All about sunshine:)

Well writing has not been on the agenda much this week – it has been all about the sunshine. After the start to the year, that UK has had, anyone with a garden would have had to put it first, or high on the agenda.  Even if one was a gardener who didn’t mind the cold winds and rain, there is little one can usefully do until everything dries a little.  I am not one of those, I am a fair weather gardener.  My garden, however, is very much a British garden.

 It’s all – ‘Come on chaps, are we going to let a little rain stop us? Cold? You youngsters don’t know what cold is, why my grandfather used to tell me tales of the 47 winter that would make your roots curl!’

 Huh – while I have been missing, it has romped away.

This is supposed to be a raspberry patch with strawberry underplanting! ‘Tis pretty tho’

So as part of Alberta’s triathlon, gardening has been playing an extreme role. It has been cardiovascular – arms above ahead (loping trees), muscle building – tug of war stuff (perennial roots) salsa like – as I have danced around trying to detangle myself from wild roses and certainly bending and stretching has figured, as I have sanded and repainted the woodwork on outside of garden room, and bedroom windows (south facing it’s an annual job) all before breakfast! – its only a step to the bike set up.

 Well, it took some doing but I can now cycle for a minute each day!  Had to go back to shop, get very basic instructions as to how these things worked.  Took a couple of hours, but then there was a snag, isn’t there always?  ‘Tis a big bike, with befits my frame, and back in the days when I rode it out on the roads, I would tilt it to one side to mount it – no longer is this possible – it does not tilt:) The idea is to increase mobility and strength into my arthritic knees –they do not move easily in any direction, let alone upwards and over:)

 So, with the aid of a concrete plinth from the garden and a wooden footstool on top of that, I clamber aboard.  To dismount, I have pulled the marble topped table close enough  so that I can lean on it, to slither down, carefully to the footstool then the plinth then the ground.  It takes longer to get on and off than I can actually manage to exercise!  But hey, Heath Robinson eat your heart out:)  2 of the A’s-tri.  The dog walk in the sunshine is almost a pleasure in contrast.

 So apart from grappling with nature what have I achieved this week

 1    I have prepared but not uplifted (yet) 6 blogs for my 4 blog sites.

2    Found some great pictures for new trailer for Storyteller

3    Begun working on the music of Storyteller trailer (am not sure I am on right track with these trailers- so if anyone can spare the time to see Ellen’s Tale and leave comment

4    Am completely ready to go for Juno next week

5    Have kept up with story a day, but has been an effort some days

6    Researched places to stay for research trip in September and almost ready to book

7   Dismal failure on networking, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn etc sorry everyone (but did manage to visit 31 ROW’ers last Sunday/Monday before the week begun, and just about kept up with Triberr)

8   Continuing with reading TWJ – and have begun Game of Thrones (not into yet)

 Next week I must get well ahead on blogs before JuNo begins at end of week – ditto the networking.   JuNo complicated a bit as have guests staying over the Bank Holiday so might not be able to get ahead on word count – will see – if weather remains nice they will be off to the sea:)

Hope everyone has had a good week and all the best for coming one.

14 thoughts on “All about sunshine:)

  1. Your descriptions of gardening (salsa-like – Ha! Too great!) make me smile. I’ll never view my gardening-movements quite the same, Alberta. Lovely pics.

  2. Your garden’s lovely! And good job taking those baby steps on the bike – that’s the way to get it done! Enjoy your sunshine – don’t blame you a bit there – and have a great week!

  3. S. J. Maylee says:

    Your garden is lovely, Alberta!! I love to garden, spent all weekend in mine. I’m going to post some pics next Sunday. Yeah for the bike and your persistence. Enjoy the rest of the week!!

    • alberta says:

      look forward to seeing them – couldn’t do without a garden of some sort but with temps soaring ever skyward and a hoespipe ban in force my dailyexercise is rapidly becoming carting watering cans around to make sure the fruit trees don’t go without – at least all my tanks are full to brimming after all the rain – what a funny old year this is turning out to be:)

      • S. J. Maylee says:

        hoespipe? Is that like our water hoses? I know what you mean, all weekend I was carting around water struggling to keep all my plants happy. I’ve been meaning to start collecting water, thanks for putting that back in my head. We are getting a break here starting tomorrow, temps are going back into the high 60s :)

      • alberta says:

        sounds like it – they put most of UK on hosepipe ban earlier in the year – the week it bagan to rain every day!! – but despite a month of rain our resevoirs and underground water supplies are low and streams still to dry – we have had three very dry winters in a row and thats when trad the UK gets its rain – I had an underground tank put in when we built this house which collects rainwater from the roof and over the years have put in 13 rain butts but it still comes down to shifting it all by watering can:) apparently I could switch my hosepipe on as the underground tank is rainwater but with a £1000 fine if found useing one and neighbours all around who could report (them not knowing I can) the palaver of expection and appeals is not worth the hassle:)

  4. Jenny Hansen says:

    I’m looking forward to joining you in some of those sprints, Juliana! Alberta, I have tons of energy but you make me look like a slacker. I adore your garden!

    Looking forward to more photos as the summer progresses. :-)

    • alberta says:

      Am treating myself to a camera – this is borrowed – so hopefully I will have some more – I wouod like to try a sprint but not sure what it entails – didnt know you were doing Juno as well – look foward to seeing you there

  5. I still don’t know how you do everything. Just the story a day sounds impossible, let alone your other accomplishments.
    On another note, ,I spent this morning taming one end of my own free-flowing green world.. I lived in London for a while in the ’70’s and al- ways loved English gardens. I am now in New York and have been in my home for 13 years. My goal has always been to create an English garden and I’m validated by seeing your photo. It looks just like the section I worked on this morning. Your raspberries are as aggressive as my blackberries.

    • alberta says:

      well of course I have a liking for the free flowing type of english garden – as you can see – not so keen on english formal but not so keen on anything in life formal:) when I first looked at buiding site that was left after the house builders left our plot- I was determined to have lush, fragrant and floppy and now after ten years i have it almost how I pictured it:) I hope yours grows in the english spirit:)

  6. Juliana Haygert says:

    You have 4 blogs? Wow, that must not be easy to keep up with lol
    Yay for JuNoWriMo! Hopefully, you’ll be able to join me for a few sprints ;)
    Doing great!
    Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      I have never done a sprint before – how do they work? –

      the blogs just multiplied because i dart from subject to subject – no focus – me! I started with kiss afrog and blogged about everything , my hobbies, writing, publishing the books, got muddled so started sefutychronicles just about my books and writing but that clogged up with challenges and comps. and the sefuty chronicles got lost so began this word press one this year for wriitng keeping the other two for hobbies and sefuty chronicles. then as i joined so many reading challenges and was determined to get more reading this year began alberta reads – but I dont blog every week on them all

      its one of my goals that iwill manage at least two of them every week not quite got there yet:)

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