Did Helen elope or was she abducted?


This morning was a glorious mornings of firsts, well firsts for some time anyway. I went for a walk in the country park with a friend of mine. For years we have walked there on a Sunday; it is a beautiful park, semi wild , large with my favourite river running through it. Managed now and improved, a wonderful place to wander. My friend has a new ex greyhound who needed socializing and that was our role, myself and the new guide dog.

This was the first walk here for me for over 9 months, it was slow, necessitating many sit downs, to contemplate the views:) longish, but I managed it – yay hey:) it was also the first day for month and months that the sun shone so hot I had to strip continually through the walk ending up with bare, yes I say, bare arms:) another yay hey. Of course I  was exhausted when I returned and slept for 3 hours; but I walked the walk again and so am smiling, was warm and so am smiling.

Some of you know the troubles I have been having with that dreaded machine which connects me to the world in my head and the world up here in cyberspace -I have been, for quite a few months now, worrying that the machine will throw one last hissy fit and go on strike. Been collecting the pennies and stashing away the £2 coins in a race against time. The machine is hissing in ever-increasing fits this week.  My new machine after a great deal of indecision and much help from fellow ROWers (you all know who you were:) lovely people, has been  ordered. However, while I wait for it to come and for me to work out how the wretched thing works I struggle on with this sulky teenager!

Because of said problems this week has been a struggle to work around. I need to switch on at least 20-45 minutes before I need to have the machine making sense of cyberspace – I can get Scrivener in about 15. Some days I have been able to upload pictures to my A -Z others not so:( But I have managed,only just to get each blog up on time.


The serialisation of Ellen’s Tale goes on apace and from this week is going out twice a week moving into the Saturday and Sunday spot over on Morgen Bailey’s blog Novel Nights In.

Saturday: Ellen having returned to the City is offered many options for her future in an attempt by the City to guide her away from Bix. Ellen decides on a dangerous course.

Today: Sunday, unaware of the danger his love has placed herself Bix is on his way back to the City to fulfil the last part of Gran’s request. Some indications of the City’s dark past come to light.

I have managed to do a little editing on The Ancestor’s Tale.

A lot of brainstorming while waiting for machine to connect (tis a wonderful thing and prevents me throwing said machine through the window!:) Brainstorms, mainly on short stories for the challenge next month. Especially The Companion Tales.

I have mentioned before, that after the fifth (next year I hope) of The Sefuty Chronicles, I want to bring out a collection of Companion Tales to accompany the Chronicles. Short stories which may explain, enlarge on, incidents throughout the chronicles. So the wait for my sulky pouting machine each day has produced ideas for 5 more Companion Tales – result!

A-Z challenge proceeds over on kissafrog

I am doing a workshop over at savvy authors on Journaling in a desperate attempt to bring some mental order into my ever increasing writing life.  The Ancestors Tale has thrown up a great deal of checking past events and characters, and now there are 3 other WIP and short stories to consider my beautiful colour co-ordinated notebooks are beginning to fail as a system.  Have picked up a few good ideas already so fingers crossed I can change my genetic makeup and become – ORDERLY  and TIDY of mind:)

This past week was a non-writing week so am satisfied with the blogging and the editing I have done.

I finished Homer’s Iliad for our book group. It was good but I have to confess I am still confused about Helen, did she elope, as I had always been led to believe as a child, or was she abducted, did she want to be rescued or stay with Paris? Have dragged out all my books on myths to go through it all again because one thing The Iliad didn’t do was clear it up.

I think the translation was sound enough but it had been written as a narrative text not as a narrative poem and this confused the story. All the thematic/verbal‘ formulas’, repetitions and standard phrasing of oral poetry were present. The combination of noun with epithet – the extravagant use of descriptive language. There are the repeated motifs, the parallel structures, throughout the books With the extravagant use of language that are present in these epic poems – epics straight from the Oral tradition.

This translation fails in my opinion because these narrative structures all belong to poetry not text, it has been presented as a straight forward story.

But, it was a cracking good yarn. I am now on a search for a translation that presents it as an epic oral poem. Fussy old woman, me.

I have also read another Jasper Fforde and another Pratchett. I have rifled through old science fiction books and curled up with some journals I was way behind on (well, curled is maybe an exaggeration with my arthritis but the thought was in my mind.

Am looking forward to my new machine and hopefully this time next week I shall be breathless from the speed I whizz around cyberspace.

I hope everyone had a good week and here’s wishing all is well next week.

9 thoughts on “Did Helen elope or was she abducted?

  1. Oooh, I love new hardware! *g* Hope all is working well. I love brainstorming in hard copy, but at some point I just have to start entering everything into the computer.

    Congrats on your progress on your goals!

  2. Eden says:

    Hooray for the lovely walk! I can actually imagine the path, even if I’ve not been there.

    Thank your for the update on Ellen’s Tale. I’ve been reading, but missed last week because of my own computer issues. Silly machines… I read books while my old beasts start up.

    Even if the arthritis is kicking up, it sounds like you’ve managed to keep your “inner cat” content with warm books and good ideas lately. I hope the new machine works well for you.

  3. Congrats on meeting your goals for the week! You mention Ellen’s Tale and The Ancestor’s Tale and The Sefuty Chronicles–are these the 3 WIPs you mention when you talk about your journaling workshop? Or do you have other WIPs? I guess what I’m asking is: how many WIPs do you have — either ones you’re actively working on now or ones you’ve started & placed on the back burner?

    • alberta says:

      Hi The Ancestors Tale is main WIP (Ellen was the first I wrote in the Sefuty Chronicles) Ancestor’s is 4th in my Sefuty Chronicles – number 2 WIP in a modern novel Blue Moon which is 3/4 written and number 3 is Menko which I started during nano last year – I should have finished Ancestors last year, but was quite ill and had to give up writing for months:( so number 2 and 3 on bit of a backburner while I concentrate on getting Ancestors finished and pub. then number 2 Blue moon which is also 3/4 of the way written. Too much I know – but it would have worked if I hadn’t been ill – really it would!:)

  4. Hope you get the computer problems sorted, but in the meantime, it sounds like you’re making the best of it! Have a great week!

  5. Laura says:

    What a pain computers can be. Great work on the goals despite that. Using the time to brainstorm is such a good idea.x

    • alberta says:

      What I would really like to do is throw machine out of window but have to say brainstorming more productuive:) new one just arrived maybe, maybe I will be connected any day now to cyberspace again:)

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