So where is March going in such a hurry ?

ROW80LogocopyNot a lot to report this week. Unexpected happenings thwarting my every move – well maybe not quite as bad as that. I have been helping my sister with a new route this freezing winter – in three different sections, as I cannot walk the whole distance at the pace she and the dog walk. A friend came over and did a walk through of the whole route with her. It seemed okay, just a few more run through we reckoned but then the trainer phoned to say she was coming this week. With fingers and toes crossed my sister had to show off her paces – she passed with flying colours. Yay. Now for the next route.

 Then I lost a tooth – well it was more filling than tooth. I reckon the first filling went in 50 years ago so the tooth has had a good innings, but still. So rushed off for emergency stop-gap and have to go back to have remains of old tooth extracted this coming Wednesday. Ugh!

Then two groups and a workshop ate up remaining days.

 Where is March going in such a hurry?

 Next week,the stupid open day for U3A where I have to display my two groups. So will waste a day there, then half a day at the dentist and before I know it another week has passed me by – I’m not really complaining well yes I am actually – I want to write all day:(

 THIS WEEK: Writing stuff

 However in between times I have been endeavouring, still, to cut Ellen’s Tale into 10 parts of not more than 10000 words a part – impossible. I think it would be impossible even if it had been written in chapters of equal length, it wasn’t. Nonetheless the first 2 parts are ready to send off. Ellen’s Tale is going up on Saturday next, 23rd March. For 10 weeks if you are inclined I invite you along to Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights to read Ellen’s Tale: being the first of The Sefuty Chronicles, for free. The whole book will be posted over 10 weeks.

 I managed to keep up with the editing and am a little ahead of NaNoEdMo challenge, 33.67 hours this month so far, which puts me at 67%

 I have spell checked and auto-crited all of The Ancestor’s Tale and made a start with polishing,fiddling around, moving scenes, deleting scenes and generally re-writing it:( No, no, just kidding on that last:).

 I have done a little more editing on the memoirs but not as much as I had hoped.


 But I have written a few more A-Z blogs – still quite rough. I changed my mind on a few of the letters which put me a bit behind – ah well that’s life.


 Networked most days but not as much as I enjoy, when spare hours are short the writing has to come first.


 These have been good – very helpful especially the Scrivener one – have been slowly transferring all my work over, changing layout, keywords etc. I hadn’t realised just how many WIPs I have going:(

 Have, I think overdone it this week, working into wee hours, so have been taking it easier this last two days. All my blood tests came back normal – I suppose it is the good news the doctor says it is, but still struggling with why I cannot increase my energy levels – maybe I am being too impatient or maybe they never will. Time again I guess.Anyway


 More of the same – until all this first editing is done on The Ancestor’s Tale I don’t feel I ought to spend time on the other WIPs.  I’d like to be able to put the story away for a couple of months before doing the final edit so sooner finished with this first run through the better.

I hope every one has had a good week and has a good one this coming week:)

3 thoughts on “So where is March going in such a hurry ?

  1. Eden says:

    Sometimes months do seem to just fly by us… And you’ve clearly had a lot going on, so I imagine that’s doubly fast (and for the record, I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated about the tooth–odd they didn’t try to clean it and refill it though).

    Ten even parts for Ellen’s Tale… I can’t speak from your experience, but if it were my own work, I know how hard it would be. Eek!

    Here’s hoping that the last few days of this month settle for you and give you a breather, Alberta.

    • alberta says:

      Last few days of month my friend from forever/editor is coming to stay which will be good – I may not get as much work done but we sure will talk the clock under the table:) Have sorted Ellen now, fingers crossed – dentist tomorrow – he did warn me last time I lost it, a few years ago, that the next time would be the end, there just is nowhere to attach a filling too – ‘spose should be grateful still have most of them – such a bad design in the grand eveolutionary scheme of things- teeth I mean – trouble at the beginning coming through – potential trouble through life with hard objects abounding and nothing but grief at this end – sure there could have been a better way!:(

      all the best – keep smiling:)

      • Eden says:

        Even if you don’t get much writing done… time with your friend/editor will be well worth it.

        And yes! I so agree with you on teeth!

        Thank you. I’m trying.

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