Bull frogs and water babies: albertas check in


Quick post this week – as I lost a few days. The tooth I mentioned last week was removed this, it proved more difficult than at first expected, then infection set in and my face swelled like a bullfrog:( – if I had wrapped a scarf around I could have looked like a woodcut from Dickens:) Easy to put right of course, one takes home a packet of antibiotics – yes, well,  easy – no.  First problem being I am allergic to two families of antibiotics and then, of course, there is the rat poison!  I took said antibiotics to the pharmacists for checking, alarming her when I said I wasn’t due for a check up at the rat poison clinic for another month. No, no, no, she said – phone the clinic when you get home they will want you in sooner, as antibiotics and rat poison do not always work in unison. So I phoned the clinic, told them when was I coming in next – a month – oh no, no, no, they said, you get here next week. So Thursday this coming week it is.  Ah well, at least its nice to know they care:)

Those of you who have ever had an infection in your jaw know that I have done nothing creative since Thursday!


 Before that though, I sent the first instalment of Ellen’s Tale off and she is now up on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights In.  She will be telling her tale for 10 weeks – so if you like to peep and see the kind of thing I get up to:)- feel free to pop over and peruse.  The reasons for doing this promotion can be found on my Sefuty Chronicles blog site.

 My theme for this years A-Z is up on kiss a frog – which is where A-Z is usually posted – but again am having trouble with Triberr and my multiple blogs – so am awaiting comment on my query with them – may have to post A-Z here and move them later – why does this wonderful cyberspace insist on getting so ‘ordered’ and ‘dictatorial’ all the time.  Old lady grump:(

 I will miss the last of my real life workshop tomorrow due to bullfrog face:( but the five weeks there and the month on the online workshop has meant my memoirs have made huge strides and I feel much happier about them now. Both workshops have left my mind buzzing with ideas and that is what one wants from a workshop.

 Have been editing The Ancestor’s Tale – not as many days this week but the fact I got ahead last week has helped and my hours now stand at 44.7 out of 50 so should finish the NaNoEdMo challenge okay.  The editing itself has cheered me as there doesn’t seem to be as much to throw away as I feared. I shall continue editing throughout April because I wont get the whole book finished this month.

 The blogs for A-Z are doing fine – just got to polish the first two weeks worth of drafts this week because I have my friend from forever/editor coming to stay for a month so won’t be able to do much next week.

 Still reading childhood books and the latest is The Water Babies – it is decades since I last read the original of this book – I have of course read those monstrously abridged editions to children but I had forgotten what a delight this book is – okay a little syrupy in places, no very syrupy! and preachy but overall I am enjoying myself. A complete contrast to A Moor from Spain, a recent catch up.  I am also reading the Tigers Wife for our next book club read., And Homer’s Iliad is coming up for the 2nd week of April. Nice mixture of styles and subject matter:) I shall be playing catch-up with early sci-fi and detective next week along with a bit of romance. Am so enjoying this trip back to early reads.

I hope everyone is galloping toward the end of the round still fired with inspiration and enthusiasm.

8 thoughts on “Bull frogs and water babies: albertas check in

  1. Ouch. I hope the jaw and infection get cleared up soon, leaving you to feel more yourself! Health aside, a great check-in. See you next Round :)

  2. Pam Baddeley says:

    So sorry to hear about your jaw problem Alberta. I’ve had a few problems with wisdom teeth so I can understand how awful it is. Hope you are soon on the mend. Well done for making such progress in spite of it.

    • alberta says:

      yeah – teeth are such a rubbish design- trouble when a baby – trouble all life and even more now at this end :( anyway writing and all things pertaining is a great distraction and having a good excuse for whillling away the time reading – well better than any medicine – do unfortunatly have to go back today for repeat prescription before the Bank holiday kicks in – so not fixed yet- have friends coming so they will help distract also:) all the best to you:)

  3. Owww on the dental issues and infections! And being allergic to antibiotics? Double-ouch! I hope the one you got makes all better quickly and you are back to the writing soon!

    • alberta says:

      still dreaming up scenes even if not writing – managed some more A-Z blogs and hey researching for a-z entails reading and what better way of not writing than reading – on Stanley Weyman today, haven’t read him for since I was a young teenager and I ain’t saying how long ago that was!! think I may have to go to a second dose of antibiotics:(

  4. KM Huber says:

    Always you amaze, Alberta. Here’s to a great week with less bullfrog face. I, too, have issues with antibiotics so I empathize.

    • alberta says:

      real pain isn’t it -the antibiotic bit – probably due to how many I have been given over my life – I do have a rubbish immune system which doesn’t help:( face only half size now but still there and only one day of pills left – fingers crossed won’t need second dose – have woken up with a fantastic new scene in WIP which will tie some parts together – ah sleep is such a resource for writers:)

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