Racing,dancing, leaping over streams!

Well no sooner than the A-Z challenge finished then I was throwing myself into another challenge, tempted by other ROW’ers I might add.  Foolhardy, I kept berating myself – walk away – have a rest junomo is coming up in four weeks, take it easy, HAH! When do I ever? A short story a day.  Every day! There isn’t even, as in A-Z, a day off – the pressure is on – every day write a short story. Yeah. Well. Stupid. Idiotic.

 Actually I am, after the first week, of the opinion it was a good, nay great, move. I am finding it all things good.  Shaking off my research/ non fiction mode after a month of A-Z, not yet ready for the novel, junomo; I had intended to polish up the first four or five stories I had ready, for a first Vol of Purple Turtles and send them off to, friend from forever/editor and maybe work on a couple more.

Well I have, already, six fresh new sparkling stories and three more weeks to go:) and the extra bonus is, that because I am now firmly back into short story mode, I have spent the time polishing the others, and have now sent eight off to friend from forever/editor.  Second Vol. is started.

 I seem to work well with challenges, I spent most of my life never giving promises – I never do! Also, never committing to any resolve in public, because? Because I hate being seen as a failure.  If no-one knew I was going to try something, I could quit.

 Knowing this, when I decided to give up smoking, 25 years ago (really, that long?) I was a two and half pack a day girl, it was a serious ‘get a grip’ time, so I told everyone, in loud tones, then I knew I would do it.  I did.

 So with these writing challenges, starting with ROW80 last year, once I have signed up – I have to follow through, it’s a personal pride thing, I think.

 So thank you, all you tempters, my stock of short stories grows.  There will be editing and polishing still to do later but the stories are sound.  My imagination released from the non fiction bondage is racing, dancing and leaping over streams in excitement.  The only downside is the mental exhaustion at night while I try and herd new ideas back into sleep for a few hours:)

 Had a lovely time on my birthday and came back with 10 random book buys – what bliss.  And it was the first and only day it didn’t rain for four weeks, I have always found grey a colour that saps my mental sunshine and I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep depression at bay, if the real sunshine doesn’t arrive soon I shall hide under the duvet.  I kid you not.

Tomorrow, 7th May, I shall have a Red Carpet Guest Glynis Smy who was one of the first to befriend me up on cyberspace, she’s a lovely lady with an exciting new book launching. Please come and applaud her.

 So this last week:

 1)      6 new stories written eight polished and sent to friend from forever/editor

2)      Ellen’s Tale trailer, I think, is finished –wouldn’t mind some comment (haven’t worked out how to put it up here yet so it maybe Wednesday – but it is done:)

3)      An hour a day editing Blue Moons

4)      Put up an Insecure Writers blog.

5)      Been playing catch up on the network sites, nearly there.

6)      Begun plotting structure and incidents for NaNo – tis very complicated and may be asking for suggestions next week.

7)      Walking half an hour each day still, but on painkillers.  Have spent time researching my various health ills and am working out new food regime to see if I can help myself back to some semblance of health, All these pills are doing my head in:(

8)      Have read the required number of Terry Pratchett books, so one reading challenge is finished. Yay!

 For the coming week I suppose more of the same as regards short stories, editing, and planning. Catch up on network sites (well A-Z may take longer).

 There is a little more time in my day now- my sister’s second round of training is going so much better than the first.  Her confidence is almost back to pre training levels – so nice to see the sunny smiles back again.

 Hope everyone had a good week, and all the best for the next.

14 thoughts on “Racing,dancing, leaping over streams!

  1. Goodness me – you do thrive on challenges, don’t you? I don’t think I could do this either, unless I give up my FT job. Good luck, and am looking forward to reading these short stories.

  2. Julie Glover says:

    Wow, I am so impressed with your week! How fabulous to have all of those stories spilling out of your brain and your fingers. Enjoy the challenge. Best wishes!

  3. Juliana Haygert says:

    Gosh, you’ve been busy! Many accomplishments this past week! I hope this coming week is even better!

  4. Eden says:

    Whenever I read you posts I realize how much is possible, Alberta, and I know the answer is “a lot.

    I do know what you mean about being determined to “get it done”. Like you, I seldom make a “promises” except to myself. And when I do make something a “promise”…well, it MUST get done. The failure option only gets hauled out when everything else is exhausted.

    You’re doing great. Thanks for the dose of inspiration.

  5. Whew, I’m exhausted just reading your blog. A short stor a day? Wow. ic an’t even manage a blog a week. Gotta change my priorities I guess —- and retire from my M-F 9-5. You inspire me. Thank you,

  6. Julia Indigo says:

    I don’t know what’s more impressive – 6 new stories in a week, or quitting a 2 1/2 pack a day habit for 25 years!

    You are my hero!

    • KM Huber says:

      Ditto, Julia!

      Alberta, you bring a lot of light to a lot of us on cyberspace so next time grey threatens, just let us know, and we’ll come a runnin’.


      • alberta says:

        thats very kind – long way to come tho’ – it just makes the winter so long – I need blue skies – can take the cold if there are blue skies- just constant rain and. . . ah well – I am bigger than the colour grey – I will smile:) thanks

    • alberta says:

      I’m not sure either:) once I had made up my mind, giving up the smokes wasn’t as difficult as I thought – withdrawal, insects crawling under skin, that type of thing, for a couple of days. Couldn’t make a phone call for three months and couldn’t have a cup of coffee for about two years – my triggers!

      as to stories – imagination is just running riot at the moment tripping over craziness – whether can keep it up for rest of month remains to be seen:)

    • alberta says:

      Julia – keep trying to get my answer under your comment:( it’s not happening – so the disconnected one about withdrawal symptoms is your answer! sometimes I just know I will never get to understand this machine.

  7. Congrats on the progress you’ve made so far. I don’t know if I could keep up the pace of a story a day! Btw… did you get my message on goodreads?

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