oh twitter how can you do this to me:(


Something happened to the week _ it seems to have been only a couple of days long! Interesting and mixed and very very short.

I like good news first so here’s to sunshine, bird song, birthday treats and lunches. Here’s to restful days and energetic imagination.Walks in the woods and parks, chatting to fellows on the path. To cats smelling of mint, dogs going crazy in excitement. To brand new shiny books and having enough energy to garden. Here is to my turquoise and fuchsia pink fringe.

Of course there’s always something to frown about, The EU is playing silly games with our food security, bowing down to the food producers monopolies. I dislike monopolies so much, positively make my blood boil, well maybe not boil – mustn’t forget I’m British – understatement at all time:) Meeka’s mind sums it up very well. The video is good too, try and find time to listen.

Lesser frowns: Having struggled with Google to reinstate an e-mail address I have with them (unused for a while because? Oh, I remember now, I had so much trouble with it the first time:( They keep trying to get me to sign up to Google+ which I am already signed up to – took many attempts to get through to my gmail account – Yay – now I could open 2nd twitter account. I did.

Had to sign out of the 1st to open this 2nd. Nice folk helped to make less of a stalker, thank you. Guess what? I got suspended before the first day was out, for goodness sake:( Somehow the triberr tweets I sent through to 1st account got through to 2nd (as far as I can see the 2nd was signed out) that should not have happened and I was marked as an aggressive spammer. ME! Just spent precious time trying to un-suspend myself – back again but not sure if I dare sending triberr out again:) – I must of course but – anyway fingers crossed.Anyone here understand multiple twitter accounts?

Still on old machine as I am having problems with Firefox and Yahoo- am un-installing them tonight and starting again – Chrome keeps sticking its nose in. Google is like Amazon and the food moguls, too big a monopoly:( try and take over your life, and then the world. Not this life matey. See, old lady can get feisty sometimes:)Ah (sigh)if only I understood cyberspace better:(

I like good news last as well as first so here’s to sunshine, bird song, birthday treats and lunches. Here’s to restful days and energetic imagination. Walks in the woods and parks, chatting to fellows on the path. To cats smelling of mint, dogs going crazy in excitement. To brand new shiny books and having enough energy to garden again. Here is to my turquoise and fuchsia pink fringe.


This Week:

Writing: still editing but now the stuff edited two months ago is going through another autocrit (make sure I have all the repeated words,(never realised how often I use ‘that’ and ‘there’ when I write:(

Ellen’s Tale finished her outing this week over on Morgen Bailey’s Novel Nights In. She enjoyed it and now The Storyteller is demandeing a go – maybe – watch this space.

I have managed a short story each day – three are flash, the others a little longer. As last year, the fact of thinking ‘short’ has set of an amazing chain reaction of ideas and inspiration. My brain fizzes:)

Blogs: A-Z finished – got to the end:) Have managed a short IWSG. Posted another about food security.

Network:Not to bad – in fact, I think, improving.

Other: Am still updating sefutychronicles – trying to find a colour I like. Clear out the clutter and organise everything. WIP.

I think I may have worked out what genre my Sefuty Chronicles are, that is a ginormous YAY.Only taken me three years! Will tell you all when I am sure.

Reading: Wasn’t a reading week as such but finished the The Horse, the Wheel and Language – very good, am now reading Collapse by Jared Diamond 

Next Week:

More of the same really.

I hope everyone has had a good week and all the best for the coming one:)

13 thoughts on “oh twitter how can you do this to me:(

  1. […] oh twitter how can you do this to me […]

  2. shanjeniah says:


    I love you. I thought you should know that. =)

    Your hair is luscious. I had blue last year, but am thinking I want some summer turquoise to mix with my growing silver….

    Sounds like you are living life beautifully, and writing. Happy times, despite those tricky bits with Twitter and Google +…

    • alberta says:

      Hey steady on! I’m an old Brit remember:) thank you kindly for the compliment I do appreciate it. Go for turquoise girl – isn’t it meant to be lucky? Twitter might be sorted, Google – well what can one say:) sun still shining, am still able to garden, edits & short stories going well all is happy in thos neck of the woods:) keep smiling

  3. Leslie R. says:

    I have two twitter accounts, but it would be inaccurate to say I understand them. :) I don’t use my twitter much at all, but I clearly need to check it more often. I logged in the other day and discovered that I’d evidently been hacked as there was an offensive post on my account. My kneejerk reaction was to immediately delete it and change my password – before I even looked to see when it posted, so I have no idea how long it was there. I’m mortified to think any of my followers I don’t know in real life might have thought I’d say such a thing.

    I did follow your new account after seeing your post on the ROW facebook page – I am @gypsyharper.

    Good luck solving your technical difficulties – all these accounts can be such a pain sometimes!

    • alberta says:

      cyberspace is beyond this old lady sometimes:( I do use the 1st twitter every day ifonly for gathering research interests in – planned to use the 2nd as much – I think if I check carefully each time that I log out – it won’t happen again – still experimenting with that – but it will be a real pain. Have sorted firefoc and yahoo now – fingers crossed. You know writing the novels is by far the easiest and most restful part of this whole buisness:)

  4. Beth Camp says:

    Alberta, your energy and persistance are inspiring. You got a lot done this week with all the Google and the Twitter and the rants. Lead the way! Keep the lovely hair (I may join you)! I think your heading “Oh, Twitter, how can you do this to me?” could be the start of another story . . . Write on!

    • alberta says:

      Would prob. be had up in court if I did write the story:) -I’ll work it out eventually I guess, just such a waste of time – sigh – go hair go:)

  5. Emily Witt says:

    Can’t say i’ve had the same issue with my two Twitter accounts. Though I very rarely use them for posting from external sources, so that’s possibly why I’ve never run into the problem. Hopefully you’ll get it figured out!

  6. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Naughty Twitter! I hope you get it all sorted out. Just keep plugging away and keep those hair colours pretty.

  7. morganmandel says:

    I got a special G mail account so I could do Google Plus. Then, one day, when I was using my iPhone and not paying attention, I used the wrong email address and clicked the wrong thing, and ended up with two Google Plus accounts. Can’t win.

    • alberta says:

      That sounds about right – and have you noticed how difficult it is to get help? Where’s an e-mail address where the person – those madding ‘help’ questions drive me around the twist:)

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