palpitate or fibulate? that is the question: alberta’s check in

Well I hope everybody has had a good week. I have to confess that this check-in will not really be about any writing that I have done this week. Because basically I haven’t. I posted on the Facebook page that I had had to go to the doctors. And that has really taken up most of this week.

 When I began walking my sister’s retired guide dog back the beginning of March it was in the expectation that I would become healthier and fitter. That’s how it’s supposed to work! I was assured by the doctor that some exercise would in fact improve the pain in my arthritic ankles, so I walked through the initial two weeks of pain and sure enough the pain decreased. Although I didn’t loose much weight I became a little leaner. Of course exercise is good to reduce swelling around the feet, isn’t it?

 Then I had to accompany my sister on her 2 mile walk to and around the village each day, assuring her that it would do me the world of good, I would become even fitter. If one exercises on a regular basis this is what happens. Isn’t it?

 So why wasn’t it happening? Not only did my ankles even larger, to the point when it was very difficult to actually walk, elephants knees had nothing on my ankles, but finding any kind of energy at the beginning of each walk was a real problem. And instead of becoming fitter every day, I found I had to sleep after every bit of exercise. None of this was supposed to happen.

 They have been treating me with very high doses of aspirin for about six years now since it was discovered I had atrial fibrillation. I assumed since then that when I felt tired suddenly it was because I was fibulating, it was no big deal, 15 mins on the bed and I was fine again, and it didn’t happen very often. So I was expecting these new problems of mine to be connected in someway

 He listened, he asked questions, he said I was palpitating as I sat there. I was? I felt fine. He sent me off to have an ECG at the hospital. And although they would not give me the results on the spot, they never do, they also mentioned palpitations. How come I wasn’t aware of them? How many of you think of a rapid, over rapid beating of the heart when you hear palpitations?

I felt like a heroine’s mother or mother-in-law in a Regency novel; they always laid back on their cushions and velvet pillows having palpitations when anything went awry, taking smelling salts and holding their heaving bosoms. Had the meaning of this word changed since I grew up? Because it seemed to me it was the exact opposite of fibrillation.Very puzzled  I went home and looked in my dictionary:

 palpitation:  A rapid heartbeat. Yes! – hang on ‘tho, wait a mo’

palpitation: tremble, quiver, irregular, for goodness sake quiver? tremble? I have a nervous, timorous heart, the mortification of it:(

Whatever? The fact remains that I have felt exhausted all week. I have managed to walk half an hour a day, to do some basic housework but have spent far too much time asleep. I have found it difficult to write, sitting up seems a chore! I’m not writing this. With Karen’s kick up the backside, thank you Karen:) I have dusted off my Dragon and have been using it to write my blogs. The Dragon is a wonderful beast.

So enough of my complaints, excuses and whatever’s, Just explaining why I might not be achieving much in near future, but watch out when they fix me:)

This last week I have been re- posted! not painful.  An inerview I did last year with Morgen Bailey, she has re-posted it here.  She does good interviews – a real expert at it – def. worth checking her out.

I also managed the following:

1:  Sorting out some promos for my books, collecting together information, bios, book covers, links etc. E-mailing them out to various sites who will be spotlighting them, I hope, this month in July. As this round has started so poorly, and pretty well the whole year has been a bit of a bust so far, I am thinking that maybe finding hosts who spotlight one’s books, and using the various groups and networks that I have, to highlight them myself, might be an easier, and less time-consuming, way of advertising my publications, then any kind of touring or guesting would be. Not sure yet, but that might be the way to go.

2   I have posted the second part of my food security blog, also a short piece for the Insecure Writers.  I have another 2 ready to post.

3   I have managed to keep up with Twitter and Triberr, having at long last worked out how to use all three of my blogs on it. I joined the Indie Exchange tribe as well, so I think I’m all right now. I haven’t done so well on Facebook, or Goodreads.

4     Have updated my profiles on various sites I am on, adding my trailers and Jack’s Tale.

5     Have done some extra research reading to add some depth to the short stories I wrote for last workshop

 6      Read All Quiet on the Western Front for book group – have read it about 6 times now and it’s still a brilliant book, am reading Blood River this weekend for another group.

This coming week all depends on my energy levels but I want to

a)     Now I have got the hang of Dragon, I fully intend to start dictating my novels, as well as my blogs. I can do this sitting in the armchair with my feet up, so idle:) I could begin to enjoy this life. I wonder what my word count will be once I start dictating them, it would be fun if I could increase them!

b)     Continue networking – Karen tells me this can be done on Dragon as well.

c)      Will continue trying to work out Storytellers trailer, pictures and music.

d)     If I can’t get into garden, will indulge in mega read and catch up on my reading challenges – oh it’s such hard work being poorly sometimes:)

I hope everyone has had a good week and all the best for this one coming.

2 thoughts on “palpitate or fibulate? that is the question: alberta’s check in

  1. Tia Bach says:

    Thinking of you. Feeling exhausted is never fun, especially when you are doing the right things and trying to be healthy. Wishing resolution for you soon, something that gives you back that spark.

    Sounds like you are making headway. I’m looking forward to hearing how the dictation goes. Hugs.

  2. KM Huber says:

    Ah, Alberta, the Dragon is indeed a fine beast is it not? I have discovered that dictation mode (as opposed to normal mode) is a bit more accurate when reading in entire passages. I am finding Dragon quite helpful in revising my novel, as I pick up a page read in only the passages I want to use and voila! The process is lightning fast.

    The other point I wanted to make about using Dragon for general online use is that when you put your cursor into a comment box–whether it’s Facebook or a blog–just say the first few words, then highlight those words and say “Show Dictation Box.” A box with what you said will appear on your screen so you can have full text speaking and editing capability just as you do in a document. Let me know if you have questions.

    Like you, I had only associated one meaning with palpitation. Perhaps from a physical perspective your heart may be adjusting to how it wishes to beat but from another level of consciousness, your heart is as steady as ever.


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