Ah, how topsy turvey the world!

The sun is shining, have lit my first log fire (so early!:(    wishing I was in Kentucky I hear they have warmth as well as sun there.

 My only goals for the first two weeks were to finish the book cover for The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al

and to finish the trailer for The Storyteller’s Tale Yay they are both done.

Two things only! oh how the workaholics are fallen:(

 Other than keeping almost on top of Triberr and commenting occasionally on other networks this last week has been one to forget.

 I am watching a series at the moment un the rise (and I suspect fall) of the British stiff upper lip.  We have not historically always renown for this lip, or our love of understatement.  The series  is proving quite interesting, and just a tad scary,  Want to see brainwashing in action  have a look see. There have been 3 episodes -I am one behind – a whole nation for generations persuaded into this way of life. Maybe it would be some comfort to those we said we ruled over to know the general populace was kept under control as well, subtle but controlled!

Personally I’m okay with it – suits my dyspraxic nature to be able to keep a large personal space between me and the next.  I do wonder sometimes how fare those with dyspraxia in cultures where touching is the expected and delighted norm.   However, I am aware how badly I have let myself and the stiff upper lips down this last week.

  Not only did I end up sleeping away most of every day I tripped and crashed into a pit of depression which rendered me powerless to act or to talk without dissolving into a self pitying morass of un-Britishness.  Weeping, wailing and a gnashing of my teeth – or something resembling.   I think the sleep was more the depression than bad heart but who knows when I have no answers yet.

 Apparently all the endless tests have come through all A Ok – which leaves the question what is wrong? why have I lost an entire summer to exhaustion?  Maybe I will get some answers next week, I have wept over the GP, the specialist and the hospital demanding to know and a report will wing its way next week – so they say. (although I am ashamed of the weakness it does seem to have galvanized folk into some kind of action! this old cynic thinks maybe I should have weaken earlier:(

I have reluctantly agreed to change one medication for rat poison and dread it but everyone reassures me.  It’s kind of ironic that over 50 years ago I remember my father, who joined a campaign for kinder methods of  pest destruction, used to wax savagely against this drug and the barbaric-ness of its lethal properties and now his daughter is being told it will help keep her alive – ah how topsy turvey the world!

 I have begun to crawl out of the pit – a few hours at singing helped – my weekly dose of communal singing and far ranging chat with young friend on the journey to and fro almost put the sparkle back.  I can feel function returning, and have mild hopes for this coming week.

 Again I set no goals, whatever, whenever,  still only concentrating on the housework not the writing; checking I’m ready for NaNo ( all notes character outlines, breakdown of plotlines – all in plural because still haven’t decided which I will be able to do – looks at this stage as no new drugs have even been started that it will be the perceived easier of the two the fantasy but. . . )  collecting pictures for a trailer for Fiddling Felines, listening to musical notes for same, getting blog and network sites up to date and beginning to enquire as to a few spots to showcase Fiddling Felines come end of November.

I hope everyone else’s week was more glittery than mine and wishing all the best for this week.

8 thoughts on “Ah, how topsy turvey the world!

  1. EM Castellan says:

    I only have two goals for this round, what’s important is to meet them :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you have a great week!

  2. Ryan King says:

    hehe. Two things only? Bah. You’re missing the point. You set goals and you met them. That’s a win. I hope this week goes well for you :)

    • alberta says:

      You’re right of course Ryan – I did what I set out to do – just a very difficult thing for someone who cannot remember a time in 6 decades when every day wasn’t fulled to overflowing with ‘doing’ to actually have to come to a pratical standstill – guess I have to accept I’m not a girl any more :)

  3. Bennett says:

    Your cover looks brilliant!
    Sorry to hear you haven’t found out what’s wrong. I’ve had a similar thing recently (though not me personaly), but they’re close and it’s frustrating for everyone! Hope this week is more positive for you :)

    • alberta says:

      Thanks -I enjoyed doing it – friendfrom forever/editor had a say in postioning (ex printer) hoping for results this week – mind I have been for many weeks but ever the half full glass, moi!:)

  4. morganmandel says:

    I am in no way equipped to do a Nano again. More power to you! Gave up on Triberr because I have so much other stuff to keep track of. Like your Fiddling cover and title!

    Morgan Mandel

    • alberta says:

      Morgan just finished your book – how could you leave us on tenterhooks like that:) – will be putting on goodreads soon – thanks on good word on cover – am enjoying working them out more and more as I get to grips with the software – slow but getting there:)

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