Field trip,public houses and fun

Well, I have had such a nice week, despite it being a little too busy – writing having to take back seat.  The best was yesterday, when I went down to Norfolk for a few hours in the evening, to catch the moods of that part of the coast, in the early summer sunset, (research for Blue Moon:)  It looked as if it  was to be a ‘see what it is like in the pouring rain’ trip most of the day, but we need rain in our books too-don’t we? So we went anyway.

 The rain blew away, and we had sunshine, blue skies, dark atmospheric clouds, high winds and the most marvellous patterns and disturbances on the long empty beaches, and the wonderful marshes.  Fantastic evening.

 We started with the salt marshes and mud flats and then dropped into a pub for a quick snack.  We succumbed to temptation and had some sea bass- delicious with spiced potato.  Then well fed, headed of to the long wind swept beaches.  Alive with movement and no people just my kind of place:) walked along some of it. I’m not up to very long walks yet – my goal is to be fit enough end of September to walk some of the coastal path and nature reserves.  Then, as the light faded, we ducked into another pub and had pudding:)

 I have masses of pictures, pages of notes and happy memories, a new incident to put into the novel and an actual spot in which to place a romantic moment, it is not a romantic spot! but then my books aren’t like that:)  On the way home my friend finally thought of name for my secondary male character. I was finding his name tricky and nothing I came up with seemed to suit, my manuscript is littered with various name (must make sure I clear them all) Now I am happy – just the surname to contend with now:)

 The evening had turned into a 7 hour jaunt with about 3 of them driving and I found it very difficult to wake up this morning, and have subsequently gone back to sleep after walking the dog!! My ankles have given up the ghost, and I’m whacked out but it was such fun and I enjoyed every minute.

Haven’t had time to edit these sorry about that.

 The rest of the week:

 My sister’s training has gone up a level and she and the trainer very pleased.  I held my Living History Group and my Writing Group on successive days (not often that happens) and went to one of my Reading Groups.  After that last group, during some idle chat with another friend I finally got a solid framework for Blue Moon.  So good week all told.

 Have kept up with the JuNoWrMo and word count stands at 38,334  I am having today off as I’m ahead of myself.

 Have written another short story for workshop on twisted tales – all about Puss in Boots – it is at friend from forever/editor as I write. This counts towards the one a week challenge as well as another story for my collection.

 Have posted three times this week.  If I care not what you are? I wasn’t sure about posting, as I have tried to remain fairly even keeled up here on cyberspace.  Not my place to judge etc, but I just got fed up with being called naïve that I had a poke back, hopefully in a fairly lady like manner:) earlier in the week I had posted a piece  My prospector’s soul– plus ROW80

 I have a couple of blogs prepared for the coming week plus I have a guest later in the week on my Red Carpet Day.

 Finally put The Sefuty Chronicle book trailer up on YouTube. If you ever have a look and like , I would appreciate some ‘likes’ to get it on its way

 So next week: more of JuNoWrMo(going to try and see if I can join a sprint or two), Blue Moon editing, another twisted fairy tale for workshop, blogs and networking.  It’s a reasonable clear week as far as social engagements go so should be able to put my head down and steam ahead:)

Hope everyone else had a good week and all the best.

Probably wont have anything to report on last day of this round, so will wish everyone best of luck enjoy the hols and hope to see you all in next round.

17 thoughts on “Field trip,public houses and fun

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Wow, what a great week! Your JuNoWriMo is terrific. Finish strong!

  2. Lovely pictures, Alberta, and you needn’t apologize for them being unedited–gorgeous as they stand. I “liked” your book trailer–I remember having a chat with you about “founder,” and as a word-lover I’m glad you kept it in the trailer. It’s a powerful trailer; I’m going to try to catch up with some reading during the break between rounds, and hope to get to Ellen’s Tale.

    • alberta says:

      If you do read Ellen I hope you enjoy her Tale:) founder had to stay – it was the exact word I wanted so I rejigged the sentence for a clearer meaning – I guess at the end of the day words are about communication as well as education. I have downloaded a whole raft of indie books now I must carve out time to read and comment on them – oh for a few more hours in a day:(

  3. That sounds like a lovely trip, great pictures too. Sorry to hear the ankles are bothering you again. You’re doing amazing with the word count Alberta, kudos. Wishing you a wonderful summer :)

    • alberta says:

      Well the ankles were a self inflicted pain that day – I had been on my feet all day before I wandered down to Norfolk, then three hours driving and a couple of hours walking through soft sand and over mud just put the pain into pain:( but it was worth every hobble every pain kliller and I would do it again like a shot- hope you enjoy your break.

  4. I’m glad you had fun! Beautiful pictures.

    You know what? I would rather be thought of as naive than look on the bad side of everything. I don’t think I’m naive, but I always look at the positive side of things and give people the benefit of the doubt. Someone said to me recently “I wish you would stop making excuses for everybody.” LOL

    • alberta says:

      Thats the way – have you found tho’ it makes it difficult to write a really bad villian? seeing all sides – finding reasons for other’s:) I struggle to write one. I am glad I wrote this post I was beginning to think I was alone on this – have had my positive take on people raised again:)

      I did have fun – great when research isn’t just about reading:)

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    Love it when you include pictures of your adventures!! Such fun to see. The way you roll with life is really inspiring to me. I’m not surprised you’re ahead on the word count, again…you inspire me. Yes, have a great holiday and I’ll see you in round 3.

    • alberta says:

      Should include more pics I know – I used to do photography big time – uni, own dark room etc but (long story) gave up – then digital came along I never have really got back but just lately have been have a few stirrings about wanting to grab a camera and go – so have saved up and bought one and am now learning digital and how to get around failing eyesight, bad knees and wonky wrists!!!! which in itself is an adventure of sorts – so maybe next rounds I will have some more who knows – see you in couple of weeks:)

  6. Looks like a great place! Hope you had fun!
    I host sprints on the JuNoWriMo accounts every afternoon from 1 to 4pm EST. It would be fun to have you there, if you could make those times ;)
    Good luck with JuNo!

  7. KM Huber says:

    Really enjoyed the photos, Alberta.

    As for your blog post on logical fallacy (well, that is how I refer to the misguided nationalism that seems to be global, although Americans, also a nation of immigrants, seem firmly in the lead), I thought it was spot-on. Tried to leave a comment but I made some kind of error; did want you to know it is an excellent post–well-spoken, well-written.

    Will check out your book trailer as well. Have a good week.


  8. EM Castellan says:

    Beautiful pictures! I hadn’t realized you were doing JuNoWriMo as well. Do join us for sprints, I find them very motivating. Today’s post on my blog is actually about JuNoWriMo. Have a good week and happy writing!

    • alberta says:

      I have found out the time differences between EST and UK and am hoping to join in a couple of sprints this coming week – see you there maybe:)

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