Achievements made, satisfaction gained:alberta’s check in

I have to confess I am finding life tedious these days – it has been too long since I have been able to dictate terms – I seem to have been deposed by life and I am not enjoying it.  However, I am nothing if not a control freak, a determiner of my own fate so I have changed tracks and am walking down another path – it’s a quieter lane but, do you know what? – almost as interesting as the fast lane I was in – almost – I am not delusional, never have been:)

 I have spent a very interesting time planning my research break on the east coast, I depart in just less than 2 weeks.  It seems unlikely that the doctors will have sorted out my problem by then – telling myself if it was urgent or life threatening they would have called me back by now – maybe I am delusional after all!  So everything already planned for those rare days away from my responsibilities has had to be changed.  Way back in the Spring Round I announced this was the year I was going to regain some semblance of fitness and began my own triathlon- well that has not happened.  I will not be walking the coastal path now:)

 This research trip is for Blue Moon – the novel began in last year’s NaNoWrMo, put on hold this year due to circumstances but still well up in my thoughts. Most of the action has been written and this trip is to gather the locale, descriptions, geography etc. of Norfolk.

 My hero is an outdoors kind of person, and knows this coast well. I need to walk it sometime, but not this time.  So have cut down on what I can reasonably achieve in three days, when life dictates I sleep or rest at regular intervals and locomotion proceeds carefully!  I have bird reserves, galleries and shops to explore and ‘good’ eating places. I have even put in a boat trip exploring the reed beds, this last is a chancy one as I get seasick pushing a child on a swing – not sure it was the wisest choice! But hey life is supposed to be chancy- right?

  Everywhere is planned to include enjoyable sit downs (not on the boat obviously!) with wonderful views.  Although shopping is not my thing the galleries promise to be full of unique glories and hopefully so above my price range I will not be even remotely tempted and of course a few bookshops where I will be:)

 On the writing front I have been trying to design a book cover for the folk tales – note its lost its working title both 1 and 2- I find I cannot settle on a title – bit of a pain as I need to know how much space to leave on the cover.  I discovered layers in photo manipulation a couple of weeks ago and this week cracked transparencies and a whole new world of messing with pictures has opened.  Have quite a clear idea of how I want it, little more jigging about – just the title now. Two last stories to be sent to friend from forever/editor/beta reader and will be ready to begin its journey into print. Yay.

 I managed with my Dragon’s aid to write 3890 words of Ancestors Tale this week, the first for a long time, so feel optimistic the words are coming back – have also written a book review to be posted next week.  Have begun to climb back into the network roundabout and look around.

 As for NaNo this year I am uncertain.   I will do it, but the tale I had planned may prove more than a sick mind can manage – it was to be a scientific creation tale!  However in my drifting, dreaming moments I remembered a tale I sort of wrote in my teens (wow I hear you say – that’s too old to be dusted down:) but I think the framework would suit a fantasy/fairy type tale – it wasn’t written as one back then – I will crawl up into the attic and look see:) and while I am not suggesting that fantasy is easy to write it maybe easier to do than one with a mass of scientific fact mixed in with it. I drafting a plan and world build for it,  so that I have a choice come November – I can decide nearer the time dependant on whether the medical establishment have given me back a decent resemblance of  LbM   = ‘Life before May’.

 On the drawing front I have treated myself to one of those drawing tablets – not as easy as doodling but with practice I may achieve something I am happy with. Even if I never produce anything worthy of a cover it will help with my craft interests.

 So a gentler walk this week but achievements made, satisfaction gained and I smile along with the sunshine we have enjoyed here.

 Last time I posted I found I had been given 4 awards – I have not forgotten and I will respond, hopefully this coming week.  The awards cheered me along no end and I thank you for them.  The delay has been in choosing just 10 blogs among the many I enjoy reading.

 I hope everyone has a good week ahead.  Keep smiling everyone.

4 thoughts on “Achievements made, satisfaction gained:alberta’s check in

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Despite all of the challenges you’ve faced, you’ve made some great progress. I hope you can enjoy your research trip. Do what you can and soak it in. Have a lovely week, Alberta!

  2. I hope the doctors get you all sorted out. I know it’s frustrating to not know what’s going on with your body.

    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip. It’s sounds like a wonderful time!

    • alberta says:

      all the test results should come in about ten days after the trip so fingers crossed – I intend to enjoy myself within limitations – thanks

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