What madness afficts one?:( albertas check in

Some of my muscles have muscles:( and they are all screaming STOP ALREADY at me.

Because I have committed myself to serious exercise this year, for health as well as weight loss, I took possession this week of a contraption to turn my bike into a stationary beast.  That’s the plan.  To do this I had to clear a space somewhere in our small abode. Wouldn’t have a problem if we lived in the kind of house I have planned for my hero in Blue Moons!  We don’t.

 Had great idea – clear a space in the garden room (it’s a grand name for conservatory!). Great idea if the garden room wasn’t already full with furniture, loom, assorted boxes of fleeces and seedlings, awaiting warmer weather, and, of course, dozens, nay tens of dozens, of magazines/journals and books. A small bike could have been slipped in maybe, but mine is a grand affair, large and hefty – perfect for a large and hefty old lady – not so perfect for an over crowded room.

 Major re-jigging has gone on these past few days.  Various chairs, sofa etc have been moved here, there, and everywhere, as I have tried to fit all in.  There is a wonderful table with solid marble top, as stable as the mountain side it was carved from, but oh so heavy after it has been moved for the umpteenth time.  Deciding that this would be the ideal time to spring clean the room, take down curtains and wash them, and also to try to make it easier for my sister to negotiate, of course, just piled the agony on. What madness afflicts one periodically?

 Bar the shouting, re-hanging of curtains, and finding new homes for a couple of boxes of journals and books (that didn’t really belong there but had wandered out with my coffee cups over the months) it is finished and I have even accommodated the bike and rebounder – ’tis crowded but workable – all I have to do now is figure out how to work the quick release mechanism (quick release it doesn’t seem to be:(  In the meantime am moving like an arthritic zombie Ah well!

 So not so much done this week:

 1:  Blue Moon edits proceed apace and, with a mighty sweep of the red pen, I eliminated two bridging chapters which positively did not belong in this new version of my 20+year old story.  They had been my favourite scenes, all those years ago, and I have been resisting their removal. However, all was not lost, they are now two short stories! So many Yays there and the dust from dancing feet is making me cough:)  I do like a good recycle.

 2:  Couldn’t resist it, have written first chapter (in rough) of The City’s Tale for JuNo (we are allowed in this challenge) ’tis only a short chapter but it kept hammering at the door.

 3:  Finally managed to get Ellen’s Tale video up.  Not published yet as I’m not sure of it – would welcome some comment if anyone has the time. If you missed The Sefuty Chronicle video 1st time around it’s here .  all comment welcome.

 4:  Have kept up with the short story a day challenge and now have 20 short stories of varying lengths and credibility – obviously not all are worthy but am hopeful, over coming weeks, that even the bumpkins can acquire a little town polish:)

 For the one short story a week challenge three of above mentioned are longer stories approx 3000 – 4000 words and they do require a great deal of polishing.

5: Am reading The Writers Journey on Gene’s recommendation but so far not finding it as exciting as he did.  I keep thinking, well if one has read enough, all these points would be second nature, and all these characters are all around us doing what they do.  Had a think about my reaction and reckon it’s the analysis of each point that is making me impatient – I have never been good at dissecting words, my worst lessons back at school. So I will continue  this book and shut my inner critic up with sharp words.  I am now reading it as if it was a discourse on Folk/fairy/ legends stuff, not as a manual for writing and will, I hope, enjoy it more – am intending on getting the thousand faces book to read afterwards – all is not lost.

 Next week will be more of the same but as blogging has been a dismal failure this week I intend to get them up there.

 Hope everyone has had a good week and good luck with this coming week.

21 thoughts on “What madness afficts one?:( albertas check in

  1. Julie Glover says:

    I am also reading THE WRITER’S JOURNEY, although I’m not very far into it yet. And I face the same temptation with my story ideas: I tend to get a scene or plot idea and pen a first chapter, then walk away. That way I know where I was going with it, but I don’t get off track with whatever other project I’m working on. I return when I have time to flesh out the story. Great week, Alberta. Keep up the progress, and best wishes with the bike!

    • alberta says:

      Ah the bike saga continues to run:( on the plus side the sun is still shining (well not exactly at this minute as the witching hour races toward us!) all the curtains washed ironed and hung and gareneninf has commenced – TWJ progresses slowly and the short stories just keep on a coming:) still a happy bunny – thanks for the good wishes and I hope your week is good.

  2. Eden says:

    Oh… the Spring Cleaning Adventures… I can so relate. It would be cause enough to encourage me to move to a warmer climate just so I could avoid the concepts of “spring” and “cleaning” in the same sentence (and that’s saying something for an ice queen like myself).

    I love the tales of the “garden room” (funny thing is that I always considered conservatory the more exotic term, as garden room is used fairly often on this side of the Pond) renovation. We’re getting geared back up for kitchen renovations here. And though there’ll be more hammering and measuring, there will be a lot of furniture moving too.

    Sounds like you accomplished tons in your spare time there. So glad you were able to save your beloved scenes. It’s hard to give up our darlings. And getting some mileage out of them for short stories, especially for Story A Day month… YAYYYYY!

    Have a great week, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      garden room came about firstly because my sister cannot pronounce words such as conservatory easily due to her deafness – it always seemed a posh term for what is in effect just a glorified green house so I was very willing to use ‘garden room’ – to begin with when mum was still alive and we sat out there a lot (she loved the garden but not the chills at the end) it was just a nice sitting area – then gradually when the brightness affected my sisters eys and mum died and it was just me and i am the absolute opposite to posh – it began to fill with seedling, weaving stuff, fleeces and became quite def. a garden room lacking only the proper roof.

      I ‘spring clean’ only when absolutly necessary like now – hate with a passion anything to do with housework:( it does look nice after I will admit but the effort is just not worth while in my eyes, in a couple of weeks its just as untidy again) -I have to tidy because of my sister, my natural instincts is slut (thats slut in the useage of untidy, slovenly and lazy, I hasten to add:)
      all the best with your kitchen work

      • Eden says:

        I’m with you on the not doing housework… although I do have this “critical mass” thing when I suddenly feel obligated to clean.

        I do hope that you find the new arrangement working out well for you, Alberta. >HUGS<

  3. Kat Morrisey says:

    Great job on your progress this week! Any progress is good progress in my opinion. :) And yay for spring cleaning. I am working on cleaning up my enclosed front porch to make it a place to write this summer. I love it out there, but it’s a disaster and stuffed full of…well, stuff! Hope you have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      Ah stuff!! the bane of my life – I know what you mean:( it seems to multiply in the darkness and overflow every nook – best of luck and happy writing when you get there:)

  4. Gene Lempp says:

    Actually, reading Writer’s Journey as a discourse is a wise idea – I did the same. It isn’t a craft book, per see, but a book on the machine behind the craft – the elemental power, so to speak. By the way, if you get Campbell’s book, be warned that it is a much heavier read and yes, I’ve read it.

    Love the story of your bike adventure. Hope it works out. Have a fantastic week, Alberta :)

    • alberta says:

      oh it wasn’t the heaviness of the read – TWJ isn’t heavy at all – now I am reading it as a book about folk tales etc am enjoying much more – it was the expectations that floored me there for a while:( I think the thousand faces will be interesting – I know you have read it – that is what alerted me to the book – again you seemed to think it worthwhile read and I do have a healthy respect for your opinions:) But shh, dont let you know- don’t want you getting big-headed:)
      I need some magic dust on the quick release thingy – thanks for coming around

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    You are keeping busy. I’m jealous of the spring cleaning. I’ll admit I have done none this year, total bummer. Looking forward to hearing how the bike turns out, I’ve got my fingers crossed for ya. Love all the writing. Short stories are keeping the words flowing, which is a beautiful thing. Here’s to a great week, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      wordpress I have discovered eats some of my replys!:( so here again is an answer – do you actually like spring cleaning?!!! it seems a very strange liking to me – I never imagine anyone being envious for what seems to me an intrusion into the true meaning of life – ignoring housework:) – has to be done I suppose – have moved on to almost working out this blessed bike thingy – grr why can’t people write instructions that actually make sense! thanks for encouragement and hope your week goes well

      • S. J. Maylee says:

        No I don’t like spring cleaning, but I like when it is all done and things are clean & I’ve gotten rid of things I no longer need. I would like to have a spring cleaning fairy :)

      • alberta says:

        Ah wouldn’t we all – one that clears just what we want however crazy our choices for keeping may be:)

  6. I’m laughing out loud at your rendition of ‘stuffing-just-one-more-thing-into-an-already-taxed-room. Just great! Looking forward to that website, too! Congrats on editing progress. It can be a chore at times. Deciding what stays and what goes…Arrggh. Lunacy at times. Ha! Best of luck as you exercise on that ‘contraption’ you’ve muscled into your conservatory!

    • alberta says:

      Always pleased to hear laughter – I have to confess to a few hysterical moments as younger cat and new guide dog did their best to assist! we will prob have a heatwave now and render the garden room to hot to cycle except in the wee small hours – when all old ladies should be in bed:)

      thanks for dropping by

  7. EM Castellan says:

    Happy to hear your self-editing process is going well! And I’m right there with you about JuNoWriMo, I have to resist actually writing the story I have planned… Have a great week and happy writing/editing!

    • alberta says:

      Um thats the problem with NaNo proper – the rules – quite liked this one just has word count not a complete new start. I wont get much done before hand tho’ – a story a day is taking most of my writing time:)

  8. Juliana Haygert says:

    One story a day still boggles my mind …
    And I hear ya about starting the new story. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold on till June too lol
    You’re doing so well! Keep it up ;)

    • alberta says:

      It is an effort some days – that’s why they will need some work on them:) but having the framework is good the story is there and in my head so subconciously now imagination is feeding them – when I’m ready to polish hopefully little miracles will occur:) thanks for encouragement

  9. Sounds like you got a lot done, despite the furniture moving! And congrats on killing your darlings – then saving them for short stories! I read the Writer’s Journey years ago, and frankly, it didn’t do much for me. In fact, it got me bogged down in boring ordinary-world beginnings that set me back, if anything. But when I looked over my work later (and this is after I gave up on TWJ), I saw that my work still had all of the elements. You’re right, it’s one of those things I think most writers do instinctively. Just laid out the way it was in the book didn’t help me – so don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      cyberspace is an unpredictable beast somedays – I wrote a long answer and hit the button – but it seems to have gone AWOL:( anyway to try again – I’m pleased I’m not the only one with the book – was beginning to think I was missing something up top! – Gene obviously enjoyed it so much I wanted to as well but there you go.
      Thanks for good wishes and all the best for your week also.

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