Thinking,reading,editing and a-z’ing


So delighted at last weeks day off I decided to do the same this week – should have done it sooner I guess. Of course when I say a day off I probably don’t actually mean it. I can’t not write (sure that’s gramaticaly wrong:( but no goals or word counts; can’t avoid (that’s better:) reading. However a day off it was. No dog walking, no housework not even gardening as temperatures have plummeted again and I am def. a fair weather gardener.

Am still on the old computer but have at last got some stuff transferred to the new one. So few days practice – few days sorting out which programmes I can move and which need to be rebought; this licence stuff is confusing for someone who reckons once I have bought something it is mine – new times eh:)

Even though it’s freezing outside, if one stands in the sunshine, or better still in the conservatory, one knows it is spring. There are scents drifting on the air which owe no alligence to wood/coal fires. Even at midnight there is deliciousness in the smell of flowers and foliage, and at least with the freezing the stars are almost , almost near enough to touch. Alas I cannot stand up tip toe anymore:(

The best part of this week was, the books I ordered for myself as a birthday treat have arrived early – have I started them? Of course I have:) it’s my treat after all.


Thinking: So this week I have been trying to think my way through a few knotty tangles. I need to do more marketing – have to confess it’s my least favourite aspect of writing, but I am well enough this year, I reckon, to get on with the changes I had started last year. Some will remember I separated my blogs from 2 into 4. Keeping my publications and all things pertaining to them on sefutychronicles, life stuff on kiss a frog and writing challenges guest posts ect here on albertaross then began a reading one on alberta reads. Then I stopped, from no fault of my own I hasten to add) blog posting crashed and I drifted.

I like the friends I have found up here, and the advice and support I have had from all my writing friends are invaluable. So have decided to run a second twitter account, for my publications only – so I’m not spamming other writers; have reinstated an old e-mail account (necessary apparently) and am beginning to track down readers of my kind of books, reviewers, book tour hosts etc so that when I start up the new twitter I will know where to go. Of course the biggest problem I have is that I still don’t know what genre my Sefuty Chronicles are!! If anyone here has read any of them do you have any idea what genre they may be?

The other knotty problem, well two actually, is what kind of society is my post- apocalyptic world is going to be – maybe, some of you are thinking, I should have decided back before number one, not now in book 4:) Well I knew in theory and have been working toward it but this latest chronicle has morphed a little in the last year of waiting to be written and I have a couple of tricky philosophical/political problems to think my way through. Then there is the small matter of lack of transport and dispersion of law and order/ideas/ laws. I need transport! Back to research.

A new character popped his head up this morning and offered a way through one of the problems – I said I would think about it:)

A great deal of thinking. Some editing. A lot of A-Z. And new/old computer stuff.

Ellen’s Tale is almost finished, one more instalment next week. This week though much happens: We learn some more of the dark past. Ellen pushes the boundaries and the tentative love affair of the archivists Maia and Ris gathers pace. Over on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights In

Writing: The Ancestor’s Tale: Almost finished first edit.

Research: I had already introduced the notion of horses and the first sighting before I got to thinking of transport (obviously brain was thinking that long before I was) So when I saw a book linking horses-wheels and language together I couldn’t resist. Language spread is the same kind of thing I need for my society spread. ‘Tis a might learned tomb of a book 540+ pages of Linguistic/archology/anthropological research into Proto-Indo-European source. No speed reading this one:)  Already after 100 pages I am hooked and wanting to put all aside to read on.

Am also re-reading a book on the philosophical/psychological/aspects of social justice to remind myself and to tweak my ideas of my brave new world.

My new books include a couple of research books for my fantasy Menko, started last nano.  As I have decided to lodge it back in the disty past, have a book on oxygen and the greening of the planet also one about evolution /civilization. Must not read them until I have finished with The Ancestor’s Tale. I must not. I probably will though:)

Blogs: A- Z still keeping up and only 2 more to go, was fun but has been more difficult this year because of computer problems. Have begun re tweaking sefutychronicle blog so that it is only about the books.Bit more work needed.

Networking: in between computer crashes have managed to keep up on the committed ones , not so good on general chat. Sorry folks.

Reading: Finished a re-read of Started Early ,took my Dog by Kate Atkinson for village reading group.  Didn’t mind re-reading at all, have always enjoyed it. Am reading The Decent Society by Avishai Margalit and The Horse, The Wheel and Language by David W Anthony. Finished One of our Eyres is Missing by Jasper Fforde. So a good week for books:)

Not a lot of writing this week But I am more than satisfied.

Next Week:

Finish first edit of The Ancestor’s Tale – put aside.

Set up new twitter account and get stuff going re marketing.

Last 2 A-Z then get a load of posts ready for sefutychronicles – sort out books to review.

Begin Short Story a Day (1 a day for a month)

Decide which book to do for JuNoWrMo – Blue Moon or Menko:)

Hope everyone is happy with their week and all the best for coming week.

4 thoughts on “Thinking,reading,editing and a-z’ing

  1. Eden says:

    Alberta, I’ve always wondered why you would choose to run so many blogs and not simply make this one a static page what has (perhaps using a “newspaper-style layout” box windows that link to separate pages based on interest/purpose. While the Sefuty Chronicles definitely encase a large “world” the marketing of them is going to be innately linked to WHO you are. Almost no books stand alone without their author. (I understand your fondness for Kiss a Frog, so you may just wish to link to that one as a separate blog.)

    It may take a moment of set-up, but it will save you time in the long run. And it will give readers a chance to know and enjoy you, not just for you books. Also remember… one-stop shopping! ;-)

    As for what is the Sefuty Chronlicles… I’d say dystopian romance, but that’s not quite it either. Ellen’s Tale</strong is certainly a romance in a more classic form than the modern bodice ripper, more of a quest than a reason to get to the sex. I cannot speak for the other parts. Science fantasy at the very least, but not space opera….

    Yeah, I'm having trouble too.

  2. Beth Camp says:

    A lovely, chatty post, Alberta. What a treat. I’m right with you on the marketing AND making an effort to try new strategies. Please, please write about what you learn and what works for you. Thank you also for listing the June NaNoWriMo. I may just join you on that as I’m closing in on final edits for Years of Stone. Congratulations on getting your new computer up and running. Re the license issue, my Word license allows me to install Word on up to 4 computers. Maybe you CAN install those programs you use most. Have a good week reading, writing and etc, etc, etc.

  3. Shah Wharton says:

    Flip-me! I may need a lie down after reading this. I certainly need to get moving to come anywhere near your achievements. Good for you Alberta. Keep it up. X

  4. Wow honey, reading that lot made my head spin! ;)

    Good luck!


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