Astonishment and fun:alberta’s week


Well it is a hard job learning new tricks – ‘pace yourself’ they tell me – take it in small steps until restored to your glorious old self. Yes ,well – that is easier said than done. I have been so, I have re-organized my life to accommodate a stupid worn out machine. I have cut down on my workload – tried to relax and be philosophical about life.  I still managed to over-do it the week before last, which is why apart from sponsor schedule I vanished last week.

My sister is going to learn a new route next month and so we decided to do some preliminary work: I was sensible; I knew the route was too long for me – so we took the car half way – took it easy and all was well. So, as after a rest, I felt fine we decided to do the same the next day – BAD MISTAKE – which I have been paying for ever since  ( memo to self – for goodness sake think, engage brain more often stupid woman).  Crashed is the only word, back to square one – well maybe not that far down but still. Anyway I have bitched and rested and am ready for another week.

The human body is without doubt a marvel of all ages, never failing to fill me with awe and wonder. Fine tuned and working, absolutely fantastic, beating any invented fantasy creature into the old proverbial top hat.  However, as many of you are aware from experiences of your own when it hits a pothole it can be a nightmare of unreasonableness.  Mind over matter indeed! Nah they don’t always seem to work in unison.  Still.

This week of being ultra, ultra, careful has been a very strange week of experiences and memories.  We managed two more days of training with a day off in between – it progresses well.  I have been to a couple of meetings concerning this (stupid) open day I have been dragooned into:( ugh.  I have been writing  and reading.

I have been in the present with the training and meetings, in the far future with the writing, 2161 to be precise, and in the distant past with the reading. Maybe I should not be harsh in judging my brain unreasonable:)

For the A-Z challenge this year I am planning on travelling through my reading life – which began well over 60 years ago.  I have mentioned before I come from a long line of pack rats, also  not one of them myself included has ever been able to release our hold on books.  I haven’t yet decided exactly how I can cram 60 years into 26 blogs and am thinking maybe themes has to be the way.  I realized early on that however much I treasure the thought of my childhood books, my memory of them is hazy in places so I settled down to re-read them.

Re-read them. Yes. Well.

This past two weeks I have done so. Looked up very, very old friends.  Scared the world will have changed too much to recapture the love.  Many of them were written at the turn of the 1900s, the language too sweet, too prosy for modern day tastes, but this was research and so I found I could read them as I had as a child.  It has been a blast of astonishment and fun.  As well as bringing back the excitement a book had always brought me, it brought back the comfort and lightness that escape such as this could afford.  I found I still could cry over the sad bits, grow indignant and angry at appropriate places.  Surprisingly this piece of research soothed and warmed me,  I am looking forward to A-Z even more, although the pile of books I still have to read is very high and the time between here and there very short:)


Before I crashed I manage to write 4219. Mainly on The Ancestors Tale but also blog for the Insecure Writers and finished the last of my flash fiction for workshop. So not a total disaster.

This Week:

1) WritingThe Ancestors Tale proceeds slowly but surely. I remind myself that the main part is finished and I am now writing the smaller more difficult parts.

The word count for this week stands at 6714 and this section is almost complete maybe another 2000.

I hope to have the book finished end of month so can spend March editing it with NaNoEdMo- that’s the plan!

2) Blogs: none this week, have three in drafts so fingers crossed for next week.

3) Networking: yup just about!

4) Reading: as above but I also managed A Thousand Splendid Suns for book group, which was a re-read also.

I found a new site for book trailers via Authors and Writers group on Facebook – ’tis a very new site but, if it works, is a nice place to be, so uploaded my trailers and realized I never made one for Jack’s Tale– duh – so began to play with musical notes this week to try to find some kind of tune for the book, sketched a story board and began looking for pictures.  Everything is at the vague/not sure how to do it stage at moment but hopefully brain will work on it.

For a non writing week am pleased with progress and

Next Week is a writing week so hopefully more on The  Ancestors Tale and more blogs.

My two memoir Workshops begin tomorrow one on cyberspace and one down here in reality.  Will be fun.  Also the Scrivener workshop begins this next week so hopefully I can do all the memoir stuff on our work through. Good way of learning.

I do hope everyone has a good week and is keeping well- all the best for the next week and our goals.


12 thoughts on “Astonishment and fun:alberta’s week

  1. […] Astonishment and fun: alberta’s week […]

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Beautiful Joe! Alberta, you are the first other person to mention that book…I read it as an older kid or early teen…May still be orphaned at my folks’ house…

    Your body may have slowed, but your mind, spirit, and humor seem to all be in fine fettle!

    • alberta says:

      You are the first person outside my family who has ever, ever recognized the book – amazing! I meet with blank faces whenever I mention it – it’s like coming across Livingstone:)Thank you for bringing a huge grin to my face this morning:)

  3. It sounds like you’ve been going full speed ahead lately. Be careful about overdoing it physically or mentally. Our bodies and minds need to rest. :) Good job on the word count. Take care and have a good week!

    • alberta says:

      Not overdoing is always my downdfall – it is the single most difficult aspect of ageing for me – too many decades of being able to do it all has hardwired my brain I suspect. I try , I try:) If I can get The Ancestor’s Tale finished by end of month I can ease back a bit – it will need so much editing I need the time if it is to be published this year (a year late)

      Hope you have a good week:)

  4. Kate C. says:

    Oh, I have so many childhood favorite authors: Grace Livingstone Hill, L.M. Montgomery, Gene Stratton-Porter. I made it a point to collect all of them for myself so that I wouldn’t have to try an hunt them down again when I want to go back over those memories. I should really get some of the Little House on the Prairie books, too. LOVED those as a child.

    What were your faves?

    • alberta says:

      So many – from early childhood the one I have read the most and into adulthood and then old age is The Jungle Books and Just So Stories – repeatedly throughout early childhood I guess Smokey, Beautiful Joe and Secret Garden – So many that I remember fondly I am working my way through now. haven’t reached teenage age yet but maybe this week I will – must put my skates on if I’m to have revisted them by April:)

      I call the favs. comfort food for the brain

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    Alberta, you amaze me. After everything, you still managed to get a tremendous amount of stuff done. Good for you. I hope you have a great week. Enjoy your workshops. Enjoy the week.

    • alberta says:

      Don’t forget I’m retired:)- although I do actually work more hours now than I ever did when ‘working’ – 1st workshop morning was really good – think I will indeed enjoy them – thanks – all the best:)

  6. KM Huber says:

    It is interesting how every day insists on being its own, especially when it comes to our bodies. Have had a few of those two steps back days of late but on the positive side, they force me to find alternative ways of progressing. Can’t seem to have too many of those. Enjoy your workshops.

    • alberta says:

      I am sure I will enjoy them Karen – It will be different from writing fiction, more like blogging and I enjoy that tremendously:) -and as for finding alternate ways of being def.

      Long time ago my sister 2 budgies which flew freely around her room – one of them had a stroke which left him with hoplessly deformed legs he could not walk on his feet at all. they were bent back along his upper leg. I constructed some wooden platforms for him to hobble on and he hated them with a passion, destroyrd as many as he could and learnt to perch on his ‘elbows’ an enormous balancing effort! he would cling to a curtain with his beak not his feet and generally lived another nine years doing it his alternate way:) we can’t do less than him.

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