Hopeful Goals for 2013:alberta’s over reaching.


So here we are back in the fold having strayed over to investigate life for a few weeks:)  Nice to be back.  I hope everyone is feeling ready to go I know I am.  Full of  way out of control plans like conquer the world, swim the Amazon and. . . .  no lets get back to sense:)

I haven’t been idle this year and have written an Insecure Writers post and joined in a blog hop title What is a Classic and have had my first Red Carpet book spot

I lost time in 2012 so need to make up on WIP –it’s head down and fingers scorching the keyboard.  I have over the holidays been working on producing a book of my blogs to add to our family history info, not for public consumption:) and I have with my Living History Group written a chronological account of my childhood which needs knocking into shape also for private consumption.

2012 I am tucking away on the box marked memoirs, putting on top shelf and let it collect cobwebs.  This year is a beautiful empty box, myriad colours and bows just ready to be filled with the following. These are goals for a year not just for a round! I learnt the hard way last year not to make rounds too rigid – I have to keep stress levels down this year.


Finish writing The Ancestors Tale (4th in Sefuty series)

The Blue Moon (from nano 2011)

Finish Purple Turtles (short story collection)

Write some more of Menko (nano2012) hopefully finish

Edit The Ancestor’s Tale

Edit Purple Turtles

Maybe edit Blue Moon

Edit memoires and childhood accounts

Publish The Ancestor’s Tale

Publish Purple Turtles

Begin to tour the previous three in the Sefuty Chronicles, throughout the year, before The Ancestor’s Tale comes out.

Find reviewers for the 1st three Sefuty Chronicles for some up to date reviews before The Ancestor’s Tale comes out.

I intend to take part in in


A Story a Day




There may be more come up later

Smaller bits include making a trailer for Jack’s Tale in time to flash all the Sefuty Chronicles during the year:)


I have signed up for ten workshops with savvyauthors spread over the year which I hope will improve my writing.

Network as much as possible without detracting from writing!

Keep my blogs up to date I have signed a few authors and book spots up for my Red Carpet for Jan and Feb – am concentrating on three Wednesdays a month to have it available for authors wanting to tour/guest post/ interview/book spotlight etc so please if anyone needs a platform let us know.  I belong to 5 tribes now so the potential reach is larger than my blog.

My reading challenges this year includes indie, self pub or small press, e-book, dystopia and fantasy amongst other and I hope to support fellow authors more this year so if you want to try me let us know.  I am not a reviewer as such but I do write them if I enjoy a book, on Alberta reads, which is linked to Goodreads.

Am working out a routine which hopefully will, with the help of Dragon, mean I do not have to write every day – I am not good at pacing but have to consider it now, if I am not to be ill again – so will be churning out word counts 2/3 wks of each month then the other 1-2 weeks living in the real world:) I do have other interests and I need to indulge in them more.

It sounds a great deal, however, the WIPs are almost finished, only 1 trailer and the networking schedule I have works pretty well without consuming too much time. The Story a Day challenge goes towards Purple Turtle and the NaNoEdMo helps the goals – so I’m fairly confident, if health holds out, I can do it. After all, we retired old biddies must be kept from mischief:)

Happy 2013 to everyone- I am a sponsor this round so hope to get around a bit more.

28 thoughts on “Hopeful Goals for 2013:alberta’s over reaching.

  1. I believe in over reaching goals. Love your strong word-love energy here, Alberta. Loved reading your sponsor essay, too. Keep it up, you ball of firey inspiration you!!

  2. Kate C. says:

    Holy Moly, Lady!!! And here I thought 3 novellas and a book was crazy. You’ve got me beat by about a mile! I’m so excited to see what you get done. Good luck!

    I like your reading goals. I’ll be sure to keep tabs, because I’m always looking for new indies to read. :)

    • alberta says:

      I haven’t found so many Indie authors in genres that I usualy read so am expanding my reading habits also by doing this challenge. One’s brains , expectations and habits need to be stirred and mixed up on a reg. basis I find to help keep stagnation at bay – all the best and thanks for the luck:)

  3. Sharon says:

    Well, now…it’s been so long since I’ve been in ROW80 that you’re on the 4th book in the Sefuty series! Just – wow! Congratulations. :-)

    I admire people who don’t have anxiety attacks over setting goals for their entire year. I have to go one small goal at a time or risk becoming a nervous wreck who accomplishes nothing. You will be one busy girl!

    Best of luck and hard work this year!

    • alberta says:

      Am looking foward to a bust year I have to say – as I said to J.R. I need the yearly goals to motivate me – I don’t always acheive everything but I just love ticking off the YES after each one:) all the best for your year:)

  4. I like that you set out your goals for the entire year. I have my goals for the year in mind, and written down, but I focused on the round in my goals post. Probably better for me to look at a slice instead of the whole pie. :)
    Best of luck this year, and this round!

    • alberta says:

      I need an overall plan at this stage – being self published if I didn’t set the deadlines nothing would get to the finishing line- I know my capacity to just sit and read:) all the best!

  5. EM Castellan says:

    Wow, you will be busy in 2013! Best of luck with your goals and your publishing endeavours :)

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Looks like you’ve got a bit year ahead but I’m sure with the help of ROW80, you’ll make it. Good luck!

  7. Glad to see you have gotten your second wind. I took a couple classes over at Savvy Authors and enjoyed them. Good luck with all your endeavors this year. Happy reading and writing!

    • alberta says:

      They are a bit of a mixed bag – some very interactive with lots of feed back others not so but I have learnt quite a bit from them last year so hoping this year will be the same -as too the reading well don’t seemed to have stopped since New Year – time to write methinks:)

  8. Wow! How inspiring with all you’ve got planned. Now I can really understand why you are a sponsor! Here’s to a fantastic year for you!

  9. S. J. Maylee says:

    You do have a busy year ahead of you, a nice healthy, busy year. I want to know about the savvyauthor workshops. I did my first ever workshop with you last year and I’ve been wanting to do another. Let me know and maybe I’ll jump in with you. Looking forward to cheering you on these next 80-days

    • alberta says:

      take a look on http://savvyauthors.com for a long list of workshops available I’m doing Your Journal, finish your memoir,plotting pansters,lessons from old storytellers,beyond the heros journey the arcane mystery of names,Snidley Whiplash and flipping the dust bunnies – so far!:) there are new ones all the time.
      all the best for this year and maybe we’ll see each other in a workshop or two:)

  10. Wow, you’ve an ambitious list – and I have no doubt you can accomplish it all, because you know you need to take care of you first. Good luck!

    • alberta says:

      Yes but the taking care of myself might hold me up – never been that good at taking care:(patience is a skill I am learning very very slowly but even ‘I get it’ eventually:)

  11. Lena Corazon says:

    Wonderful goals for the year, Alberta, and so much to look forward to. Good luck with this round!

  12. Karen Rought says:

    Daaaaang, those are some impressive goals! Good luck with them all.

    • alberta says:

      well of course with ROW80 it’s okay not to make it – I like to head up toward the top – but can enjoy a rest and a view watch on the way:) thanks for the luck – am collecting it all to use through the round:)

  13. Wow, you’ve got a busy year ahead of you! And I love it! I love being busy … if I’m not busy, I don’t feel useful lol
    Good luck!

    • alberta says:

      It is the way we are brought up I suspect – give the kids lots of interests and a desire for new challenges and it stays for ever:) thanks for the luck

  14. Good luck honey! You’re gunna be busy ;)


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