Maybe a Pandora’s box but. . .alberta’s check in

Well every week I feel that much better and it is soooo good.  A way to go yet, but mind is fizzing and that was what I missed the most – my mind. If all else fails that to me is the most important – the treasure box of life. Filled to the brim and cascading down shiny sides with experience, hopes, dreams, excitement, sorrow, memories just about everything one could think of,  packed into those beautiful, fantastical furrows and ridges, grey cells of seeming dullness but scratch that surface and it gleams with colour, maybe a Pandora’s box but oh how I missed it this summer. And how it now dispels the cold grey skies outside.

 Now I fizz again, I have decided to go for both my ideas in nano, two novellas, one will be 50000 I am sure, the other coming in at less.  Really looking forward to seeing if I can pull off a longer fantasy, have only tried it in short story form so far.  Now I have released the hounds of imagination they are coming together wonderfully so bring on November 1st:)

 The shorter one will be the creation story staring bacteria and virus – that I began planning before I was ill – The Memory Keeper and the 2nd longer one has no name yet so will call it Ninian – it’s a resurrected tale I wrote as a naïve innocent 12year old – well I’m nearer 70 than 13 now so of course it is only the idea that is being rescued here! Ninian was the name I gave my hero back then so it stays for a while.  It was a 12 year old idea of a romance back then (we were very innocent I assure you) but I was watching a wildlife programme a few months back where we visited some unexplored jungle in the mountains and I felt the idea slot into what I was seeing and a fantasy was born- I do like it when unconnected events meld together.  I haven’t had that much time to world build this one but nano is only the first draft so will be able to build it more securely later.

 Have watched very interesting series of programmes (three) on the reconstruction of three of our ancient ancestors.  Using bones, teeth, artefacts, modern technology – and for those of you who like technology, check out what these guys can do these days, amazing.  Anyway it was fascinating with experts from around the world contributing to Neanderthal, Homus Erectus and little Australopithecus Afarensus – Lucy.

Lucy had just been unearthed a few years before I began my anthropology degree in my 40s and the whole exciting buzz of the discovery permeated my years at Uni.  Also she was named for ‘Lucy in the sky with Diamonds’ by the Beatles and I came to adulthood with the Beatles, they were part my background soundtrack, so the whole of Lucy is impregnated into my being.  I was flabbergasted when they built the model at just how tiny she was. I knew the measurements in theory but had never really translated an upright almost human ancestor as being the same size as a monkey! Minds are not always as sensible as we would hope:) at least mine isn’t.

Not a lot of writing this week – housekeeping not just on the writing front but home and garden after months of neglect.  Energy not back to normal yet but I see improvements every day.

Ventured out shopping yesterday (I really dislike shopping esp. on a Saturday but needs must drove me.  I have 2013’s writing diary plus two colour matched thick notebooks. This years colour scheme is dove grey with a hint of delicate pink and blue, subtle. This year it has been pink and mauve, strong vibrant. Last year it was blue and black.

Now I justify this by telling myself and the world that by colour coding I can reach back to old notebooks with no confusion to locate some important aspect of my writing.  I can and do say so.

Of course many of you out there will have a notebook fetish as I do, many of you out there will like the idea of colour co-ordination in the books arrayed around them as they work – not for the reasons given but because that’s what we like , what we fetish about – notebooks:)  I could never use my beautiful notebooks until I hit on this idea, they would languish unsullied on the shelf because I couldn’t bear to mess them up, didn’t know what to write in them, they were uncoordinated, many beautiful colours but all individual, all set in their ways.  I needed the co-operation I now get.  These notebooks are all different but united by their colour scheme, they express their individuality in the design!  Now I search out beauty and scribble, cross out, invent, note, create, whatever within their pages.  They are my secret weapon in this writing lark and I honour them:)

I also had to spend a great deal of time organizing a Christmas lunch for the two groups I run for U3A (Living History and Writing).  Now I am sure many of you youngsters think us oldies do nothing.  That it would be an easy task to corral 12  retired oldies into one lunch period in November, there are after all 30 days. Wrong, we are busy, busy people! After numerous phone calls and scribbled lists I was left with one lunch time we could all manage- one day for goodness sake!

 Also this week  I had the delightful Prudence Macleod on my Red Carpet on Wednesday – she is great fun.

 I  managed a blog this week on fantasy. My monthly guest post on Indie exchange was up this week.  It was the 4th in a series of an oldies take on self publishing.

 Kept up well with networking, reduced a great many unopened e-mails including a whole host from a story a day queen – been checking out her prompts and ideas.  I still have about fifteen more short stories to write before next April to complete my 52 in a year challenge so am setting Christmas and New Year aside for it.

 The Proof copy of The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al arrived this week so have been reading every word armed with my trusty pencil, ready to upload the corrected manuscript tomorrow.  The reading has taken up any writing time.

 Other writing related aspects, worked a bit more on picture manipulation for Feline trailer, mind mapped layers of fantasy forest for Ninian and facts from science journals for Memory Keeper.

 One sour note this week is my dragon seems to be soooo sick – am in consultation with the makers but no life in the dragon yet –  so have been typing and the old wrist pains are manifesting themselves – hope the beast is recovered before nano begins:(

 That was my week I am happy with it.  This coming week – more tidy up, a couple of blogs if time before the start of nano. Get off to a good start I hope for nano.

 All the best everyone for this coming week.

8 thoughts on “Maybe a Pandora’s box but. . .alberta’s check in

  1. Steph says:

    I see the term “slowing down” is definitely not in your vocabulary. All the best for the week ahead . . . and for November as you dive into NaNoWriMo.

    • alberta says:

      It was never thought of as I grew up – not allowed – and time is so short in the grand scheme of things -I have a need to fill every hour with something – even if its thinking up strange/nasty/loving moments for characters:)

  2. Laura says:

    Two books for Nano? Amazing. :)
    I hope you’re OK? I hadn’t realised something was wrong?

    • alberta says:

      Novellas only – not two of my 120000 attempts:) they are both fantasy – which isn’t my normal novel subjsect – will see if I can do it!:)as to health the doctors have finally found a dose of medication which has started me up on my feet again – nothing can be rushed – dose must be right – no side effects wanted:)

  3. Best of luck with your NaNo goals! November approaches! :)

  4. prudencemacleod says:

    Wow, Alberta, don’t you just love it when the idea fairy sprinkled stardust everywhere? A Double NaNo eh? I’ll be cheering you on. Good luck!

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