Sulky pouts and curses:alberta’s check in


In the real world I belong to the U3A and run two groups for our local branch.  The local branch has decided to hold another open day (last one three years ago) early March, and us group leaders have been asked to put on displays of our groups.  Moi, I am not a team player and I hate crowded type events such as open days and what is more have no more room in either of my groups.  So with much sulky pouts and curses have been forced to begin planning for a non event!

Miserable old woman you mutter – well not so bad I guess, and my splendid members have flooded me with imaginative ideas for the table display.  I shall have just the one table, for both groups, and neither are really easy to grab attention.  There’s Living History which is basically memoir/autobiography and there’s writing which is basically, well, writing.  However with many telephone conversations, and a couple of meetings and I am sure all will be well on the day.  I shall still hate being in the crowd but I have been well trained through life to smile and be pleasant to strangers:) It is only for a few hours.

The initial planning has already eaten into my time this week, still inclined to pout a little:)

So how did my non-writing week go.  Not so bad at all.  I do feel refreshed after these weeks, maybe I have found a way to pace myself at long last!

ROW80 This week:

1)  Blogs:  I put up one blog this week just sliding in at the last moment:(  on Sefuty Chronicles,) bit more about how easy it is to trash a world.

I also re-jigged my post on Spellwright last week, making it more of a review for my Alberta Reads which is linked to Goodreads.

2)  Memoirs:  I have collected 40,000 words of my blogs and run them through a quick edit.  Found some places where away from cyberspace they make less sense , have marked those passages for correction. Played around with the order, do I put them as they appeared or collect them into categories.  Haven’t decided yet will wait until the workshops begin.

The autobiography of my childhood, I have begun researching an historical timeline to run alongside.  This piece will need some vigorous editing!

3)  Reading:  FinishedPlaying the The Genetic Lottery by Terri MorganTwisted Reflections by Shay Fabbro and Time’s Fugitive by Jennette Marie Powell these count towards my e-book and new authors challenge.  Also, Steel and Snow, the 1st part of the 3rd part of A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. This will count for Chunkster and for my keyword challenges – the’ snow’ standing for the keyword. Also my Goodreads challenge, so good progress there.

What I am bad at is putting reviews up and I really must do better on this, I know how frustrating it is when folk say they like a book you have written and then don’t bother to put a review up to others might be tempted – so slapped wrist and she must do better.  Must also write about them more on albertareads.

4)  Networking:  Have kept up, just,  but haven’t had machine on much this week.

5)  Workshop: have now three brand new short stories from the flash fiction workshop, one more to go:) I   have also signed up for a Scrivener workshop– this month – hopefully I’ll get the hang of this software and use it properly:)

Next week:  This is a writing week so back to my Ancestor’s Tale,  and word counts:) I had a wonderful moment while taking my boiled egg from the pan when my brain told me how to connect Ancestor’s to the (5th) next in the series and also how to connect the short stories to 5th (I had been planning a collection of short stories sometime, concerning some of the minor characters or those whose tales have not fitted into the series. Great stuff:)

Hope to get ahead on the blogging and also some more research is needed to help with above.

8 thoughts on “Sulky pouts and curses:alberta’s check in

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Would you believe I wrote and taught an autobiography course for the Australian U3A Online for ten years? Small world…

    • alberta says:

      Well maybe a couple of decades ago I might have found it unbelievable but the longer I live the less surprises me – weren’t you a trifle young for U3A:) ten years? my little group has only been going for 7ish years – I love these connections in life – makes the world seem more friendly

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        I was 30 years too young, but I had skills, they needed skills… I wasn’t a full member, but I loved it. Alas, I am not 30 years too young now… ;-)

      • alberta says:

        Still not old enough for the U3A:) but when you are it’s fun.

  2. I’m not a big group person either, so I feel your pain :)

    It sounds like you had a great week. Wishing you a fabulous writing week. And I hope you get a lot out of your Scrivener class. I took one from Gwen Hernandez and loved it.

    • alberta says:

      I am looking foward to the scrivener class – I think its the concept language thats defeating me – I don’t beleive the software itself is diff. but tec. language changes so rapidly within and between english speakers that old fogies like me can fall behind:!:) she sounds like she’ll be gentle with my slow thought processes:)

  3. Pam Baddeley says:

    Alberta you are doing fantastically well, I am amazed at everything you are managing to juggle. Well done! And good luck with the Scrivener course – I bought it and started to read the tutorial but life has completely bulldozed that.

    • alberta says:

      I have read the tutorials and even bought Scrivener for Dummies – don’t seem to be able to get it:( I like it – use it for writing but more as a glorified word processor – everyone bangs on about all the singing and dancing it can do – I like singing and dancing -I want to join in as well:)

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