Pink moon, sweet blood:alberta’s check in

My visitors left on Wednesday afternoon, after a five day stint here.  With their help, a great deal was achieved in the garden.  The wild patch is almost clear and those pesky muscles on muscles no longer ache, so I guess I’m fitter now than a few weeks ago:)

 I got angsty with my wildlife, again! Always having to give the creatures a talking too, this time the winged variety.  When I agreed to share my space with them and it was a genuine offer, I didn’t actually mean I was to be part of their mealtimes.  Every mosquito in the garden must have sampled my blood this week.  I wonder how many thousand I have helped nourish over my lifetime? Still, I suppose it’s an indication that one of my life forces is  still sweet and rich:)

 I took the rest of Wednesday off and read. I had started Game of Thrones a couple of weeks ago and read about a hundred pages before I wandered back to my machine.  So I settled down to give it another go.  ‘Tis a mammoth read.  My dentist’s nurse lent me this book and its sequel, way back last year.

 Then I couldn’t find them. They come in at 800 +pages each, how could they go missing?  I checked that she had lent them to me. Yes. So, okay I know there are many thousand books in my abode but they are mostly upstairs; books TBR stay downstairs until they are read.  But these two had gone AWOL big time.  So I wandered into town couple of weeks ago to buy her new copies.  But before I visit the dentist again in another month I was determined to read them.  After all they had cost me:(

 Why had I put it off for so long, why the resistance to reading them?  The size doesn’t bother me.  Sometimes, one just decides something isn’t for them, for no apparent reason; maybe the moon is pink that day.  Anyway, I proved that moon wrong, I thought it a great read.  I gave it my undivided attention for six hours, finishing it in one session.  Was hooked, well and truly. I have had to hide the second until I have read my readers group selection, due this Tuesday! But will be back for the second, hopefully next weekend.

 In the meantime this week:

 1)   I have kept up with JuNo, even while my visitors were here and last night (Sat) my word count stood at 20,216  Very happy with that – 9 days into the challenge:)

 2)   Posted my Insecure Writers blog on Wednesday but no other blogs, so not good.

3)   Am hopelessly behind on networking – have caught up on Triberr – apologies everyone on the lateness of some of the tweets, but got them all up there:)

4)   Done some more editing on Blue Moon and have found a few more points I have to research (and there I was thinking I’d done most of it!)

5)   Wrote a short story, for a workshop I am doing on twisting fairy tales – it will be my short story this week for ‘one a week challenge’.  I think it might well be almost polished enough for collection, have sent to friend from forever/editor for correcting and hopefully approval.

6)   Read Game of Thrones and a book on the history of weapons for the August boot camp NaNo.

7)   Still exercising, sort of:) – have done the research and have drawn up new life style plan, in hopes the right food and exercise will alleviate some of my health probs. If not, ah well (shrug) ‘tis life.  I do feel livelier these last couple of weeks but that might be the glimpses of blue sky/ sunshine and the effects of fresh air not the changes I am making – who knows what works?

Next week – more of the same I guess

* JuNo each day

* Must put up some blogs on other sites

* Must catch up on networks

* A new short story for challenge

* Continue editing Blue Moon

* Read some more of TBR pile for my reading challenges- will get behind otherwise

Hope everyone’s week has been satisfactory and all the best for coming week


19 thoughts on “Pink moon, sweet blood:alberta’s check in

  1. deniz says:

    Ooh, you wrote a short story! That sounds like a good accomplishment to me. I find them difficult.
    I’ve been avoiding reading Game of Thrones because I know it would take up all my time to the exclusion of everything on my to do list…

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    I have not read games of thrones yet, but have watched a couple of the HBO episodes. I love it and hate it. I’m so glad you’ve been feeling better!! Let me know how your winged variety take your talk, I think it’s time for me to do the same, lol. Keep it up Alberta, you’re doing great!

    • alberta says:

      In my experience of my wildlife neighbours they will say ‘whatever’ and carry on regardless:( I even get the feeling sometimes my cats do the same, although they do put up a pretence of listening) drastic action needed – I suspect they think they are justified because it is me that disturbs their lives but hey it’s actually my garden there were no ponds for them ’till I came along, no lush vegetation – bear that in mind, I tell them – so unreasonable!

  3. Oh, I love the Game of Thrones! GRRM was one of our instructors at Clarion West, and he was very influential in the way I tackled my retelling of the Tristan and Isolde legend. All the politics! Diverse cultures! A real world! Complex characters!

    Good luck with your goals and have a great week. :)

  4. You’re doing fabulously Alberta! I have heard nothing but awesome things about the Game of Thrones series, have thoroughly enjoyed the few episodes I’ve caught on HBO, but have yet to pick up and read the books. Really must do that.

    I can completely relate to the mosquito situation, LOL. If there is a mosquito with in a mile of me, it WILL find me. I guess that gives me a great reason to love living in the desert…it is a rare, rare day we cross paths!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    • alberta says:

      Not everyone likes it – and it is full of stuff – memory has to work overtime to keep all the characters and events/history/legends together – but thats what keeps our brains young isn’t it:) lucky you on both the desert and the mosquitos.

  5. KM Huber says:

    I know those times when the moon is pink. I suspect that acknowledging the pink allows us to return another time or it has always seemed to me, especially with reading.

    As for foods that have helped me, the green leafy veggies and as little sugar as possible work fairly quick wonders with weight for me, and this without exercise. As you know, I can on and on but I’ll keep this one brief.

    Have a great week, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      working on the sugar bit – hard – ’tis not as if i consume that much extra I do eat a lot of fruit but its the stuff in the tea and coffee:( greeens always since a child have been favs. with me. I think I eat the right things but maybe not enough as I keep cutting stuff out in the hopes something will happen so am aiming at 1250 cals a day every day – it’s hard to get that high sometimes but body thinks its a famine! but am adding food to boost immune system and aid digestion, I think its just too many antibiotics, pain killers, operations and illness’es that has done it and stress ah that was the crown of thorns:)

  6. Alberta, you have the best blog titles! I guess it’s a good thing vampires only exist in fiction, or they’d be after you, too?

    Yay for your progress in working out/the garden! Always a good sign when the pain goes away. I read Game of Thrones a few years ago – loved it! – but it took me a month to read! I still haven’t picked up the second one.

    • alberta says:

      want to read the second soon because I think I will lose the thread – so many characters so much going on – my memory doesnt improve with age:) I quite liked that title have to say and started up a train of thought for a short story – so you never know:)

  7. Juliana Haygert says:

    I haven’t read GoT yet but it’s been on my TBR pile … I’ll get there someday ;)
    So glad you’re doing great with JuNo!! You word count is amazing! Keep it up!
    And missing out on social media is not a big deal. We all have more important things to care about ;)
    Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      Am enjoying JuNo it’s great to be writing about old friends although I have a new generation come to adulthood in this one – havent done anything too nasty to them yet:)

      will do catch up on networking – have a cou[ple of blogs drafted now and some plans for twitter so fingers crossed life isn’t too busy this week

  8. Arrgh. I just tried to leave a comment…well, here goes again! Ha.

    Game of Thrones is on my TBR pile. It has been highly recommended, but I’ve been warned it is an involved read. I’m hoping to get to it over the summer months. I’m laughing, but not too hard, as I thought I was the only person who could manage to lose books in my own house.

    Mosquitos are the bane of my existence, they love my blood, too! It must be genetic, as they tear into my dad with malevolent glee also. Some of my kids, too. But my hubby…they barely take a sip from him! I have to keep Cutter around to prevent their excessive drinking at bay.

    Here’s to editing Blue Moon – gardening – muscles that aren’t sore anymore – and getting those posts up you want.

    • alberta says:

      We have the satisfaction we are nuturing them – after all I’m sure they must be useful in the grand schemme of things? not sure for what yet! I think it is genetic because others can sit in the same space as me and not have a bother or if they get a wee bite it just goes – mine errupt into scary red rings and lumps of evilness:( Does your cutter work none of ours do – Once in Finland up in the Artic Circle which is fearsome in the summer for its mosies I used the local one and it was really good – but they needed it their mosquitos had teeth as big as any crocs- any part not covered they would find – actually only time in my life I wasnt envious of the fellows (we were camping and so trees/shrubs behind of was often on the menu – they got massacered:) us girls ducked down demurley in our long (fasionable) skirts.

  9. Gloria Weber says:

    My husband read Game of Thrones and all but the newest in the series. He really enjoyed them. I have enough in my reading pile, so I’m not willing to touch it. Though I did enjoy the first season of the show. It was quite awesome.

    You have a lot on your plate. You did awesome this week managing it all. Hope next week treats you just as kindly.

    • alberta says:

      thank you for best wishes – having spent another sunny afternoon in the garden am feeling ready for the week:)this old lady needs sunshine to fly:)

  10. Hah, I hate it when books I’ve borrowed suddenly go missing! But I’m glad to see that you are working through Game of Thrones. GRRM’s books are pretty lengthy, but they are well worth it, the first couple of books in the series especially.

    Hope you have a great week, Alberta!

    • alberta says:

      me too which is why I have replaced them – I rarely lend now unless I know the person really well – I was expecting the lost books to turn up when I returned from the book shop with the new ones:) but they havent yet – they must be here somewhere so one day I will posses them:)

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