Menko took over my nano!

Esprit de la femme

I missed a week,  many apologies – it just seemed to vanish.  Group meetings, Christmas lunches and just trying to catch up with life:( anyway am back.

Not much to report – The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al has begun a little tour to a few sites.  I have been guest posting on some sites about fairy tales and magic and along with short samples from the book.  It is fun:) and there is a give away- names taken from any comments on the various sites.

Have done some book signing for The Fiddling Feline and of goes another book – ’tis odd feeling when one finishes writing that has taken months of one’s life.

Tour Dates

Glynis Smy        November 4th

Donna at the girl who reads   November 28th

Prudence Macleod  November 30th

Indie Exchange  December 3rd

Virginia Jennings    December 5th

Janet Parfit  December 6th

David Lowbridge  December 12th

This week

1)  I am showcasing a collection of children’s books being offered in kindle editions, a collection of authors have grouped together to offer these in a Tots to Teens give away offer.  One a day on my Red Carpet. Kate Mueller today, Jo Linsdell yesterday. More to come:)

2)  I finished Nano with 70,000 odd.  Mostly Menko – my little blue monkey type creature took over and the story is firmly about him, not the so called hero and his girl! He has also morphed from monkey type creature to an early offshoot of our evolutionary tree – the lost link maybe:) I am fascinated at how these characters shape the writing – when I started this story was still only a vague outline loosely based on a novel I had attempted to write over 5decades ago, (a very bad story I tell you:( and here it is in the hands of  Menko, full of self importance and vanities. I have grown very fond of him during the month:)

3)  I managed a few thousand on The Memory Keeper also, so was pleased with that. Much more difficult piece of writing. However this one and Menko is being set aside as I have two WIP which need seeing too. Pleased to report inspiration has returned for The Ancestors Tale and managed to write 2000 words towards it today. Happy me:)

I improve healthwise every day and this week have managed two sessions of lace making and have hopes I might finish a piece I seem to have been working on for ever! before the end of the year.  Yesterday I managed a 17 hr day without a lie down or a sleep it must be six months since I have been able to do that – of course I’m not so lively today! ah well. The rest of December is all about ordering life, putting blog sites into order, editing, writing but at a much slower pace than November.

Hope everyone had good week and all the best for this coming one:)

7 thoughts on “Menko took over my nano!

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Wow! Fabulous NaNo finish!! Congrats, Alberta.

  2. Beth Camp says:

    Congratulations on continuing to write, promote your book in new and interesting places, AND work on crafty crafts. May your writing and lace-making continue with grace and beauty!

    • alberta says:

      Thanks I do so enjoy it – should make more of an effort to do other things – hoping to get back to more crafty things over the festivities but. . . characters call temptingly:)

  3. denizb33 says:

    Lace making! Wow, you’re busy with so many different things!

    • alberta says:

      I always wanted to learn lace when I was younger but kept putting it off till’I retired’ bad mistake, as it needs nimble fingers and sharp eyesight:( but I am glad I gave it a shot and although I will never be an expert I have managed to create a few things I’m quite proud off:) finally had to give up the bobbins this last few months due to the stupid wrists so have switched to needle lace. Looking foward to starting a new peice in the New Year. advice to you youngsters – do not put things off too long:)

  4. Steph says:

    Lots of reasons to celebrate! Kudos to you!

    • alberta says:

      it is a wonderful feeling to be able to do again after so many months of languishing, like a regency wimp, on the bed. Feel like dancing every day- not very gracefully I might add:)

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