Do I have no rights here:)


I had to think of themes this week for a memoir workshop. What was I basing my memoir on?  I found this difficult.  I am using my blogs as the main part and they cover such a variety of subjects it just seemed like mishmash.  I settled down with my mind mapping programme and a few hours. Finally concentrated it all down to ‘words’.  Not what I expected, however that is where all my experiences/ interests/essence of moi appear to connect to each other.  Sorted.  Can now erect a structure to wrap it around.  In the other workshop we have to go back with a character study of ourselves.  Wow.  I don’t even do this on my characters.  Pin myself on an exhibition board, a captive butterfly:( this one took even longer but I have a list of me ready for the morrow.  Personal looks, interests, fears, ambitions, strengths weakness, irritations, anger etc.  not a bad specimen, a little tattered on the wing:)

 On a different track but still memory bound how does someone break a wrist and not know it?  I was at doctors this week about something else and because my ankle has been bothering me a lot this week I asked to see the letter about my joints from last year. At the time I had been ill, gone to the doctors for something else entirely and taken little notice except to have arthritis confirmed.  The left wrist and ankle with the right wrist had been x-rayed (they had been really bad before I was ill last year. I knew the left side had been smashed badly a few years ago, can still feel the pain in my dreams:( However apparently the right wrist has been broken at some time in my life!!  I’m right handed – how did I miss that event. Puzzling all weekend over that.  Could have felt like a really bad sprain the doctor said.  Ah well easy then.  Not.  I was a ‘clumsy child’ and ‘clumsy adult’. I have dyspraxia; I am always falling over, bumping into things –cutting, spraining, twisting and occasionally breaking – which of those sprains was a break?  How can a person not know?  Last year my right ankle was fine, this year it is more painful than the other – if it was x-rayed would they find evidence of another unknown break.  I consider it sneaky of the body to be hiding these things from me – do I have no rights here:)

 ROW80: This week

 Writing:  The Ancestor’s Tale has grown by a further 8469 words this week. I have finished the two sections of the story giving me the most trouble.  I have almost finished a third section, maybe will be tonight. I can see I won’t have the entire book finished by Friday, when I planned to start editing, but hopefully by next Sunday I will.

 Blogs: One written and sent off to The Indie Exchange for my monthly slot on the 26th of each month.

  I have had two guests on the Red Carpet this week  Jo Linsdell and Terrie Morgan. Both showcasing their books.  Take a look, although completely different they are both good books.

 Workshops: Both the memoir workshops, in cyberspace and down here in the real world started well. Looking forward to the new week.

 The scrivener workshop has already taught me a lot about the programme.  Not least the relationship the programme has with the rest of my computer.  After I thought it had all vanished, ‘twas just playing hide and seek:)

 So quite a lot of homework for the three, and is all done and up to date.

 Trailer: the music for Jack’s Tale is beginning to take shape, have started on the storyboard but it’s proving elusive at the moment. Ah well.

 Reading:  still reading my childhood books finished 2 more of them and begun the first of what I guess would be called YA now or. . . never sure what age group YA is supposed to be. Have quite a few to go before April and the A-Z.

 Already I am able to trace some themes and clusters for the challenge.  I don’t want it just to be a list of authors and titles the overall theme for me this year was to be the impact that books have had on me over 6+decades.  And to extent how the books themselves have changed over that time..  Frankly I have read too many books to confine them into 26 blogs even if could remember them all.  Think I am almost at the point when I could start writing some pre challenge blogs.

 Exercise: My sister training continues 2x a week and I am finding the distance easier to do heart wise but more painful arthritis wise – falling apart moi:) but that’s what pain killers are for.  There is no doubt I feel better overall for the fresh air and exercise.

 Networking: Yes

 Next Week: It is a non writing week so although more of the same for Ancestor’s and workshops, there wont be much time for large word counts, never mind. I would like to write at least one blog.

 I hope everyone is still smiling and that life goes well.  All the best for the coming week.

10 thoughts on “Do I have no rights here:)

  1. Eden says:

    Oh, my, Alberta! I can only imagine the grief. Of course, having seen similar things happen, I believe it… I just cannot image the discomfort. Many hugs.

    So very glad that your Ancestor’s Tale is coming along so well. Congrats. Enjoy your non-writing week.

  2. Julie Glover says:

    What a word count! Impressive week, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      Won’t quite manage to finish the book this week as planned but so close to end that editing can start alongside – considering that 2 months ago I thought I would never get back – and I might not have without everyones good wishes:)

  3. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    I love mind mapping. It helps so much. Alberta I’m really glad to see your word count is growing and that you’re moving ahead. More power to you. Wishing you every success.

    • alberta says:

      I never really knew about it untill a couple of years ago when I read a post – I downloaded some software and it is just so easy to follow – I just cannot do lists and spread sheets I need my little clouds:) Thanks for good wishes:)

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a great week despite the sneaky wrist! The memoir workshop sounds fascinating – have fun with it, and have another great week!

    • alberta says:

      I am really enjoying the memoir workshops – didn’t really think I would as I am a bit recitant about stuff like that – but everyone is so nice and the teachers so different but equally good. Not much of a writing week – lots of groups and dentist and training but the rest from creativity will refresh me I am sure – thanks for good wishes:)

  5. My question is: what made you think you had rights with your body in the first place? I agree that hiding breaks is pretty sneaky, but since my mind continues to hide words and memories, I suppose a break is not that impossible. (And I think I would prefer it to hide it from me than make it really, really obvious).
    I didn’t know that scrivner did a workshop (or is this an external thing?) Am going to look into it.
    And the newsletter is now up and running! Thanks for being so eager :D It’s on the side bar at
    Good luck with the goals!

    • alberta says:

      I know, I know, just a control freak, moi:( bodies and minds are pretty sneaky lot – why do we put up with them I don’t know! the scrivner workshop is over on – there are 2 a year I think – run by lady who wrote scrivener for dummies -it’s proving to be really good value.

      have signed up to newsletter:)

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