alberta’s triathlon!

Those of you ROW’ers who have followed my very halting progress to fitness, will have gathered I am not that enamoured with exercise per se – however in an attempt to kick this rapidly ageing carcass into shape, I have declared 2012, a year of really, really trying to shift the weight, strengthen the muscles and fit into an entire wardrobe of smaller sizes.  You will have probably realized also that I am basically lazy, enjoy the great indoors, grossly overweight and with a whole back story of accidents and ailments behind me, which serve to make the task even harder.

 I have a dog to walk now, so for the first time in years, I have to go out every day:( the ankles are improving and I have been at least 2 weeks without painkillers on these walks, so that’s a plus.  I reported last check in I had brought a contraption to turn my splendid, if redundant cycle, into a stationary bike.  Turns out the quick release lever didn’t actually have to be released (just as well I didn’t take a wrench to it then!) And please, can any one explain why instructions have to be so difficult – would novelists be able to explain better? Putting the contraption together has proved more energetic possibly than riding the damn thing!  However, it is up now and just needs the tyres pumped up.

 So, because on ROW 80 we can redefine our goals, I am now saying that I have invented my own triathlon!

 I’ll give you a couple of seconds to compose yourself…. Enough of the laughter now ….. Listen to me – a triathlon is a multi sport event which has three continuous ‘endurance’ events.  Note the word ‘endurance’.  What is a quick cycle to the post box at the end of the road for some, is an enormous, and at the moment impossible feat, for moi = endurance – will take weeks if not months to manage that.

 There are no fixed distances in triathlon, they vary depending on which type of athletes they are trying to attract – phew – variation rules in this sport – no fixed sports required either; although the usual is swimming, running , cycling it does not have to be and hasn’t always been.

 A triathlon is an individual affair, each is competing against the clock and the course for the best time, and on the whole it is used to improve and/or maintain fitness levels. Voila:)  ‘Tis made for me.

 My triathlon will be cycling, followed by walking, followed by either (depending on the weather) a good stint in the garden or on the step machine. They must be continuous I understand that, the only rule I am going to break is the wearing of my crash helmet whilst on the bike – as the machine is now in a fixed position I feel this health and safety aspect could be ignored. The length of time and distance I hope will grow longer over the next few months, but, being kind to my arthritic knees, I shall be putting in some pathetic times.

  I will not be shamed, I will stand proud and I will be as exhausted and the end of each day as those super fit triathlon competitors:)

 I have done no writing to report on, apart from three short stories, since Sunday because the sun is shining and I am desperately attempting to play catch up in the garden.  But everyone says writing is better, easier and more fruitful if the body and mind is healthy so this fitness stuff is part of my master plan to achieve a blue plaque on the door.  So wish me luck everyone, I will need all the cheering you can muster.

 Tomorrow morning I begin. Now I must go see if I can find the bicycle pump.

 All the best to every one.

16 thoughts on “alberta’s triathlon!

  1. Rebecca Emin says:

    Good for you, Alberta, I think you will feel better for this exercise! It’s also good to get fresh air when you can so great idea getting a dog!

    • alberta says:

      Well I didn’t actually get a dog (I’m a cat person:) it is my sister’s retired guide dog – she’s not allowed to walk her now she’s retired, if I didn’t she would have to re-homed which even a cat person such as I could not do! But I do need the fresh air – I love being inside doing inside type things that if I’m not careful I only get out to tend the garden!

  2. Lee McAulay says:

    Good luck with the fitness thing. Whether or not your mind is sharper after exercise, you’ll feel more positive for doing it – and remember that it is hard work. As one of my former colleagues was told by her personal trainer – “Of course you have no muscles, you sit behind a desk all day!”
    Same with writing, mostly. Keep track of your achievements. Put them on a spreadsheet, so you can note down each day your time, or distance, or word count, and have a goal for the year.
    Oh, and it’s boring. I always spend most of my time during exercise thinking of the interesting things I could be doing instead… :-)

    • alberta says:

      well am hoping for sharper brain – but that maybe impossible dream:( I have great thoughts when walking ot I listen to some podcast that feed the imagination – am planning on reading while on the bike – as I do with the step machine – the boredom would stop me in my tracks otherwise:) thanks for encouragment

  3. Julie Glover says:

    Best wishes with your triathalon! Sounds great. I do find myself more focused when I regularly exercise. Have a great week, Alberta!

  4. Myndi stray sock away from insanity. says:

    Love your customized tri! I think it’s great. Drive in the gears you’ve got!

    • alberta says:

      thanks – I was contemplating it as I walked old dog through the woods – as the summer approaches everything needs to be done in the morning – dog suffers in heat, gardening best in early morning, byke certainly best in early morning – seemed to me I would be doing all three before breakfast when the heat really kicks in so ta da my triathlon was born:)

  5. Congratulations on taking on the challenge.
    When I first got my dog he loved to walk so much that I lost 11 ponds. Now he just wants to sleep and so I have to go to the gym.
    Regarding your comment about instructions being so difficult to read and the question of a novelist doing a better job. I lived in Silicon Valley in the 80’s before technical writing had become an established career. Several of my English major friends were pioneers in the field since computer companies saw the problems with relying on engineers to express themselves in writing; (writing that made sense, that is,) Unfortunately I have no mechanical aptitude so I didn’t even think about it.

    • alberta says:

      well I don’t think any english majors had a hand in this set of instructions:( but I got there after a certain amount of language that would have had my mother tutting:)

  6. Tia Bach says:

    Kudos to you. I love your tri idea. I love swimming, but only in a pool… my version would be swim, a singles match of tennis, and a five mile run. Guess I should swim last, come to think of it.

    I hope you’ll keep us updated on your progress. Hugs and best wishes!

    • alberta says:

      won’t take long to update the first few times – 2min bike – 20 mon walk 50 min garden:) but I will suceed in bettering my time – one day!

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