Wanted-creative brains please:)

I know you are all creative imaginative creatures, with wild inventive brains – please I need you:)

I have a problem remembering to take my pills. Always have. But I must find a way, the doctors wish to change one and it is very time specific, same time every day.  Not difficult I can hear you mutter! let me explain two points

1) I have dyspraxia – along with many other problems I have a very disordered filing system, mental and physical. A slightly dysfunctional life style due a lot to  this first fact.  I have always found it very difficult to organise anything to do with my life, and it is not from lack of trying I do assure you, no one would wish such disorder on oneself. Apart from finding it difficult to absorb information the remembering of such information is unreliable. ‘Tis something I have learnt to deal with, manipulate and find ways around.

2) I do nothing at the same time and place every day to latch this pill requirement onto.  So little routine that I am at a loss as to how to remember.

For instance: I do not look in a mirror every day (we only have 1 in the house , for visitors who seem to not be able to function without one!), listen to radio, TV, use the computer, read a diary every day.  I do not eat/drink , walk the dog, housework, garden or shop at any set time.  I do not possess a watch or look at clocks very often.  I do not go to bed or wake up at the same time each day. How do I train my brain to take a pill at a set time each day?I have been on my present pills since 2004, meant to be taken every day but my record is patchy I can usually remember sometime during the day(occasionally I miss a day) but not at the same time each day.

This change of pill is important but unless I can do this it will do more harm than good I fear.  I have tried keeping pills next to the bed, next to the coffee next to the computer over the years.  I have tried setting alarms but I forget to re-set them, tried writing them into diarys but dont always look into a diary.If anyone out there has ideas am ready to try them – please – a little challenge:)

I also have very few doors in this abode and the few I have a re kept open – I do not like being in a closed room.  That leaves external doors (am thinking of notices on door) I don’t go out every day – hopeless case but am I hoping someone out there has an idea.

ROW80 goals!

Well, as many of you know, this has been a difficult round from the writing point of view! It has been a great round for learning about patience and acceptance(which I didn’t intend to learn about for another decade:( ah well.

However looking back on the past few weeks it hasn’t been as bad as I keep thinking. I had no specific goals except to do what I could so

1) Ancestors Tale – despite my fears I have managed to add another 35,000 words bringing the total up to 85,000 (am ignoring the fact that I hoped to be well into the editing by now!) this I count as major achievement so am smiling.  I have to say these words are mostly down to my dragon. So Good

I have also found a whole new structure to the tale and a brand new place to begin. there’s a whole new storyline running through the archival material, very pleased with this also. Good

2) As Blue Moon was already on hold until next year what I have managed a fair bit of research, re structured the structure of how it will be presented. Finally nailed down names for characters and although research trip next week has had to have a complete overhaul am very positive about what I will be able to achieve there. So well pleased on this work. Good

3) At friend from forever/editor’s request have concentrated on the folk tale collection (no title yet!)as opposed to Purple Turtles.  Have completed the collection and all but two stories have been edited, the cover design is coming along well – still hopeful for somewhere through October for getting this into print.  Happy here also. Good

4) Networking took a considerable dip over most of the round but I did manage to keep up with triberr.  So Not Good

5) Blogging has also suffered this round, I have managed some posts but Not Good

6) I have done a few workshops – when I say I have done them – I have read them but not participated, will read and absorb when I am better – So So here

7) I have learnt a great deal more about the various bits of software that I use, which is Good

8) I have managed to reduce my TBR pile quite a bit, have read some amazing books and throughly enjoyed myself – love a good reading fest:) Good

As I say not so bad, well behind where I wanted to be when the year started but am relaxed about it – goals are movable feasts in my life – after all if I had been asked six years ago whether I could do even this smaller amount I would have laughed in derision:)

I do hope others have had a satisfactory round.  enjoy the hols and see you all back here in a couple of weeks, keep smiling:)

15 thoughts on “Wanted-creative brains please:)

  1. Julie Glover says:

    I have no pill ideas. I’m not that organized with things like that either. Hope you find a method that works!

    As to ROW80, I’d say you had a very successful round overall. You’ve definitely had some challenges, but you knocked out quite a bit. Congratulations on your progress.

    • alberta says:

      sorry for the delay – had slight dip then i have been away – organized is such an alien concept to my grey cells I fear I will never get ther but I will keep trying – thanks for you praise

  2. Lynn Thompson says:

    Get a square pill case, put the pill in it and stick it in your bra strap or pants pocket-somewhere on your body that will annoy you. It will be hard for you to forget to take it if it’s bugging you. I put my liquid vitamins in my back pocket sometimes so I dont forget to take them when I’m busy:) I drives me crazy but I have to eat then take them and I dont always remember to eat or take them when I’ve eaten.

  3. KM Huber says:

    This is such an intriguing issue, albeit intriguing is probably not the word you would use. As you say, you cannot rely on any external device/behavior to remind you to take a pill. It’s simply not going to happen. That said, the solution is internal. Here’s what I mean.

    Is it possible to take the pill with one behavior/task that you do every day? What I am saying is your body’s consciousness can be alerted to take that pill the first time you [fill in the behavior/task] every day. I know it sounds bizarre and as if I have not read what you said but bear with me. Rather than tricking your body, bring your consciousness to the task of taking the pill and tie that task to the one task/behavior that is most consistent in your life. You might also consider bringing your consciousness to the idea that the only consistent task/behavior is the taking of that pill at a certain time.

    I’ll think on this some more but your post now tells me how you accomplish so much and do it so well. Within all that creativity, there has to be a way for you to connect to your consciousness so that your physiology becomes the reminder to take the pill for itself.


    • alberta says:

      well what to say – I like your faith in my mind – little worried that my post gave away something about myself (my friend forever rude says it was the realization that some people (moi) live in an alternative universe and it probably alarmed you:) I believe you were actually being complimentary and I thank you for it, friend who is never rude to me:)

      • KM Huber says:

        It was meant as a compliment, as you say. As for living in an alternative universe, my comment surely says that is where I reside. Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul (no religion or one set of beliefs ascribed) is a fascinating read on consciousness. Forgive me, Alberta. Most of the time, I rein myself in on comments but there are those odd times. Best to you in round four of ROW80.

      • alberta says:

        no no – no forgiveness – I loved your comment – and my friend who is always rude did too – keep the comments coming – its a wonderful place isn’t it that alternative universe:) – I will have to try Michael Singer

  4. Do you have a cell phone and if so do you keep it near you? When I need to remember something and it can not be forgotten I set alarms using my cell phone since it is attached to the hip. I am still thinking of other ways that might be able to help you.

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