time to polish the words: IWSG


The long dark days of winter have, I think, come to an end. Spring is busy trying to catch up before summer arrives. Sunshine illuminates beautifully – showing to the jaded eye the dust in the corners, the film across the glass. Paintwork needing some loving care.In the garden of,soon to be delights, piles of last years leaves huddle, neglected from a sudden downfall of snow. Boughs bending under their own weight needing a drastic pruning.Across the earth, leapfrogging in undisciplined noisy jostling chaos weeds careless of weather. Beautiful fresh air filled with fragrance steals across all.

Spring is traditionally the time of cleaning and tiding. A time when there are possibilities of a new fresh beginning.

Time to dust down the files, the ideas. Consider the words and put a shine on them. Time to rejuvenate the whole. Sweep up those titbit’s of ideas , stir them together create a rich compost of new thought. Be ruthless cut, cut, cut, the tales will grow back stronger, healthier. Organise the words, discipline them into coherent play, stop the leapfrogging wildness.

‘Tis time to shake of the stale air and spring clean our writing.

6 thoughts on “time to polish the words: IWSG

  1. Spring is perfect for tidying up that writing – even in the sun :)

    • alberta says:

      well I guess editing is the tidy up of all jobs – I don’t enjoy it much but get some strange satisfaction from seeing what can happen when it is done:)

  2. Shah Wharton says:

    It’s always sunny here, but I’d take the green and the rain any day! As for edits – doing my re-writes – *Groan*. Best of luck on yours, Alberta. X

    • alberta says:

      normally I would agree but the last year has exceeded even what is normal here – farmers are going out of buissness, livestock dying – too wet, too cold, for too long. people have been flooded 2-3 times in one year and cliffs are falling due to rain percolating down through to softer layers – chaos abounds:(

      but sun has been out in our part of the country for couple of weeks now – soon we will be complaining about lack of rain!! all the best on edits, not my fav. job:)

  3. alberta says:

    Yup – editing is a good spring clean – that’s what I’m about at the moment – not actually in the sun as the wintery winds are upon us again:)

  4. denizb33 says:

    Such a lovely post, Alberta.
    I’ve got to be inspired by spring to EDIT! Not just sit in the sun and read…

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