Not writing is hard work:) alberta’s check in


This week being a non writing week has been about a variety of patches of what passes as a social life. It should normally have lace making in it but, for the 6 weeks my memoir workshop is running, I have had to put lace on hold – irritatingly I can only one thing a day at the moment.

I had always wanted to learn bobbin lace making and kept putting it off until I was older – mistake! don’t do that folks – getting older may free up time, it also destroys one’s eyesight, one’s joints and comes with many other problems all vying with each other to get in the way of intricate lace work:(  I have enjoyed learning though – I had, before this workshop, swopped to needle lace – the bobbins are beyond my wrists now but I can still wield a needle!

So, memoir workshop which is very good and along with the savvy workshop making me use my brain and figure stuff out – good for me.

Then there was the craft morning, a small group from the village, when some of us do craft work and others just chat – it’s a chance to get on with my much neglected crafts, am just finishing of my last piece of lace work and starting a crazy patchwork.  I also like to chat:)

The following day was our village reading group where we had The Suspicions of Mr Whicher – I had been told by many this was a good read so was pleased when it arrived – I didn’t like it:( shame.

I have though read a couple of other books this week – mainly to do with my teenage reads for A-Z but I started Shrilugha a fantasy by Myndi Shafer, would have finished it too, however, 40 pages from the end the batteries in my reader gave out and it is on charge as I write:(

With my sisters training, I have clocked up three days walking- average a mile walk each day – and a walk with the dog in the wood, all of which must have done me some good? No/yes?

I came to a standstill then, not being able to make choir Thursday night, so cancelled Friday and Saturday as well – so my turquoise hair which is fading didn’t get its top up:) – and could do very little really except play with the computer. I enjoy my non- writing weeks but they are usually more tiring than writing all day:) socializing is hard work however much it is enjoyed:)

ROW80: This Week:

Writing:  I didn’t quite finish The Ancestor’s Tale – approx 2000/4000 words away. However I did start editing on March 1st as planned.

Editing: Cannot work out if NaNoEdMo is up and working or not – I have signed in but cannot find an hour count anywhere.  One has to check in at least once a week so not sure.  I have got my own counter on the blog and am checking in with a nano page on face book so that I am accountable.  I have passed all of one section through spell check and autocrit now.  =  4hours     (have located even on this superficial pass a few gaps )

Apart from NaNoEdMo with Ancestors I am editing memoirs and have this week began to shake them into categories’ – still haven’t a solid structure but it will come (have also found the gaps on this WIP)

Workshops:  Going great.  The scrivener one has come just at right time for this editing and am finally finding out how to use all its bells and ribbons:) will make editing less tedious.

Both memoir workshops going well- really enjoying them

Blog: none written this week but have had Pamela Dorsey-Funke on the Red Carpet with her World at War book.

Next Week:

A writing week – only of course for writing read editing that will be the main thrust of March to get Ancestors to a stage where I can put it aside for a couple of months before a final edit.

I hope to get back to my blogs – have a couple in drafts

I might leave the last couple of thousand words for Ancestors until I am writing in the gaps and joining stuff.

 Hope everyone had a good week and wishing you all the best for the coming one:)

5 thoughts on “Not writing is hard work:) alberta’s check in

  1. I really need to get into a walking routine…parking far away from shops so I have to walk a bit isn’t quite enough…lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your various projects.

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    Walking is so good for you. Yes, it is. I hope it’s warming up for you, it’s still bitter cold here. I’m very ready for spring. What I love most about your check-ins is how well rounded they are. I’m learning from you, Alberta. I hope you have a great week.

    • alberta says:

      It is fluctuating beteen warm and sunny and cold but this week the sun has shone more than the grey so I am beginning to feel half way human:) I have learnt to walk one day and not the next – I still need to sleep after the walk but its getting shorter each week but I am very tired the next day so I just potter those days. The air and sun I think are as good for me as the exercise, and I enjoy the air and the sun so much more than the exercise:) With editing beginning this week I feel like I am catching up at last – thanks for good wishes have a good week:)

  3. violafury says:

    I don’t know how you have the discipline to accomplish all of that; I’m impressed! There is a saying though, that we used when I was working as an IT engineer (2 careers, both free pretty much of human interaction) that process drives accomplishments. Not having structure can be deadly and I have let structure fall by the wayside. I hope that once I get some decent medical support for my Parkinson’s Disease the lovely psychological manifestations inherent with that condition, I will once again put some structure back into my chaos-strewn life. The good thing is having people like you, and challenges like #ROW80 and now A to Z challenge to look forward to. Maybe I am not the Asperger curmudgeon I think I am. Lovely post!

    • alberta says:

      I think it is more pig headedness:( once I have declared I will I feel I must – even to the detriment of self – stupid is another word for it!!! believe it not my life is chaotic my mind also – hope the support comes soon for you in the meantime you have all of us dysfunctioanl geniuses (is that the right sp) to play with – take care:)

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