All behind like a lamb’s tail


All behind like a lamb’s tail as my Grannie used to say. Easter was almost a nice rest. My friend from forever/editor came up for a 7 days visit. This year is 60 years since we first met and as you can imagine it is always great to see her. Unfortunately she had to work a little harder than a visitor should expect at the beginning – I was still fighting the infection in my jaw – my temperature had just gone the day she arrived but, as you can imagine, felt a trifle washed out. She took over the cooking for the first couple of days – lovely friend.

Aren’t good friends wonderful creatures? This particular friend has been my knight in shining armour since the day we met, when she rescued me from a couple of bullies. We had/have little in common – in fact when we find an iota of common ground it is so rare we comment in amazement. What is the magical chemistry which unites two people in friendship. Different backgrounds/ world views/politics/ spiritual opinion/reading, film, music tastes/, we have endless arguments/debates/disagreements over every thing! As I say no common ground: where did the friendship come from. She has an orderly mind I have a chaotic one, we both drive each other to distraction She only wanted to marry, I to travel. For years letters were the only contact we had. Her parents were mine and mine were hers despite the fact that at the start both sets tried to discourage the friendship – that didn’t work eh!

She is still my knight in shining armour – over the past 14 years, while I have gone through massive bone breakage and bone grafts, cancer, heart failure, while I have nursed my mother through 7 years of illness, she has been there – a rock who will listen if I want to howl and sob over the phone at silly o’clock in the night,will not put down the phone until I am laughing. After most of the ten operations I have had, hers has been the face I see on awakening.She lives away from me, every journey needing a few hours drive, a disruption in her life and work. And she edits my dyspraxic writing.

I would not have gained my degrees without her help with the essays, not published any of my books without her red pen and caustic comment, she is a grammar fiend, I like a looser approach (who says a sentence needs a verb, for goodness sake:) I hasten to say she does not red pen my blogs, she does have a life of her own – so mistakes here and on comments are not her fault.

Who is the luckiest old lady going? MOI.

I didn’t set out to write any of that, strange how the mind takes over:) She deserves a hymn of praise, so not sorry to inflict it on you all.

What I meant to write was, I am a trifle behind because of Easter and feeling crook. Catching up now.

ROW80: This Week


Ellen’s Tale has its third part  going up later today over on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Night’s In , the first instalements are there still-

This week Ellen’s quest is  fulfilled and she has to part from Bix this week – ah! 

Writing: Only keeping up with A-Z blogs – am almost a week ahead of myself now; I changed my mind on a couple and had to re-write:(

Editing: Have managed another three chapters of The Ancestor’s Tale – still liking it, phew so pleased – not much needs changing – some new bits I want to put in but will finish editing first.

Networking: Just!

Workshops: Have begun one on Journaling over at savvy authors – As I am drowning in notebooks, characters, incidents, names, ideas, short stories, blogs, reading matter, I thought maybe I could pick up a few ideas on how to order my mind/thoughts/actions, especially now, as health dictates I can no longer put in 18 hour days at the keyboard:(

                                                                                                                                                Next week:Strictly speaking it is a non-writing week so hope to catch up on reading- however I mustn’t relax on the a-z blogs and must start planning some review blogs for May – I have read a few indies this year and I really do need to put some comment up. Must do more networking/commenting – just so many good blogs and posts around:)

I hope everyone had a good start to  the round – the sun has been shining here for a week now – yay! – still very cold but can imagine spring any day now:)

20 thoughts on “All behind like a lamb’s tail

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    60 years? You don’t sound a day over 35 to me! Sincerely… you have a great attitude. I am right out of ROW80 this round. My pain level is worse, resting is not helping. I am plodding with the have-to tasks and taking life with a more balanced approach, pain or no pain. However, I will still be visiting you.

    Best of luck with your goals. Stay with it Alberta, you have so much to give.

    • alberta says:

      you know how to make an old lady happy:) – 35 wasn’t a bad age but I actually enjoyed my 40s better!

      I am so sorry to hear of your continuing ill health – pain is the worst – clouding everything mental processs as well as the physical – do please take care of yourself – even if means leaving the must do jobs for a bit:)

      • Cate Russell-Cole says:

        I will Alberta. I’m tired of trying to juggle pain and everything else. On a pain day I sleep; the other days I do “everything else.”

        Old lady indeed! Age is only a minuscule measure of life.

  2. Eden says:

    I wouldn’t feel at all wrong for posting this lovely tribute to your friend, Alberta. Sounds like she deserves it.

    As for being behind… having just dealt with the lingering “heck” of almost a month of colds (or something) here that knocked us all on the floor, I understand completely how that could have slowed your progress. And you’re still making progress despite it. That’s wonderful.

  3. If you are behind in your ROW80 goals, it looks like you’re still accomplishing quite a bit! I look forward to checking out “Ellen’s Tale.” What made you decide to publish it as a serial on a blog? I love that idea.

    You said that this coming week is a reading week rather than a writing week. What are you reading?

    • alberta says:

      I am planning on bringing out the 4th in my Sefuty Chronicles at end of year – I missed most of last year due to illness so thought I would trail the first 3 this year before the 4th comes out. Had been thinking how to offer Ellen and when I saw Morgens blog decided to go for it – just in time as she is thinking of closing for a while due to oberwork – but am seriously thinking of putting the 2nd up onone of my blogs afterwards so that there is some continuity

      Bcause of the state of my health had to make the decision this year to write less and relax more so on weeks where I have a lot of stuff going on in real life down here I cut way back on writing and catch up on my reading instead – just finished Homer’s Illead for a book group , got a couple of fanatsys lined up to read Jasper Fford and a Pratchett, also a book for one of my reading challenges:) Been reading a whole stack of my childhood books just lately for my A-Z challenge so looking foward to reading some grown up books again:)

  4. Joe Owens says:

    It sounds like you have a grand plan that is serving you well. I see lots of progress and the promise of future progress as well. I hope you heal rapidly!

  5. KM Huber says:

    What a lovely tribute, suitable for framing!

  6. Kate Frost says:

    What a fabulous friend you have. I have a great friend too who is always there for me through the bad times and good despite the fact she now lives half way around the world. Good friends are invaluable.

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy week and have achieved a lot – enjoy your reading this week.

    • alberta says:

      The ‘magic’ connection is weired isn’t it – what makes a friendship start – I know how to make it last but that starting point?

  7. Wow, what an amazing friend you have! You’re so lucky to have her. Hope you continue to feel better, and good luck with your goals!

  8. S. J. Maylee says:

    Friends are wonderful creatures, this is very true. I’m glad you two have each other. Thank you for sharing your story, it was fun to read. Hope you’re able to get caught up this week.

    • alberta says:

      Funny – that post I never intended to write about her – had post all planned it was going to be about writing! ah well – never have thought I have much control over my mind:)

  9. Leslie says:

    How lovely to have such a friendship!

    I was also a little behind this week – this is my first time doing this ROW80 challenge, so I’m feeling my way. Sounds like you got a good bit done in spite of set backs though!

    I hope the coming week goes well for you!

    • alberta says:

      ah getting behind – how did we manage in the first week:) ROW80 is a great place to be – you’ll be fine here everyone is kindly/supportive and encouraging:)

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