Signs and Symptoms:alberta’s whimsy

Fiction Writing:

Signs and Symptoms of the Condition, Possible Causes and   Treatments

 This particular condition has been known for many hundreds of years and indeed is not always confined to the penning of fiction, although that is the most common cause in this present time.  It is easy to pass it off as a condition not requiring too many resources or much time but, for the individuals concerned and their families and friends, it is indeed a severe problem.

 Fiction writing is a fairly addictive affliction.

Usually indulged in solitude

Involving alternate worlds and people

Symptoms include

Staring into space

Soundless muttering; in extreme cases this murmur has been known to erupt into full volume


An obsessive need to collect notebooks and or pens of various patterns and hues; curiously often they will never be used, merely displayed

A tendency to believe imaginary characters are real

(and many times the writer may be heard wondering what such and such a person would do/think/act in any particular moment)

A chaotic lifestyle

Neglect, of self and those around them

Guilt is an overpowering effect often leading from the former

Fear of failure can be particularly paralysing often leading to

Despair and desolation.

(This symptom also occurs when ‘rejection slips’ are delivered.)

 Causes are many and not fully understood as yet.  Reading voraciously has often been quoted and certainly an active imagination is involved.  Some experts would say curiosity that extends past childhood is a contributory cause. As with all disorders presenting numerous symptoms, it can be difficult to detect until fully raging, therefore being difficult to treat.

Treatment is difficult unless caught very early. As with all addictions the whole family have to be involved for it to work. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense and, unless monitored, catastrophic.

 Sometimes outright rejection of the writing produced will work but care must be taken to ensure dark depression does not then result.

Huge success of any particular piece of writing can alleviate the darker side of the addiction and, if managed well, can help the patient’s family in many ways.

Blocking does not seem to work for long, writers are ingenious in the schemes they can hatch to make time and/or opportunity to engage in this pastime.

Containment is the best that can be hoped for in many cases.

A fairly new treatment with merit is the use of social networks.  It has been noted that networking with other sufferers of this condition helps lift the isolating effect, bringing cheer, encouragement and much-needed TLC in times of despair.  Although a recent treatment, results have been impressive and can be recommended for a trial period.

WARNING:  The  fiction writer, by the very nature of the condition, has an addictive personality and it has been noted that social network sites themselves are also addictive.  A close eye must therefore be kept on the writer during this period and time on the sites monitored.

Do we all recognise ourselves?:) I posted this quite a few months ago now but I though it was a worth a repeat during this time of NaNoWrMo madness. A bit of whimsy to brighten the week:)


 Anyway to this weeks writing.  Despite a huge improvement in health I still cannot write for more than a few hours at a time so I have concentrated on my NaNo writing this past week.

 I have now lifted Menko to 34,000 words.  Yay hay:) happy feet:)  I shall cease writing Menko at 50000 even though it is certain much will be missing – I only invented this tale a couple of months ago and there is very little world build to nestle the story into – I need to do that sometime, probably over the festivities.

 I wrote about 2000 words towards The Memory Keeper. I will continue this 2nd tale as I leave Menko to one side. The Memory Keeper will take longer for various reasons but I hope to get quite a bit done before nano finishes. Crossed fingers.

 The Memory Keeper is more science based (its about bacteria evolution) it is being created out of bits and pieces by future space archeologists so it will be a collection of – fragments of creation poems, extracts from formal lessons and traces of folk tales, all within the destruction of Earth in some far off time.  Complicated, but I think I will have fun with it:).

 I haven’t really done much else this week.  I hope you all read Virginia Jennings guest post, I found it very interesting – one day I must find out more about home schooling over the pond. Virginia returns this week to answer some questions, I have asked her, concerning matters in her post.

 One evening, when I was all written out, I began downloading my blogs from the past two years (which of course is when I rediscovered this one) I am hoping to sort, organize and print them, to go with the various Family History stuff I have accumulated.  Apart from the BMDs and various certificates etc, endless letters from various ancestors, my sister and I have also written autobiographies(hers are in Braille with translation) over the past few years while I have been running a memoir group.

 I thought the blogs dealing with not just writing but various other interests in my life would add some colour, in years to come. I can’t decide whether to mix them up or to present them under subject matter – but time enough to decide. I have written, it turns out without counting ROW80 and competitions over 90,000 words in two years of blogging and there I was thinking I hadn’t done very much!

 Next week I guess will be more of the same – nano rules at the moment.  I must send off details to all the kind folk who are helping me showcase The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al at the end of the month.

I do hope all has gone well with you all this last week whether or no you are indulging in nanao. All the best.

16 thoughts on “Signs and Symptoms:alberta’s whimsy

  1. denizb33 says:

    Love your analysis of writers! Staring into space, definitely… Sucking on a pen…

  2. Julie Glover says:

    I LOVE this! Indeed, I have that exact disorder. But it’s like a magnet I have on my refrigerator says: “I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!”

    Looking great this week. Keep it up, Alberta!

  3. Great thoughts! I do enjoy blogging, too, as well as fiction writing. There is something about the community and the interactive nature of it….Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Gene Lempp says:

    Brilliant lead in – I got fictionitis and there ain’t no cure! I am fortunate to have you at the top (alphabetically) of my NaNo buddies list. Every day I watch your number leap over mine and then work to stay ahead. I can’t tell you what a motivation you are to me – oh wait, just did ;)

    Keep up the fantastic work, Alberta! Always the best to you.

    • alberta says:

      well now there’s an incentive for me to keep going – gotta beat Gene:) it’s kind of you to say I motivate made my day – we all bounce off each other don’t we – this is why I enjoy the nanos and the ROWs so much – beats sitting all alone in a garret any day:)

  5. Wonderful post and yes I see myself in much of it. Congrats on your nano progress. Amazing amount of words for two years worth of blogging. Never stopped to figure out how many words I’ve written on my blog over the past 4 years or so. Glad you are feeling better. Have a great week!

    • alberta says:

      Can’t we all Robin, can’t we all:) – amaze yourself and count the words – I don’t think we realize how many words we blog over time – all good wrtining experience for our masterpieces:)

  6. Ryan King says:

    LOL. I think every writer is afflicted. Sounds like time management is a big thing for you; given that you can only write a few hours. At least you used it to make a dent in NaNo. Every blog post adds up. And 90k is a novel worth of blogging. Kudos!

    • alberta says:

      Such a great addiction tho’ – fulfilling, creative and fun:) My time management is a bit like April and the A-Z – if I concentrate on nano this month I can relax back into the everyday schedule next month. Thanks for Kudos

  7. S. J. Maylee says:

    Yes, that is impressive, you’re amazing, Alberta. Loved the signs and symptoms, they made me giggle. How you have another NaNO fab week.

    • alberta says:

      thanks i feel pretty fired up for another week, not so many completly clear days so not sure how much will be done but hoping to get near the end of Menko and get started on Memory keeper – which is beginning to intrude a little now:) – smiled at the symptoms I had forgotten i had written this one.

  8. 90,000 words of blogging? Holy smokes! I’ll say that’s quite a bit! I am definitely addicted to writing fiction – it’s a good excuse for hearing voices in one’s head. :D Got 12,000 words on my NaNo novel this week – so far, so good! Have a good week and good luck to you!

    • alberta says:

      I was suprised I have to say – of course two years worth of A-Z helped but still:) good news on your nano are you liking the story – I have fallen for my monkey character hook line and the ole’ proverbial

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