From one Graphomaniac to others


This week has been a reading week for me and I have had the good fortune to read a clutch of books which have delighted me in various ways.  I have also been trying to catch up on the JuNo challenge. Slowly, slowly I inch up towards the goal.

 I sat in the garden in one of our rare splashes of sunshine contemplating the week and wondering where a love of words and all they contain comes from?  Assuming it was a later development in our evolution, how and where did it originate?  We can of course only guess and this is not a post about our distant ancestors.  I love words and when I hear someone talk effortlessly and eloquently allowing words to roll from their mind in what seems a spontaneous flood I marvel afresh at the intricacies’ of mind and memory.  It looks so dull, our brain and yet, and yet. .  . !

Part of my week has involved trying again to create order in my workspace – like King Canute I will never manage to keep the rising tide away.:(  I re-discovered a slim book The Wordsworth Book of Intriguing Words compiled by Paul Hellweg.  It is subtitled an insomniac’s dictionary of the outrageous, odd and unusual.  I see it was first published as The Insomniac’s Dictionary in New York.  Lovely, lovely book, a book for word lovers everywhere.  Today I pull out just a very few words for you, these come from the mania chapter. I suspect many of us suffer from one of the following

 Graphomania:  morbid desire for writing

 Scirbblemania, or  scribbleonania:  mania for scribbling

 Typomania: mania for writing for publication

 Logodaedalus:  one who is cunning in words

 Logographer: a prose writer in ancient Greece

 Logolatry: worship of words

 Logophile: one who loves words

 There may well be more in the weeks to come:)

 ROW80: This Week

 Writing:  With a combination of my faithful dragon and my trusty keyboard I have manage to write 18000 words, since the 1st of June toward The Children’s Tale for the JuNoWrMo challenge.  The Children’s Tale is sort of a new beginning after having to dismantle The Ancestor’s Tale.  Building on what was left, it progresses well.  Still behind where I should be at a half way mark but I am happy with progress.

 Blogging:  Only ideas and drafts:(

 Networking:  Still not back to speed on this but managing.

 Workshops: was late getting there but am doing a workshop on savvy on short story writing.

 Reading:  It was a reading week and I managed to read

 Nightfall by Stephen Leather

 The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared  by Jonas Jonasson also

When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. 

All of which I thoroughly enjoyed, all of which are so different from each other I feel my reading muscles have been well and truly exercised.  (More than I can say for ordinary muscles – sciatica still stalks my back:(

Next Week

Writing: it is a writing week so if all goes well should be able to push at those words.  Of  course I can hear Life breathing heavily behind the door so may not happen:(

Have some homework to do for workshop.

Blogs: must write some book reviews for challenges. More for Sefuty Chronicles.

Network: Do better.

Reading: Some research to do now Ancestor’s has changed to The Children’s Tale.  Not sure how much time that will leave for fiction.

Others: Have neglected the book trailers of late so will begin working on those still to do

I hope everyone has had a good week and best wishes fro the week to come.

the laughter is a trifle offputting:)


9 thoughts on “From one Graphomaniac to others

  1. Eden says:

    I love Fry and Laurie! Thank you for adding in that video, Alberta. Though I agree about the canned laughter…

    Graphomania… and of course logolatry! Those two definitely fit. About ten years ago, my (now, but not at the time) husband gave me a stack of books on “unusual words”. I love them still. (My dream is to get a full hard bound copy of the OED for my wall and reading pleasure. I don’t feel that rich though. How about you?)

    • alberta says:

      Never was rich enough for the OED until. . . until the Folio book club offered it as an inducement to get me back:) £350 the two massive leather bound, gold tooled, vols costed and the offer – £18 – I now have it in my possesions, mind it’s so massive my old wrists can barely pick them up and one needs to read it on a table – ’tis beautiful:)

      I collect books on words, language and oddities – love the language with all it’s idiocies:)

      • Eden says:

        OOH! It sounds so very lovely. I would so love that on my desk. (Who needs room for the keyboard when you have…beauty!)

        I do too. Sometimes I even collect different printings of books just because of the way the language has been changed in them Two points in case:

        1) The March’s Thesaurus Dictionaries… I have a 1919 version and a 1926 version and the words show an evolution of language right there.

        2) The Carolyn Keene (pen name for several authors) Nancy Drew and Dana Girls mysteries that were designed for teens… The same book is VERY different if you read the 1920s versions to the 1950s or ’60s version of a title.

        Yeah… I’m a little obsessive about words too,

      • alberta says:

        Now theres an idea – I’d love to see the evolution of language as it happens must go check out the old copies upstairs – thanks:)

      • Eden says:

        Glad to have inspired some more word love, Alberta. :-D

  2. You’re doing well, Alberta. Keep reading and writing!

  3. alberta says:

    I am so lucky I can read fast – no-one is sure how I learnt the skill – I have always done so – found out in the 60s that I read as if speed reading but why I learnt like that who knows.Down side used to be I would run out of books on my travels:(

    Aren’t they young in that clip – always makes me laugh tho’

    Hoping next week will see Children’s Tale make fresh progress
    hope your week is good:)

  4. Shah Wharton says:

    Hugh and Laurie were always fabulous. Cheers for the giggle. Glad you’re getting so much done. I have so much reading to catch up… I really do wish I could read faster. All the best for a fab week ahead! X

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