Prudence Macleod being interviewed on the Red Carpet

Today I’m welcoming Prudence Macleod to the Red Carpet. Author of  Hope, Seela, Dark Star, Hunter and the St John series among many others.




Hallo Prudence it is so nice to have you here today.

 Q:  Now, because I’m nosy and always intrigued in choices of name, why Valkyrie rising?

   Alberta, thank you for inviting me here today.

 Ah, at last someone asks the question I have been waiting for. I could write a full post on this for sure, but here’s the short version. The Valkyrie is a strong woman, comfortable in her womanhood, yet fully equal to the men in all things. She is fierce and strong as well as loving and compassionate. There is a Valkyrie in all women and I love to see her rise up as more and more women take their rightful place in society. Valkyrie Rising = Woman Rising!

 I am surprised no one has asked before, you should write a full post on it.

 Q:  When I first visited your blog I was amazed at the list of interests. Unless you have discovered the secret of elastic time there must be some which take more of your time than others. Which do you think are the most important to you? Which feed most into your writing?

 My list of interests is only partial. Hee hee. Yes, some are more important than others, and that changes with time. I no longer compete in Powerlifting, nor do I teach Reiki anymore, but I am still interested in these things. These days I am far more focused on my writing, but I love spending time with the dogs, hanging out with friends, etc. I still pick up my guitar once a day and things like that. The key I think, is I seldom watch television. We don’t have cable and that is by choice. I’d far rather listen to music and read or knit.

 Q:  You say you have travelled a lot.  What is your favourite means of travelling? Do you have a special destination that you would like to go back to?

 I prefer to travel by car whenever that is feasible. I love the sense of independence and the possibility of spontaneous exploration. Revisit? I’d love to burn off a credit card or two on the Royal Mile of Edinburg again. Love that city.  I’d also like to see the giant trees of Cathedral Grove in British Columbia once again as well, and then there’s the Lake District of England. Magnificent.

 Overland gives a great feel for the subtle changes as well I always feel.

 Q:  You are a very productive and prolific author, how do you manage your time?

 I really don’t manage my time all that well. I guess I’m a fearful writer. Once I have an idea for a story I have to get it into first draft mode before I lose all interest in it. I have a large file of bits and bobs that are unfinished because life got in the way and I moved on to another story. Once I have a first draft I can go back and tidy it up before sending it off to the editor.

 Still with the impressive array of publications to your name there is some serious work being done, so I will I’m afraid have to pin you down:)

 Q: How much time do you think you spend each day of thinking/writing/editing?

 Oh dear, actual writing/editing? Between two and four hours five or six days per week, sometimes more. Thinking about it never stops. I always have one foot in another world.

 Don’t we all:)

 Q:  Which method do you favour for your writing, straight A-B or episodic?

 I’m quite linear in my writing. I start with chapter one and continue until the end. The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line. J

 Q:  Of the many genres you have written in, which would say are you most comfortable writing?

 This one is hard to describe. I’d say, romance is where the heart lies for me. Even my adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi books have romance entwined in them.

 We know that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, we also accept that during the creative process sometimes that kernel that started it all of vanishes and it could be hard to find the original idea. With that premise in mind

Q:   Could you tell us of one inspiration and how it changed through the process of building on an idea?

 Wow, okay, here goes. Last year, as I was about to start a new novel, I found myself in a discussion about euthanasia. Needless to say, the discussion was lively and the opinions varied. I decided to explore the idea in the book I was about to write. I chose a profession I called a Dispatcher. This is a person who works the battlefields of war alongside the medics, assisting the terminally wounded to pass without pain, granting them a death with dignity.

As the book went on this became a small side point as the power of magic, witchcraft, and romance took centre stage.

The Book is called Novan Witch, and can be found here:

or here:

 Q:  Among your interests you list dogs.  Do you have a favourite breed of dog?

 I love dogs, all dogs. I’ve often thought I like to get a Pit Bull as I have known several and liked them all. However, I’d have to say the Labrador Retriever is my favourite. The Labs are big lovable, tail wagging, happy go lucky characters. They live in the moment and are up for anything that looks like it involves fun. A person can have no finer companion than a Lab. (Reaches down to scratch behind a Labrador’s floppy ear; smiles as large tail thumps the floor.)

 We have two in our house and I’m still waiting for them to grow up! And one is nearly eleven!

 To conclude and for a bit of fun

 Q:  If you had unlimited funds and could go on a spending spree what would you spend the money on?

 This is one of my favourite dreams. This small island on which I live was once known for its agriculture, but most of that has long since been abandoned here. I would establish several small organic farms and attempt to get Newfoundland a little less dependent for food. I would also build a number of small, efficient, homes on these farms so the people who worked them would have their own houses. I would build a small artists village overlooking the ocean where artists could live, work, and market their creations. Heard enough? There’s more. Tee hee

 Yes that would be something wouldn’t it, to be able to make that kind of difference.

  Thank you Prudence for visiting and letting us see a little of your life.

 Alberta, thanks for having me here for tea today. It has been great fun visiting and I’d love to do it again anytime at all.

I can always be found here:

16 thoughts on “Prudence Macleod being interviewed on the Red Carpet

  1. This was a great interview. I think a lot of us are impressed by how prolific you are, and it was fun to hear a little more about that.

  2. SJ Driscoll says:

    Excellent interview! Good to learn more about you, Prudence. Thanks for this, Alberta.

  3. Wow, Pru…you have some great ideas! Don’t you just love taking a real life debate and exploring it through fiction?! Such a fun job we have. And of course, I love that you are such a dog lover. Labs are the loveable, happy-go-luckies of the canine world. Great interview, ladies.

  4. Valkyrie is certainly an apt word for a tall, blond woman who can wield a chainsaw or computer keyboard with equal ease! Alberta & Prudence, thanks for a fun interview!

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    Hi, Prudence! So much fun to learn new bits about you. Thank you, Alberta. There is a Valkyrie in all women <–love this, There is a Valkyrie in me, I think I'm going to make a sign for over my desk with this :D. Spontaneous exploration, this is brilliant. I need to plan a vaca around this concept. I hear you on the romance, pretty much any topic will catch my interest IF there is a bit of romance. And an artists village,yes, I'm there. Thanks for the tea ladies.

  6. Alberta, thanks so much for having me as your guest. Folks, if you have a question about anything in the interview, please leave a comment and I will personally respond to you. Thanks for checking in.

    Bless, Prudence

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