The fun part -alberta’s check in

Very short report today.  We have guest for the long bank holiday and time for writing down to a minimum.  After glorious sunshine for the past week it, the weather has decided in true British fashion to rain (again) on the Queens Jubilee.  So the sight of 1,000 boats rowing, paddling, steaming and sailing down the River Thames will be viewed through wet old rain – well it was the same on her Coronation Day, so no surprise there, but it does seem a shame.  The dog is dried from a sog-making walk in the park.  Hot coffee has been consumed by all.  I dash this off before lunch is needed.

This week

In my life goals

I finished sanding and repainting the exterior woodwork on the house, as it was so hot this had to be done at silly o’clock! But it is done and just before the rain returned – Yay, one to strike off my list:)

Exercise goals

Well Alberta’s triathlon proceeds slowly. I can only manage 2 mins on bike before knees are so painful I need to cease, the dog walking seems to be stuck at 30 mins, has been for a few weeks now – annoying I can’t seem to move it on. The gardening/step machine – it has been gardening this last week, with bending and stretching for the painting, tug of war still, with perennial weeds in wild garden and sweeping and cleaning contributing all round workouts.  Now it’s raining again and will be from all reports for another week I will be transferring to the step machine.

The fun part

This last month I have been in the short story -1 a day in May challenge and although quite a few  I wrote would need a head transplant to make them workable I have now 31 new short stories:) so very pleased with that

June 1st started writing the City’s Tale for JuNoWrMo challenge.  50,000 words in the month and so far have exceeded each day’s goals.  I have a mass of ideas but, with visitors here, I can only really carve out a couple of hours for myself so will try and write 2,500 a day and, maybe, sprint higher word counts at end of week, when they have gone.  Pleased with the shape the story is taking. It is the 4th of the Sefuty Chronicles.

This month I want to

Keep up with JuNo and get the bulk of this Tale down.

Post more on blog sites.

Increase my networking efforts

Revamp trailer for Ellen’s Tale and begin Storyteller’s video.

I hope everyone is doing well and all the best for coming week.


8 thoughts on “The fun part -alberta’s check in

  1. KM Huber says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog, no matter the subject because you just love life, and you see it through. As a writer, I am always inspired by your productivity; as a human, I can only aspire. Thought of you during the Diamond Jubilee celebration. This Yank was waving the Union Jack!


    • alberta says:

      Yay for the Union jack – although I don’t actually approve of flags!! there now i have unleashed a torrent of abuse – but I hasten to add you won’t find a more loyal Brit anywhere:) it was a great celebration and so British in that the street parties were still held in the rain and chill of our typical summer weather:( now the one to aspire to is LIzzie herself there she was in her 80s in the cold and rain smiling and standing for hours and hours- the celebration events went on for days and there she was smiling – her husband in hosp but there she was greeting the celebs – did she enjoy the rock concert who knows but she greeted every celeb with what seemed like genuine smiles – she must have been bushed – shes my inspiration of the year:)

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    All those new stories are like a gold mine! Fantastic Alberta! A fine balance between celebrating life and working it, you are so in it and it makes me smile. Happy Jubilee. Hope you have a lovely week.

    • alberta says:

      I am looking foward to the polishing of them I must confess – the river pageant was great and today the sun is out so not a total wash out for the Queen – all the beacons are being lit tonight – organisation yesterday with the boats and the thousands of crowds lining the banks very impressive – wish i could run this desk with just a smidge of it:)

  3. Thirty-one new stories?!? That’s amazing! Is this an annual thing? I’ll have to participate next year. :)
    Good luck with the rest of the round!

    • alberta says:

      I only found out about it this year right at last moment but I think it was the second year or maybe more :) their are some great prompts given each day and lots of encouragement – some post their stories each day (I didn’t) – it was great fun and knowing it had to be done each day really kept me going – great motivation:)

  4. Juliana Haygert says:

    Short and sweet!
    You’re doing great! Hope you’ll kick JuNo’s @$$ ;)
    Have a great week!

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