Amazing,clever little grey cells

I am a happy bunny this week, got past the nano word count challenge and so can relax a little.  Felt a malaise threatening and promptly took a couple of days off.  Spent some happy hours finishing Jigs and Reels by Joanne Harris – brilliant short stories, makes one wonder why one tries:( and finishing Inside Out which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy that much but which kept me in bed on Saturday until 11.00 a.m. – bad old woman:)  Although I had guessed what they were searching for quite early on – not many plots can surprise me at my age!  I was still anxiously turning the pages right to the end.

So 50000+ words written in my Menko fantasy, not much else I can do until I have time to think. As I have said earlier I decided on this story quite late in the day and the consequence is that there was very little world building done, indeed I had no idea what kind of world I even wanted!  I know, I know, not the way to do it all.

This is a story line I first wrote as a young teenager (too many decades ago to count) there’s not much left of the original pathetic attempt at a bodice ripping romance – in fact nothing – it is not a bodice ripper period.  The main characters are the same and the basic outline of events have remained.  Now it has a turquoise and cream coloured monkey type creature narrating the story. And yes ,a whole hunk of fantasy slap in the middle:)

What I like about writing is how the act of writing sparks other parts of the brain, all the time I was penning the basic story, the imagination was creating a world for me, still patchy but so beautifully, I know it well now.  The broad outline of this world inside the forest and in the icy flood waters is known to me and it wasn’t before I started 2 weeks. Amazing, clever little grey cells. ‘Tis the detail I need to just sit and contemplate.  I also need to go back and research the detail in our evolutionary past, no hardship I love looking past the Neolithic period.  See, I even have a history to my land – how does the brain do this kind of thing?

So just a couple new scenes beginning of this week then I will switch to the Memory Keeper for the second half of Nano.  This will be a much slower process as some of it is meant to be fragments of ancient verse.  I fancy the  parallelism structure but not sure I can pull it off – so some of my reading this last couple of days off has been re-reading psalms and proverbs and of course my wonderful Inanna, to refresh my imagination as to the form I want, then I guess it will be down to luck.

Have tried a couple of pieces of verse – long way to go yet! Also some parts will be in a formal rendition of ancient myth telling (not story telling) used to teach.  I may have to concentrate on the third strand which is just gossipy chat between the memory keeper and his old friend/adversary reminiscing about the past.  Slow and complicated, however, if I get a few thousand done I shall be very pleased.

Nano has taken all my writing energy so no blogs achieved this week, however I did have Virginia Jennings on The Red Carpet again where she let me question her on aspects of her Sci Fi ideas.

My old mortally wounded dragon was finally eliminated from my laptop thanks to the services of a friend of a friend and three hours of his time. So now I have the new dragon on both machines thank goodness.  And I still don’t know what the problem was. The dragon doctors themselves gave up and said it was a Windows issue but friend of a friend suspects not – but hey I don’t know the reason or logic of many things and my life goes on mostly in sunshine:)  The truth probably lies in the aging of the laptop and the overload I put on it:( but replacing is beyond finances for a while so will just keep fingers crossed and carry on.

While I took a couple of days off I managed to start on re- organizing work space (‘tis now more untidy than before but it will be good, it will be good! A fair amount of movement of furniture, books, journals etc which left me all of an ache – so some muscles were working.  I also began sweeping the leaves in the garden so with the dog walk I think I have done reasonably well on exercise front.

I was struggling a bit with fatigue, wanting to sleep all the time, that was depressing as I thought I was going back to the summer, after having felt reasonably okay for a while however there is a possibility that it’s the result of the new drugs, body having to adjust to the increasing doses. This last few days have felt a little livelier so maybe they are right, the dose goes up again at end of week – so I will be prepared.

Next week will still be nano writing for me and, as I also have friend from forever/editor coming to stay for five days, I doubt I’ll manage much else, have accepted my limitations:(

Next year friend from forever/editor and I will be celebrating our Diamond anniversary of friendship:) amazing event, who would have thought all those years ago that a chance meeting on the way to Brownies would be celebrated 60 years later.  Wonderful life:)

I hope every one has a good week nano or sanity it matters not:) all the best.

4 thoughts on “Amazing,clever little grey cells

  1. Jo Linsdell says:

    A friendship like that is worth more than gold. I’m still friends with a girl I went to school with when I was 8 years old. I moved away when I was 15 and even now that I live in a different country our friendship is as strong as ever. I hope that get to celebrate our 60 year friendship one day too.

    Also congrats on your work in progress success. You’re doing great!

  2. Enjoy your reorganization…and I congratulate you on the 60 year friendship. I am reminded of my more than 50 years as a friend for some people still in my life. It doesn’t seem possible that so much time has gone by. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • alberta says:

      The friendship still amazes – we didnt go to the same schools or colleges or anything and after brownies (10yrs old) never in the same social circles – seemed to have absolutly nothing in common – parents tried to disuade us – and here we are growing old (actually we are beginning to agree on some things now we age – bit scary that:)

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