the road to hell is paved:alberta’s check in


I was going to do so much today. It was clear and empty of commitments stretching ahead as I woke. The sun was shining and the promise of a good day was there. Garden first I thought as I grabbed a banana and coffee. A corner which needed a sort out, before there was heat in the air, and then three blogs to write, a bit of editing and some reading time, a little sewing time. If my good intentions are paving the road to hell I must be there by now:)

 The corner in the garden was sorted. Harder work than I allowed for, so with sore back I was pleased to brew another coffee and just sit in the sun with a new book, older and younger cat and my sister’s dog lying beside me. The fattest bumble bee droning nearby on the first of the honeysuckle and lilac. Even the stray wasp daring me to react couldn’t take away the feeling of contentment. Half an hour I promised myself.

 I love the beginning of a new book, the excitement akin to packing a suitcase for an adventure abroad. This one had been on my WIP pile since last year The Remarkable Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – it was the title which had led me to buy the book, I hoped it would not disappoint. The coffee was good, the day perfect and the book sucked me in and refused like quicksand to let go. I read and read, I looked up occasional to remark to my companions that this was a good book.

 Eventually I grew hungry, was growing hotter than I like and the animals willingly came indoors with me. Well, a quick brunch with another half and hour with Harold Fry I thought. I was half way through and the plot was beginning to thicken as they say. The brunch was excellent and the book had me wound tightly, Dark shadows began to cloud the story, my heart sank, I couldn’t stop now, I had to know if it would end okay. I couldn’t see how it could. Sometime this afternoon, face drenched from tears that had literally flowed, I closed up The Remarkable Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. The cats had left for more interesting places, the dog had returned to my sister’s side and the blogs remained unwritten. But I had had such a fantastical time with Harold.

 Ah well another paving stone to the devils hideout!

 This Week:

 Writing:  More editing of The Ancestor’s Tale, can see the end, however have decided a whole section needs to be replaced – with what I hope is a better plot line and one which will add another layer. Am leaving this section until I have finished the other edits.

 Have decided to do Blue Moon for JuNoWrMo.  Menko needs to wait, being the newcomer on block – Blue Moon has waited nearly 30 years after all.

 A Story a Day proceeds apace and have kept up just about. However one short story, inspired by ‘the end of world cometh’ scenario has the potential to be so much longer with some research and would fit neatly beside The Memory Keeper. Have decided to write this for Nano and then the two of them, maybe with a third will go into a collection of creation tales. Quite excited at this.

 Blogs: You know that didn’t happen:)

 However, this week I have done 2 guest posts, one my monthly one on The Indie Exchange and one for Cate Russel-Cole. They are both written and will be posted this week.

 On The Red Carpet I posted a book spotlight and author interview with Penny Lockwood and her children’s book Boo’s Bad Day.

 Network: reasonable except for a glitch during the week when the internet went down around our neck of the woods – not for long but put me a little behind. Okay now.

 Reading:  The Remarkable Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachael Joyce and The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

 Also a couple of research books, not entirely read more dipped into for relevant bits.

 It has been a satisfactory week.

 Next Week:  More of the same, I have friend from forever/editor staying over the bank holiday so only really have the first half of the week, but much can be achieved in 3-4 days:)

 I hope everyone has had a good week and keeps smiling.


8 thoughts on “the road to hell is paved:alberta’s check in

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Your blog post reminds me how lovely it is to simply fall into a good story. I’ve learned I like stories that offer hope — and brave characters too. But I thought Brits preferred tea? May this week go well for you!

    • alberta says:

      Oh this brit loves her cuppa – no I have a milky coffee, or two if I’m feeling really decadent:) in the morning then it’s mostly black tea – the blackness picked up when living in Australia. I really enjoyed the book even if it made me cry – I think I’m getting more weepy over books as I get older – there a mortifying thought:(

  2. denizb33 says:

    I’ve heard of that Harold Fry book but haven’t read it – is it good?

    • alberta says:

      I don’t know what it was really – it begins in a very unasumming way and to begin with I wondered where all the good reviews came from – a little bit like a very British Anne Tylor – characters who are a little out of ordinary but you end up caring so much about them for them – well I did anyway – no great excitments, not great dangersw just. . . .just. . .:)

  3. S. J. Maylee says:

    Getting sucked into a good book with your pets around you AND coffee. You’ve described my best day ever. :) Good for you, Alberta. Have a great week.

  4. Leslie R. says:

    Some days are just tailor made for spending with a good book! I’ve got a new one I’d love to sit down and get lost in, but I really don’t have time this week. We’ll see if it takes over my life anyway. :)

    Sounds like you got a lot of stuff done anyway though!

    • alberta says:

      You never know your luck:) I used to have many days like that before writing sneaked up behind me. I gues my reading gene just got fed up with waiting around in the wings:)

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