Ellen on walkabout and car park inspiration

Well I continue to make good progress with the 4th of The Sefuty Chronicles. So for all who haven’t started this journey into the trashed world of post Climate Wars.  Those who haven’t yet fallen for Ellen and Bix, I have sent Ellen on her own new journey.  I was going to start another book tour this year but life is intervening with malicious little giggles, so have put that idea on hold for a while.  In the meantime am sending

 Ellen’s Tale: being the first of The Sefuty Chronicles

 out for a fortnight at a reduced price.  To begin strangers on their journey into the Chronicles.

 Until June 30th Ellen’s Tale  is available at http://bit.ly/ebKWtW  for $1.99using the codeYU63E at the checkout.

This is smashwords and they have the Tale in all electronic formats. Nook, Sony, Kindle, computer  and more.

This week:

Writing the fourth in the series with the aid of the madness of  JuNoWrMo, I am hopeful of catching up on the missed months of writing.  Maybe it will still see the light of day by the end of the year:) 30,000 by the weekend with luck:)

Was a bit overwhelmed at being named writer of the day with 70,000 words. Yay I’m a machine:) Well 70,000 in 9 days let alone 1 day would have been magical!  However, I had to tell them their machine had had a senior moment with it’s adding – shame, I have never been writer of the day before:(

In the meantime with the aide of a twisted fairy tale workshop I am taking, I have written this week’s short, for the short story a week challenge. I am having such fun with these; I’m seriously considering having one slim volume of magic, in e-book format first, before the Purple Turtles.

Was a bit stumped for an ending of the fairy story and then blow me down if inspiration didn’t strike as I was pushing a trolley across the supermarket car park.  What?  It’s a bit scary really what one’s brain is up to back there, when you’re thinking of other things. Like negotiating stupid drivers concerned only with their paintwork: (

The Sefuty Chronicles video is up on YouTube.  Still struggling with the Ellen’s Tale one – there is just something missing or wrong with it and I can’t figure what, so have launched Sefuty anyway.

Have got a blog on random book buying and tomorrow a rebuttal of accusations of naivety! I put Ellen’s offer up on Sefuty Chronicle blog – so am doing much better this week on blogging.

I am struggling with getting triberr to recognise my Sefuty blog, on a new tribe I belong to, which is for promoting our work. It drives me to distraction, triberr does.  Bones? No one knows where they are.  Recognising blogs? No.  So frustrating when it is designed to save time:)

While I have been allowing Blue Moons to percolate slowly into a richer brew, I have been pondering how to best present the characters, and show the effect one has on all the others.  Idle chat over coffee with a friend of mine about our favourite books has, I think provided the answer.  So next book TBR is the Alexandra Quartet.  Will report back next round if it has solved my problems

On a lighter note we should be due at least three months of sunshine now. Tomorrow most of the hosepipe bans will be lifted here, in England anyway.  When the bans were put on the country immediately went into a three month orgy of rainfall! So taking them off should have the opposite effect-yes?

All the best everyone.


4 thoughts on “Ellen on walkabout and car park inspiration

  1. Tia Bach says:

    Just downloaded Ellen’s Tale. So excited to read it and begin my journey. I wish I could convey my excitement here, but imagine me jumping up and down with a HUGE smile on my face. ;-)

  2. 30,000 words by the weekend. Amazing. Keep going. :) :)

    • alberta says:

      got to my 50,000 rekon I am about half way through the Ancestor’s Tale – so have caught up with my missing weeks of writing earlier in the year :) happy me and thanks for encouragment:)

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