carrying space.

    And Alberta… I have to say (even though I did not comment often on them), I was enthralled by most of your A-Z posts. But like you said… SO MANY of them. I have to go back and catch up with so many of them. I;m glad you found the challenge inviting though. Your own posts made so many new connections…

    And wonderful to hear about Prudence’s review. It always great to know that the voice comes through even when you are unsure of yourself

    • alberta says:

      read your comment about trolley to my sister she thought it very amusing – shows a proper grasp of the importance of life as well I reckon:) thanks for the comments on A-Z – I cannot beleive it took me so long in life to find writing and the pleasure of putting word to page:)

  12. Jennette Marie Powell says:

    Sounds like you got tons done! And isn’t Prudence awesome? She surprised me like that, too – wonderful! Have a happy birthday and enjoy your day!

    • alberta says:

      thanks for dropping by – such a nice surprise isn’t it? thanks I will certainly try to enjoy – they have said it will stop raining tomorrow which will be a bonus!

  13. alberta says:

    hope there are so many I will need my old lady trolley:) my random buys are usually where I discover new authors, out of date authors, and new and or quirky non-fiction.
    thanks for the comments

  14. L.S. Engler says:

    I love reading updates like this, where so much is getting done and there’s a lot of excitement for the things ahead. You’ve been doing awesome, Alberta! Keep it up! You’ll have to share any really good finds at the charity shops when you get back from enjoying a little day off (those sorts of days are the best).

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