It’s sunny-It’s sunny:) alberta’s happy

It’s sunny – it’s sunny – sorry to repeat myself but it’s sunny and that has been so rare for weeks and months.  The difference it makes to a simple soul such as I is a…maz…ing:)  I smile therefore I am, my mantra; trouble is, I don’t smile at grey skies, so what am I then?

1) I posted an appeal for opinions on the difference between love for friends, children, parents and partners, had one splendid answer but would still like to know your views. Have been struggling with a scene in Blue Moon where there is supposed to be an explanation of what love is – to chap who has never experienced it.

Help appreciated here please.

2) Anyway, not much of this past week has been mine to play in – my friend from forever/editor arrived for a week, and the only writing I managed to get done was a ‘story a day for May’, for the challenge – they are mostly long flash, but most with the potential to enlarge. Then there was a couple of longer 1500 words (I don’t consider them flash, (flash = 300 – or pos.500 at pinch).  I decided that for the ‘Write a short story a week for a year’ challenge I would concentrate on the longer pieces, try for one each week coming in at 2500 + – to that end I have produced 2 so far (rough draft).

3) Although only spent a couple of hours on the task this week, have been continuing, slowly, to edit what I have of Blue Moon.  Sketched in some extra scenes, and have gone back to basics and note sketched in some character depth + symbolism of events.  It’s shaping up quite nicely now, into the kind of book I always wanted it to be, all those decades ago.

4) Have also started planning a field trip to the location of much of Blue Moon – well a few days’ hols. really:)  I will be working honest.  The trip had to be put on hold because of the difficulties with my sisters training, but with fingers crossed and a lotta luck I should be able to sneak away in September. With friend from forever/editor coming up to care for my sister. So am having great fun working out exactly where I want to go.

5) Have decided on a cover for Purple Turtles Vol 1 – friend from forever/editor is going to see if she can get the necessary photos for me.

6) All notes on structure, incidents, characters time line etc ready and waiting for JuNoWrMo:)

7) Have finally, after a discussion with young friend of mine, worked out the structure of my creation myth for NaNoWrMo in November and I get to keep the three strands I always wanted to use:) talking it over with her on our hour long journey back from choir helped , and a suggestion of hers slotted in so neatly – singing seems to fizz up a brain in a wonderful way.

*This coming week hope to get more writing done, including some blogs, a book reviews.

*Try to get to end of this round of editing on Blue Moons clear the decks before June.

*And I need to spend a good amount of time catching up on network sites. Not done so well this past week.

Hope everyone has a good week and all the best for the coming one:)

15 thoughts on “It’s sunny-It’s sunny:) alberta’s happy

  1. KM Huber says:

    As always, glad to hear the sun shines through in all for you this past week. Sounds like a great week and a lot of progress, Alberta.
    Will add just a few words regarding love of children as one who helped raise two girls for eight years, as a bit of a different perspective. When one once loves a child and is involved in the day-to-day, it really is forever, an unbreakable bond, even if one or both parties should drift apart. It transforms, I think.


    P.S. Apologize for the tardiness of my response; am in turtle mode these days.

  2. That sunshine is so darned distracting, isn’t it? Ha! It’s been rain for days here….ugh! We need it, but dreary weather and I don’t get on.

    Love is such a complex thing. As you stated, there are many facets to love. To me, it boils down to ‘laying down your life for another’. Not merely in the extreme sense of dying for another person – although that is the ultimate sacrifice – but in the everyday, mundane things where it is so much harder to ‘see-the-forest-for-the-trees’. Accpeting a person in spite of their faults – giving up what I may want to satisfy the needs or wants of another. Setting aside time to go the extra mile. Ahem…I haven’t perfected this type of love in action…lol. Probably never will. But to think of others before I think of myself and to act accordingly – that’s love. Hope it helps!
    Good luck with writing and online presence this week, Alberta! Enjoy a bit of the beautiful sunshine, too. :}

    • alberta says:

      yes – forgoing what one wants for someone elses’ wants but when does that beocme being a door mat:) i agree don’t get me wrong but…- it’s in the everyday mudane things it gets harder to define I suspect -thanks for the input – I guess I had it all, even the kids part, but it has helped to clarify – and helps to know what others think – after all it is others who will,I hope, read Blue moons whenever I get it finished:)

  3. Julie Glover says:

    We’ve had a ton of sunshine that was disrupted by huge thunderstorms this weekend. The creeks are full, and I’m ready for some more Texas sun. Enjoy your weather!

    What a marvelous week! You have several projects going and seem to be balancing them well. Best wishes!

    • alberta says:

      thanks – Don’t enjoy thunderstorms as two of the animals are scared stiff of them:( some of Britians rivers have filled with the 6 weeks of rain but others are still needing more – after two or three dry winters many are in dire need. But we have had a week of mostly sunshine now, intespersed with showers, got drenched twice today but the sun keeps me going:)

  4. Fabulous update Alberta. Wishing you continued progress for the upcoming week!

    Ref: love
    Hmm…so different for each person. Heck, for each relationship. And ‘love’ is an inadequate word.

    As a mother, love is putting someone else before me. Their needs and well-being, yet is also a challenge as I try to raise them to be the best humans they can be. As a wife, love is being an equal partner. His needs and mine in balance, and being with the person who makes me strive to be a better person. As a friend, love is having someone’s back. There’s a quote that puts into words my friendship with my BFF: A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. As a daughter, love is roots and history. I’m recharged when I’m with my family, the comfort, the support, the unconditional love, and that I’m one more branch on a massive tree with roots in four countries.

    • alberta says:

      Thanks for ‘love’ answer – I like the friend quote. Why do we constrain love when all are so different – and I wasn’t even asking for the abstract – so large an emotion and such a measly word.

      However with all of the above there comes a time when putting their needs before yours occurs -not just with the children-this a common link?

  5. Juliana Haygert says:

    Yay for sunshine! And yay for doing well on your goals!
    I’m trying to get ready for JuNoWriMo too. I think I’ll start a week early since I think my first draft will pass 60k … let’s see.
    Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      I’ve been wondering whether to begin early – as this challenge isn’t like NaNo where it has to be a fresh start – have ideas bursting – seems a shame to curtail them .

      I’m glad I had the sense to cut back when I saw the way the training was going – this way I haven’t been stressed and there has been time to give proper surport.

  6. EM Castellan says:

    Yeah, a research trip! That sounds awesome :) You seem to have had a good week, I hope the next will be just as good. Also your #6 has reminded me that I need to get ready for JuNoWrMo… So much to do!

    • alberta says:

      and so little time:) the research trip is more like an excuse to wander salt marshes and nature reserves – long walks on amazing beaches, explore sand dunes and eat too much – but hey thats what my characters will be doing:) no one says research trips have to be boring

  7. You must’ve sent that rain across the pond ’cause that’s what’s here in Ohio now. But sounds like a good week – good job on the stories! Keep up the good work and have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      So sorry about the rain I do hope it moves on swiftly having filled all the resevoirs and ponds as it does:) everything to do with sunshine I have written below I send to you as well .

      I am so enjoying the short story challenge – ideas still flooding in – having the break from novel writing seems to have released them all.

  8. mrsbongle says:

    I’d almost forgotten what sunshine looked like! Well done on your progress!

    • alberta says:

      It’s yellow and warm, sparkles around everything, seeps into your very being and lifts you up, up, up, as high as an afghan kite. Flowers stand taller, younger cat ventures out into garden and older cat lolls on her back in the dusty leaves. You will recognize it by the fizz that walks hand in hand with it. Sending ‘hope the sunshine shines on you’ wishes to everyone who misses it:)

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