Some of you may know I have had a huge dip in health this summer, resulting in almost total lack of actual word count.  Deadlines (self imposed I confess) have crashed, plans re-arranged endlessly and a steep hill of patience almost mastered, I’m not by nature a good patient:(

 What I have had is endless hours of physical inactivity where my mind has been able to roam free.  I have, in my mind, completely re-structured my WIP, The Ancestors Tale, conjured up more short stories magically from the imagination (how come that subconscious brain of mine is so dark?:) I have plotted and planned while lying on my bed.  In that strange and wonderful place, called brain, my wit sparkles, the conversations between characters illuminate and dazzle.  Up there in my head I shape such amazing structures with words a person could climb high to the stars on them.


 As my health returns and time comes to translate those dizzy heights into the written word I find my fingers falter, I cannot.  How can it be done?  Do I dare even try?  Wouldn’t it better to leave them as if a dream, to fade out of existence? To meld imagination, brain and paper seems a task of such magnitude the spirit fails.  However, I have been in this gloomy place before and know it for the ill health it is, know it for a temporary halt along the way.  The words, when they come, may not be bedecked with the brilliance of these past few weeks but hopefully they will stand firm.

Late checkup:

1) word count for The Ancestor’s Tale -nil

work on Folk Tales – nil

2) great thoughts – amazing:)

3)  books read 3

4) blog small peice on dragonflies – this smaller peice for Insecure Writers

Hope everyone’s week was good – keep smiling:)

13 thoughts on “Imagination,brain,paper

  1. Tia Bach says:

    I have no doubt the words will come be in a way they were meant to be. I hope and pray your health continues to improve, although I know it’s a slow process. You have always been such an encouragment to my writing, and I know it’s in your heart, especially as it plays out so much in your brain. Hugs!

    • alberta says:

      everyone is so kind and generous with good wishes – thank you all. The words will come back of this I am sure – I will learn even more patience (actually not quite so sure of that:( – I have a short break coming up at end of month down to the coast to get some research in for put on hold WIP so maybe that will be the turning point – I should also know what has gone wrong with ticker and they may have solutions for me – so come Oct I’ll be back on form:)

  2. Julie Glover says:

    I’m saddened to hear that you have been still struggling with your health. I pray that you feel much better soon.

    I hope you can get those amazing ideas on paper. It’s always daunting to get your headful of story onto a page. Best wishes!

    • alberta says:

      yes it has gone toooo long now – months and am sad I missed the summer esp. after such a dire winter and spring – I am a summer girl – however brain functions (well after a fashion!) and I seem to have secured the ideas in my head – I replay them at frequent intervals so they don’t vanish on me – thanks for concern:)

  3. Firstly, I’m so sorry you’ve had health problems honey (((((hugs))))) and I hope you’re on the mend now :)

    Rebecca’s idea is great (you could also use your mobile phone) :)

    I think all those ideas you have in your head could look just as good on paper :) Baby steps honey, and don’t beat yourself up ok, I’m sure it will all fall into place :)


  4. I love Rebecca’s idea above. I hope that helps get your words onto paper. I know what it is to have a lull in writing and then finding it difficult to get back to it. Hang in there. Maybe if you just allow yourself to do some free writing, whatever comes to mind not trying to write for your books, maybe that will help you get back into it again. It has helped me in the past.

    May your days grow brighter as you become healed from the inside out.


    • alberta says:

      I’m going to give the recorder a go – not trying to write at moment can feel it won’t happen -am getting to the patient bit at last:) just this last couple of weeks waiting results of all the tests on the heart front – have another check up today on the old cancer bit(going into 5th year now) so maybe my brain just need to know everything is okay before the words will come again – the sun is shining, has been for a fortnight now and blue and yellow my fav. colours so am smiling constantly and my characters are all having fun inside the head:) thanks for the good wishes everyone is so kind.

  5. I was given an excellent idea for getting thoughts down into a quantitative during the thinking process, that doesn’t involve sitting down and writing. This was on my blog very recently when I made comment that most of my ideas and manuscript revision ideas come to me while I am driving. The advice was to use a dictphone – recording device on my phone and just talk through what is going on in my head and listen back to it later. It is something you may find useful for those moments the imagination is running free and wild and is happy, turn on a recorder of some description and let your words tumble out as they are happening in your head and see what happens. :)

    I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been well and hope things are improving more now.

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