Some days cake & icecream is a siren call

Some days one can wake up and feel that there is a sniffling persistent rain in one’s soul, which doesn’t even leave a rainbow clad puddle. That drear grey skies weigh heavy on the heart.

Some days one can wake and feel that the wind in one’s mind is from Russian Steppes and chills the blood. That the world feels like pewter.

Some days chocolate and cake and peanut butter ice-cream are siren songs to bewitch.

On those some days one knows that writing is a pathetic time wasting dream. That one will never sell another book, who would want to read it?  Why bother? Best take up bridge.

On the other hand

More days than some days, will bring a head full of sparkling clear sunshine.  Song will float gently from one’s lips. A feeling of such power and laughter. And one knows the world is there for those who dare. When salad and fruit become the food of creativity.

Security of creativity can be as transient as the British weather:)

11 thoughts on “Some days cake & icecream is a siren call

  1. Tia Bach says:

    So beautiful and inspiring. Writing has been such a roller coaster of emotions for me, but I wouldn’t give it up.

  2. Kate C. says:

    Hmmm… somehow I commented on the wrong entry. LOL Sorry about that.

  3. Kate C. says:

    Oh no! My uncle just had surgery for AF. It can be very tiring and also frightening. I hope you are better, soon!

    • alberta says:

      I’m working on change of drugs – I’m a big bird qith lots of sand!:) hope your uncle is okay now – I didn’t know there was a surgical procedure – I can vouch for the tiring:) however there is always a round way these things and I’m having fun with a microphone and earphones – thanks for your good wishes.

  4. lexacain says:

    I’m holding out for the sparkly and floaty days. :-)

  5. Very poetic. Love it!

  6. It’s all in the ebb and flow of writing!

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